A Peek at Who Is bbethard

by barbarab

Take a trip down my lane! It will lead to laughter and to tears, both of which are necessary for survival!

I have not tried before nor after this to write an article based on who/what I am. I do not think it is an honest representation. Probably because I am not eager to let the world know all there is to know. On the other hand, many times I have put on paper things that I have regretted after it was too late to call the words back. Who hasn't, after all?

How difficult could this be?

Well...not at all if I steer wide of the truth and take poetic license! That's the ticket! More fun, too!

I suppose I could start off with childhood...It is not as full of horror and saddness as I thought but neither is it full of gladness as I would hope. Or, maybe not...

In other words, my childhood was not that different from anyone elses during the time. Like a lot of daughters, my father was my rock. Like many born in the early 1950's, my mother had more than a few children and I was number two of five. They were doing the best they could, just like all parents, then and now.

I am a nurse by profession and a wannabe artist by my heart. I love to sew, play piano, do pyrography and write. Most of which I do on a weekly basis but writing has to be done on a daily basis. I get cranky if all the pent up words aren't on paper before I sleep! They tend to zip around the house all night and sting my toes in the middle of the night if they are not all on paper or the internet before midnight!

Pushy little buggers, word pixies, aren't they?

You never had this experience with the word pixies? Oh well, you haven't lived! Really!

How 'bout you just email me your address and I will be Glad to send you a lovely brown box full of these little pesky...uuuhhhh, sorry, Nice pixies! They are not all brown, by the way...the come in all colors so you will have a brightly lit room at night! (They glow in the dark as well.)

Disclaimer: This author is not responsible for broken lamps. I don't know why, but they love to fly around the lightbulbs like moths. Problem is, they are about 10 times larger and heavy, due to their penchance for sweets...I might ought to tell you about that one day...after you accept them, cough cough. Really though, all the broken lap thing is easily avoided if you just sell all your lamps and light fixtures on eBay! Use candles...you will find there is little risk of fire, being the Fae, they just emit a high pitched EEEKKK and erupt into a bright color. The color depends on what color they were in the first place; quite pretty actually.

I started writing when I was not even a teenager. Apparently my mother became fed up with my tales of the other world and told me to "write it down" which was a relief to me. Now I had a captive audience (the fae and myself)! Good for me!

Those stories are gone, unfortunately. The fae may well have spirited them off to keep the mortal world from opening the door to their lands. Or I probably left it or lost it somewhere in the midst of twenty moves in 29 years of marriage. (Plus the four I made with myself and my cat before marriage...gracious thats a few isn't it?) But gone they are. I have tried to recreate them ever since but personally, I think Charles de Lint drank out of my muse river before I could get back to it!

The online writing began a couple of years ago. I was researching "ways to make money from home" like well, every other person over the age of....never mind that; when I came across an article on eHow about HubPages. I clicked on the link, joined and found that online writing was fun! Rather disappointing, but fun.

What do I mean by disappointing? My nursing articles get the most hits! My 'fun' articles and poetry and interesting but little know facts go unnoticed!

How fair is that?

Now, except for the Panda Bear, I watch my pennies and hip hip when Google sends me a payout check! Too much fun to write and get paid for it!

I hope you are as confused as before on who is Babara B :) after all, it will do no good for me to tell you who I really am as I am still an egg, slightly cracked, and not likely to hatch anytime in the near future!

But oh my, all our incubation periods are so interesting!

 Don't you think?



Updated: 10/21/2018, barbarab
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barbarab on 01/01/2012

Hello 'J-ie' :) good to see your face here as well!! ha and I am in both spots now...theres a few of us HP here and its very nice! Hapy new year!!

bayouladyJDKimball on 01/01/2012

Hi Barb! Your newest fan here,and one of your oldest ones on hubpages. Love you lots!New Years Day,and I've decided to spin a few over here and see what happens.

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