A Giude to Indoor Bonsai Growing

by genalorainne

Ever wondered how to grow mini-trees? If yes, it's pretty achievable now and I will share that knowledge with you.

Bonsai trees are not trees for Smurfs but an art which has became very popular lately. "Bon-what? Stop with this video game slang, I don't understand a thing."

Bonsai. The Bonsai tree is a small bit of stunning characteristic view developed in a little pot. At the same time it is totally unique in relation to the normal potted plant. While the satisfaction in potted plants originates from taking delight in the magnificence of the blossoms, leaves, and products of the soil of plants, the wonder of the bonsai tree lies in the enjoyment picked up from reproducing in scaled down type of the state of bonsai plants as seen in the common world.

Where to place it?

In actuality there are no such things as indoor trees but only trees that can get by inside. Where you put your bonsai tree is a central point in how sound it will be. Conditions in houses differ from the outside ones. That's true only provided you have a roof though. Three things you should consider when positioning your intentionally belittled gardening victory: temperature, moisture and light. Indoors is for the most part darker, hotter and drier than outside.

“You are the sunshine of my life.”

This is literally what the plant would think of the sun if it could think. Bonsai require a lot of sunlight. Therefore a place near the window would suffice. The more light the window catches, the better the plant will feel.

You mentioned something about moisture and heat?

Enviable memory, friend. Keep it away from wellsprings of high temperature, for example, radiators and TVs. A cooler room is superior to a warm one for the need of the tree. If you have a radiator beneath your window ledge, putting your bonsai there would not be a good idea for in the event that you turn the radiator on even once the high temperature will surely dry out and execute the tree. Murdering trees with radiators is illegal in some countries.

Now about that humidity – It's important to keep its levels as high as possible, again not to try out your new inanimate friend. Not saying you should hire a sauna for your bonsai, but keeping it in kitchens or bathrooms is a good option since the evaporation and humidity around sinks is favourable for the tree. If you feel uncomfortable of the tree stalking you while showering naked you can just put its pot in a drip tray, filled with water, which will slowly evaporate and increase the moisture levels around your tree.

Pro tip: Gardeners recommend you place the tree outside for a couple of months in the summer. On your porch or some place that will have the so needed sun, but will also protect with shade when it gets scorching hot(around noon). This will boost your trees' progress.

Drown your Bonsai in love. And water.

Since Bonsai are typically kept in little pots, they oblige standard watering. But it also depends on weather and surrounding environment, which change daily. In warm climate, for example, they will need to be watered substantially more than in cool conditions. What you need to remember is you're dealing with this constricted small pot, which doesn't hold a lot of water, so generally you want to give it a solid watering and let it dry a little bit in between, but not get real dry. You can check by touching the soil. If it feels dry – water that poo down!

Bonsai watering guide 101

When watering be cautious to not wash away soil. Recently repotted plants ought to be watered from above as the detached soil would we be washed away. But if in the event that the dirt won't effortlessly acknowledge water (as in it has a tendency to run off the dirt surface) then it's immersion time for the tree.

Feeding and stuff

When it comes to feeding your Bonsai tree you should know that granule fertilizers easily wash off(because of the small pot). Liquid fertilizer is what you want to use. That is soluble fertilizer mixed with water which you apply to the top of the soil until no more can be taken by the plant (when it starts spilling from the pot's drainage gaps). Feed the small beast every other week.

The secret of Bonsai trees (pruning)

Pruning your bonsai is crucial to keep up its shape and keep its well-being. It keeps it small. Make sure you prune in spring or pre-winter, because that's when the tree has a lot of put away nutrients in storage. Aim for a shape of your choice, don't prune way too deep. Also you can gently bend the branches in the direction you want them to grow or even add wire to guide the growth direction. Now about the leaves. There's this technique to keep them small, surprisingly named the small-leaf technique. When they have a chance to grow a little bit(early spring) you pull every single leaf off the whole entire tree, making it bare, and you keep watering and all and then they come back typically 30% smaller. You can do that a couple of times a year and gradually work the leaves down. Bear in mind that different trees react different. Some can only handle halfway defoliation and some respond gravely.

You are now officially ready to try and pursue your Bonsai dream and much like Chinese people give the impression of possessing mysterious knowledge about the world and its secrets!
Updated: 10/31/2016, genalorainne
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katiem2 on 03/07/2015

bonsai trees are so wonderful I'm thrilled to know more about them.

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