5 ways you can make your travels pay with teacher training

by BrendaHart

Ways that teacher training can help you to find work when you are abroad.

This article discusses the ways teacher training can help you to find work abroad. It offers information on some of the best places to visit, including China, Japan, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as well as discussing some of the pros of gaining a teaching qualification to teach English in a foreign country. These include being able to finance an extended stay and having the opportunity to really get to know a culture, as well as the more obvious benefits to future employment.

English is being embraced by more and more countries as the language of business, as well as of leisure activities like films and computer games, so English teachers are highly sought after. Here is some information on the benefits of teacher training, and how it can help you find work and finance your travels, as well asbroaden your opportunities.


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1. It’s extremely easy to get teaching jobs abroad

Almost all developing countries are desperate for English teachers. Two billion people worldwide are trying to learn, so you should be spoilt for choice after gaining your teacher training qualification. Some countries are much easier to find jobs in than others. China, for example, is notoriously easy to find paid work in, but other countries can be stricter on visa regulations and what certifications you need to have.


2. Your qualification opens up prospects all over the world

The Teaching Knowledge Test, offered by companies like BLC English, focuses on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world.

Asian nations like Japan and China are a particularly good option for English teachers, as you can find work quickly, and recruiters will often provide visa sponsorship, an apartment and partially-paid national insurance.

The Middle East offers some of the highest paying jobs, but you need to be well versed in cultural differences to appreciate the experience.

If you’re looking to stay in Europe, there’s a lot of demand for teachers in the Eastern countries. In Russia, for example, you’ll often get your airfare reimbursed as well as being given free accommodation.


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3. It leads to a stable job that can finance a long-term stay

If you’re looking to travel for a long time, teaching training will allow you to find a job which finances a long-term trip. By taking a contract for a year, or longer, you’ll really get to the heart of your host country. Use your time off to explore and sight-see. By chatting to the natives you’ll find local gems that most tourists don’t see. You’ll also have the time to pick up a local skill or hobby, and to take part in local festivals.


4. It gives you the confidence to talk with people of different cultures

The skills you gain from your teacher training course will help boost your confidence, so that you can meet and talk with people from different cultures. Not only will you build friendships with interesting people on your travels, you may also have the chance to make important professional connections, both with students and other teachers.

Having international teaching experience will also help you to stand out if you plan on applying for teaching positions when you return home.


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5. It offers security for the first-time traveller

If you’re travelling abroad for the first time, it can be scary leaving home for a completely different culture and experience. By training as a teacher you’ll secure yourself a job that will provide you with a network of support. You can ask advice from, and build friendships with, fellow teachers. By giving you a skill that will provide you with a stable position in a recognised company, teacher training will allow you to feel more confident about leaving for your travels.

If you’re thinking about long-term travelling and are interested in learning how to teach English, it’s easy to gain your qualification in the UK. BLC, for example,offers teacher training in Bristol. Get studying and, before you know it, you could be financing an amazing trip in an exotic location.



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Updated: 10/29/2012, BrendaHart
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