A Garden Made Simple

by blackspanielgallery

Having a garden can give much pleasure, but not everyone is a skilled gardener, nor does everyone have time to properly plant a garden. Garden roll outs solve those problems.

Flowers add so much in beauty and fragrance to a home, but so many people have little time for gardening. If you have the time it is worth doing yourself, but even if there is little time for gardening you can still enjoy a nice bloom of flowers. And, you do not have to hire a person to plant for you. Once you have a place cleared the rest is easy. You can obtain a roll of seeds, and simply stretch it out and cut to the size you need. Then provide some water.

In fact, you can also enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs from your easily made garden.

Garden Roll Outs Offer Much

A garden roll out is a pre-seeded roll that can be spread out on the ground.  The seeds are embedded in proper spacing, and should sprout into a fine garden.  Of course the soil must be bare, so you will have to remove weeds and grass first, but you might also have a thick layer of soil added atop which you will roll out the seeds.  Plants are grown with compatible other plants. 


The advantages are great for novice gardeners.  The seeds are set at proper spacing, the seeds are set at the proper depth, and the garden is in a sense already mulched.  Some rolls state that no fertilizer is needed, so the soil composition is fine.  Color schemes are carefully chosen, and plants that mature to compatible heights is expected.  So, if you have little gardening knowledge, you too can enjoy flowers, vegetables, and herbs.


For containers the garden roll can be cut and used to cover the container. 


The Flower Garden

Before buying a flower garden seed roll you must determine the sun or shade requirements, the season the seeds are prepared for, and whether there is a special type of garden you wish to plant.  While planting a spring garden is possible in most places, some seed packs advise that they are not recommended for the dessert.  Fall gardens require more care in choosing the plants, since not every plant does well with shortening days and colder weather, but that depends on location.  Pansies do well here where we rarely get freezing temperatures, and when we do have a freeze it is normally just a few degrees below freezing for a short period.  But, plants that require increasing duration of sunlight, or warmer temperatures, will not do so well if planted in the fall. 


Often sellers place things for sale by appropriate season, but since internet sales are worldwide the seeds sold in the fall may be intended for places where it is spring, like Australia.  Check the time of year the seeds are intended to be used.


Special considerations might be flowers that attract butterflies or hummingbirds.  Some garden rolls indicate they attract such welcome garden visitors.  So, if you wish to watch the beautiful creatures of nature fly into your garden provide them what they seek.


You cannot find a garden roll that will become an instant farm, but you can grow a couple of different, compatible crops together.  I saw one with lettuce and cucumbers.  Another has four different crops grouped.  Yes, garden rolls can bring you some fresh vegetables.  Just do not expect to find all of the vegetables you will need in a garden roll.


Herb rolls are similar to vegetable rolls, you can find a couple of compatible herbs in one roll.  But, you cannot find an entire herb garden in one single garden roll.

Use Multiple Rolls

You can buy several garden rolls for different places on your property.  This might increase the variety of vegetables and herbs you will grow.  Or make different color splashes in different parts of your flower garden.


The planting might be planned, and rolling a garden out over readied soil might be easy, but you will have to water the plants if nature is not enough.  And you will have to tend to an occasional weeding.

Updated: 10/03/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/17/2019

I do not know if the weeds are fully prevented. In order to prevent weeds from pushing through mulch you might need thicker material than can be rolled. But reduced number of weeds, well that probably would happen.

WriterArtist on 11/16/2019

Wow, the Roll outs look pretty and simple to execute. No bothering from weeds and pests hopefully. I like the idea though they may not be a cheap option here in India.

blackspanielgallery on 01/26/2016

I will look for it. It may take me a short while since my Wizzley time I shortened by work on a mathematics textbook. I am certain it will be worth reading, and I will get to it.

frankbeswick on 01/26/2016

Well, I am about to publish an article, maybe tomorrow, which will make reference to these roll outs.

blackspanielgallery on 11/28/2015

Some years we do not get below freezing. we have too much water about, and it warms the air that contacts it. It is rare, and often years between snow here.

frankbeswick on 11/27/2015

Talk of the Devil! Reports say that we are expecting up to feet of snow in parts of Britain. What we get here in the North West I do not know.

frankbeswick on 11/27/2015

Veronica and I live in North West England, which is an area where major snows are uncommon, as the Pennine hills take much of the snowfall coming from the east, which is the main source of snow in Northern England. Elsewhere, Atlantic snows tend to land in Wales and Scotland. Though we do receive snow from both sources,it is not as bad or as frequent as it is in other areas. We are also low-lying, which means that we are not as susceptible to snows as more hilly areas are, though I can recall some major snowfalls.

blackspanielgallery on 11/26/2015

We count flurries as a major snowfall here.

Veronica on 11/26/2015

It's been about two years since we had any significant snowfall my part of the North West England. This is very unusual indeed.

Indeed we are expecting a significant snowfall any time. But when? who Knows?

blackspanielgallery on 11/26/2015

We rarely get snow here.

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