A Guide to Outdoor Grill Covers

by AceHardware

Use this guide to help you choose the perfect cover for your outdoor grill.

You’ve narrowed down the field and purchased the perfect outdoor grill, and now you’re ready to protect the grill from the elements with a reliable grill cover. The majority of grills is made from heavy duty materials, such as stainless steel, but may still have the tendency to rust and deteriorate if not properly shielded. Choosing the correct outdoor grill cover will safeguard your investment from weathering for many years.

There are two important factors to consider when selecting the right grill cover. The first factor being proper fit. A grill cover that does fit properly will not offer any real protection for your grill. The second factor is durability. It is important to make sure that your grill cover is made from a resistant material that will prolong the life of your backyard grill.

Grill Cover Size and Shape

When purchasing a grill cover, the exterior size of your grill is the most important measurement in ensuring your cover fits like a glove. If a grill cover is too small, it may show signs of wear around the edges and deteriorate prematurely; if it is too large, it won’t stay on the grill and could blow off in high winds.  Here are some tips for measuring your grill:

  1. Make sure the grill is closed.
  2. Start from the highest point at the top of the grill and measure straight down to the ground, rounding up to the nearest inch.
  3. Next, measure from the furthest point left across to the furthest point right, again, rounding to the nearest inch.
  4. Measuring at the furthest point towards the back of the grill to the furthest point at the front, will give you the depth of the grill. Take this measurement last and round to the nearest inch.

These measurements will help you determine the size grill cover you need for maximum protection. And be sure to take the shape of your grill into consideration. If you own a rounded smoker, for example, a rectangular grill cover would not be ideal. Fortunately, grill covers come in specific shapes to fit most grills. Manufacturers also design covers specifically for their grill models which makes selecting a grill cover that much easier

Grill Cover Durability

The best grill covers are made of thick, durable material. Heavy duty vinyl or nylon covers are the best choices on the market. When assessing a grill cover’s durability, consider a cover with fewer seams, as they may come unsown over time. Feel the cover before purchasing to make sure the material is heavy and firm and that the seams are tight.

Fastening Straps

Another important element of a grill cover is the presence of fastening straps or tie downs. A better quality grill cover should have a pull string or elastic around the bottom to secure it to the grill. This ensures that the cover will stay put in heavy winds. Some models even have hooks that anchor the cover to the grill for added security.

An outdoor grill cover is imperative to extending the longevity of your grill. Grill covers not only offer protection, but peace of mind in knowing that you will get great use out of your investment for years to come. For further information, check out this handy grills buyers guide from Ace Hardware.

Updated: 09/28/2012, AceHardware
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