6 Things You Need To Watch Out Before Buying a New Forklift

by RobertKeith

Things You Need To Watch Out Before Buying a New Forklift For Investment

It can seem a complicated process when buying a new forklift. It can be your first time making such a purchase, or you have been out of the market for quite some time. Whichever the situation you are in, you will need to go back to the basics and organize your buying pursuit.
It is essential to know that an ideal purchase will grant you a higher ROI. However, when you purchase the wrong forklift, you can end up making losses instead of profits. When buying the forklift, you will consider its unique operation, grant you productivity, reduced overall downtime, and saves you money. Therefore, you will want to read more in this article to learn more about what you need to watch out for before buying a new forklift.

Indoor or Outdoor Forklifts

As much as this can seem self-explanatory, you will find there is more to guide your forklift choice. The outdoor forklifts are best if their cabin is enclosed to avoid heating from direct sun, or the operator being rained one.

On the other hand, indoor forklifts are better with open cabins to allow the operator to have clear visibility.


Type of Fuel Consumed

Choosing a forklift would also mean that you consider the type of fuel that it uses for operations. You will also consider the fuel type that you find easily accessible to make work easier for you.

•             Diesel forklifts: Suitable for outdoor usage as they have large and powerful engines to make them perform heavy outdoor activities.

•             LP forklifts: These types of forklifts can be used both indoors and outdoors. Though, since the fuel tanks are relatively smaller, an operator will need to refill often.

•             Electric forklift: These are commonly for indoor use, though there are companies that manufacture outdoor electric forklifts. It would depend on the type of surface that it would operate on.


Nature of the Ground

As much as forklifts can be categorized into indoor and outdoor, the nature of the ground on which they operate would influence your choice. Forklifts are uniquely designed for the ground type as some are for smooth surfaces, hard surfaces, or muddy surfaces. You can ask Sunshine Coast Heli-Forklifts professionals to tell you more about ideal forklifts for your specific work surface.


Weight of the Load

Before you buy a forklift, you will need to know what the load will be. Choosing a forklift will be influenced by the weight, size, and height of the load since these elements would affect the center of mass. Therefore, you will want to take measurements of the loads you will be caring about before you proceed with the forklift purchase.

It will be easier for the sales representative at the forklift shop to determine the forklift you need when you have accurate information about your load type. A poor choice of forklift can lead to damages and accidents if the weight is too much for its capacity.


Duration of the Project

You can either decide to buy a forklift or rent one. With the option of buying, you can either choose to buy a new or a used one. Whichever the case, you will be owning the forklift and, therefore, reduce the ongoing costs. Such an option will be ideal when you need the forklift on a long term basis.

However, if you need the forklift for a short period, it would be better to rent it. It would be cheaper to rent the forklift, unlike buying it at a high price. You can as well decide to lease the forklift and return to the lender once you are done with it.


Shift Operation

You can have operating times in your premise, and the forklift can be an essential item in operation. For instance, you can be using the forklift for single, double, or even triple shifts. Or, the machine can be used continuously 24/7.

When you plan to use the forklift continuously, it would be ideal to consider the brand new ones. They have not been used before, and their parts are still efficient and have a greater output. On the other hand, you can opt for used forklifts when planning to use it for a few hours per day.



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