8 Must Have Classic Kids Toys

by RobertKeith

Do kids need all the newest gadgets and innovative toys? This article explores 8 classic toys that never go out of fashion.

These days you could spend a fortune purchasing new kids toys that do really fancy things. But why bother when you can pick up classic old-school toys that can be used over and over again? Not just this but classic toys have proven to stimulate the imagination of your child as well as support them in developing problem solving skills.
Here’s my personal list of 8 classic toys I think every kid must have:

Cubby House
Cubby House

1.     Cubby Houses

Cubby houses are excellent active toys for children to grow up with. And for you the parent, they’re great because they are easy to assemble, low-cost and made from child-safe wood. The satisfaction you get from seeing your child having a great time with one will make this investment completely worth it.

Better yet it also gets them outdoors and being active, which is great for their health and spirit.

2.     Sand Pits, Shovels and Spades

Other great classic toys are sandpits, shovels and spades! They’re so great because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy different textures and learn ideas such as empty/full, heavy/light, wet and dry.

The can also enjoy this activity with other kids, which encourages them to share and have fun with a friend. Not to mention they are outdoors in a natural environment.

Sand Pit
Sand Pit

3.     Puzzles

Puzzles are a lower key toy for your child to play with. Puzzles help your child learn patience as well as a sense of achievement from completing one. No matter if they are larger, chunkier pieces for younger children or intermediate size pieces, every kid should grow up with one.

4.     Train Sets

Having your child grow up with train sets will promote lots of imagination and engineering and it doesn’t have to be electronic for them to be captivated. Your child is likely to develop long-life problem solving skills by simply figuring how to build tracks so the train can run smoothly.

Tran set
Tran set

5.     Balls

Children can have so much fun with a simple ball. They can roll it, bounce it, dribble it, throw it, catch it and kick it. The more exposure your child has with a ball, the more comfortable and competent they will be in playing sport.


6.     Wooden Blocks

Playing with wooden blocks can provide a child with long lasting memories. This is why every child should own this classic toy. It gives them the opportunity to play with different shapes, sizes and even colors while encouraging your child to think creatively, to problem solve and to invent. Great brands to start with are EverEarth.

Wooden Blocks
Wooden Blocks

7.     Lego

Lego will forever withstand the test of time because not only are they fun but also very educational.  Your kid can develop skills such as thinking in three dimensions, planning by constructions, being creative and also increase communication.


8.     Barbie Dolls

If you’re a woman reading this then surely you remember playing with your Barbie dolls. They are truly the most fun a girl can have, from the excitement of dressing them up to making up imaginary stories with them, and a toy that has kept it's popularity all these years.


Which toy was your favorite as a kid?

Bottom line: You don’t need to spend heaps of money on flashy toys to ensure your kid has a fun upbringing because they will enjoy these classic kids toys as much as you did.

Updated: 07/29/2015, RobertKeith
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