January Birthstone

by Angel

The birthstone for January from the Modern List of Birthstones is the Garnet. It symbolizes love, passion, eternal friendship, purity, and truth.

Garnet - Birthstone For January

The name garnet comes from the resemblance of the gemstone to the seeds of a pomegranate. The most common color is a deep red. However, this stone comes in a variety of colors that are not quite as popular at the deep red color. The color depends on where it is mined and the selective absorption of particular wavelengths of light. The garnet is a very hard stone with a 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. It is mined in Sri Lanka, South America, Australia, India, Russia, Africa, and parts of the United States.

Passionate Red Garnet Jewelry

Wear the jewelry that symbolizes all the things you are or give as a gift to that special person to show them you appreciate their passion and love. Wear them in your birthday month to see that you get all of the benefits of what some consider as a magical stone. 


This passionate red garnet bracelet will definitely enhance your lover's wrist. The bracelet is sterling silver with an 18 carat gold overlay. The overlay is not obvious and the garnets are of a very classy size. This powerful bracelet makes a great gift for your significant other, friend, mother, or sister.

18K Yellow Gold Garnet And Diamond Accented Bracelet

18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silve...
Only $76.0

Garnet And Diamond Heart Shaped Pendant

Make It A Matching Set With Earrings

This beautiful heart shaped pendant makes a great Valentine's Day Gift for your significant other or birthday gift for your January love.

The product features:

  • 10K yellow gold
  • Garnet and white diamonds
  • Total gem weight of 1.79 carats
  • Rope chain – 18”
  • Garnet – heart shaped
  • Diamonds – round shaped

This necklace is elegant and beautiful either alone or with the matching earrings. This pair of earrings matches the lovely garnet necklace and makes the perfect gift for that special occasion or just because. They are just the right size for any size ear too.

Garnet Sterling Silver Ring

This simple yet stunning garnet ring will surely bring you all the luck you deserve. It is made of oxidized sterling silver with an immense amount of detail. It is handmade using ancient silver smith techniques. Great for yourself as an everyday ring or for a friend's birthday.

It comes in sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, and 10.

Garnet Tumbled Stones

Place these stones in your purse or pocket and take them with you everywhere so that you can benefit from their energy and healing powers. Garnet is said to be very good in helping depression and anger. They will also bring willpower and courage to any situation. Includes (3) deep red maroon stones.

Magical Powers of Garnet

With You At All Times
3 Garnet Tumbled Stones - Root Healin...
Only $13.99

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Angel on 01/18/2012

Aren't they great? It was hard to find the right pieces for this article. I am always trying to find the best selections of items to display. That usually takes more time than actually writing the article. This is my husband's birthstone too. Great stone.. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

katiem2 on 01/18/2012

Very nice garnet birthstone collections. Garnet is my birthstone. Thanks for the beautiful jewelry, it's hard to find really great pieces like these in garnet, I appreciate you displaying the best and weeding through the rest. :) Katie

Angel on 01/13/2012

kinworm - they are all so pretty aren't they. I too like the tumbled stones. My friend really believes in the powers of gemstones and is starting to make me believe in them as well. She does carry different stones around in her purse depending on the month and how she feels. I think I may try it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Marie on 01/13/2012

This is my birthstone - gemstones are very pretty. I like the idea of carrying the tumbled stones because I don't wear much jewelry. The garnet and diamond bracelet is gorgeous.

Angel on 01/13/2012

I know. My husband's birthday is in January and tempted to buy him some of these loose stones since they are supposed to have healing powers. Thanks for reading and commenting!

pkmcr on 01/13/2012

Now who can I get to buy me something with the red garnet in for this birthday ;-)

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