A Tribute to Whitney Houston

by MuminBusiness

OMG! I cannot believe Whitney Houston is Dead. What a tragic loss.

R.I.P Whitney!
I just noticed that Whitney Houston had passed away and I am in shock! How can we have lost another great voice? Another great performer? I feel almost as bad as I did when Michael Jackson Passed away.

She was a woman with incredible talent and an ability to entertain like no other so this article will go through the songs of hers that I loved. I hope you love them too and join me in mourning this great woman who seemed to lose her way somewhere along the journey called life.

RIP Whitney Houston! You are missed...

Whitney Houston at her Peak...

Entertainer Whitney Houston at 50th Annual Grammy Awards

Whitney Houston - A Childhood Influence

The first song of Whitney Houston that I remember dancing my heart out to was 'I wanna dance with somebody'.  There I was in Nigeria, dancing and singing until my little legs were tired.  I practiced and practiced singing the song until I was note-perfect.  She was stunning to watch on TV when we had electricity and I was drawn into her performances whenever I had the chance to view them.  She was definitely one of the many musical influences I had growing up.

She had sung in church growing up and I was singing in Church so surely, I too, could grow up to be a singer...

Look at how innocent she looked in this video.  With the curls,the shoulder pads and the pinkness.  I just love the naivety of it.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody

From the Album Whitney

Greatest Love of all

Time passed and I went off to Boarding School in Nigeria where this song by Whitney Houston played such a part in all our lives.  Was there anyone who did not know all the words to this song?  It was sung at every school ceremony, concert, anything.  Classes sang it together as some kind of recreational activity. It was a hit for everyone.  We all learnt about the greates love of all.

It was directed at children and we definitely felt better for singing it.  I was only about 9 at that point so I did not completely understand the whole song but it still made me feel great to sing it with gusto.

 It was another chance to put my singing to the test and at 9 years of age, I certainly could not carry some of those powerful notes but my classmates and I gave it our best shot!

Greatest Love of All-The Song

Greatest Love Of All
Only $1.29

Some Background to Whitney Houston

Whitney was born in 1963 to Cissy Houston (Gospel Singer) and John Russell Houston Jr.  She was brought up in a middle income region and grew up singing from a very early age.  By the time she was 11, she was singing solos so she must have been pretty confident to do that.  Although being brought up around singing does infuse children with confidence.

By 14 she was backing other bands and getting noticed in a small way as she tagged along with her mum.

She even sang backing on the original Chaka Khan version of 'I'm every woman' - a song she goes on to make into a mega hit when she takes on the lead in 'The Bodyguard'.

She released her first album in 1983 - the year she would turn 20.  The song 'Saving all my love for You' came out of this album and was a hit in the US and the UK. Also, 'Greatest Love of all' came from this album.  These were two songs that I adored.  There was a nother number1 on the album but I was not aware of that one at the time.

The First Astonishing Album

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
$7.49  $2.97

Whitney's Tale continues

Whitney's popularity rose and rose from this point. She released another album in 1987 called 'Whitney' which gave her another four number 1 hits.  This meant she broke the records of the Beatles and the Beegees by having seven consecutive number 1 hits.  She was an amazing female artist.

How did it all go wrong? And now she has died in circumstances unknown (at the time of writing this).  A mere twenty five years ago, Whitney Houston was in top form but a lot has happened since then.

The Bodyguard - Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston

The next songs that Whitney released that had an impact on me were the songs from 'The Bodyguard'.  I realize there was another album in between 'Whitney' and this one but it did not speak to me as much as this one so I have left that out.

However, 'the Bodyguard' really reached us in Nigeria and left its mark.  Before Whitney, I had never heard the song 'I will always love you' and when I did hear it,I loved it, absolutely loved it.  One of those songs that most budding singers cut their teeth on.  If you can hold those notes, well you must be one of the greats.

Looking over the song list, each song that she performed on this album holds a special place in my heart as it saw me through a lot of my teenage years.  I loved the film and I loved the album.  Her voice broke through a lot of my angst and touched me when nothing else could.  I still remember falling asleep with my Sony cassette player right next to me listening over and over again to Whitney sing 'I have Nothing', 'Run to You','Queen of the night', 'Jesus Loves Me' and 'I'm every woman'. All probably recorded from the radio as I had no money to buy albums and my parents were not into buying that kind of thing for us.  Powerful songs, powerful voice.

If you have not heard these songs, at least listen to 'I have Nothing' and 'Run to You'.  They are so amazing!  The lyrics reach right into the heart and sing out what it just might be saying.  Powerful singing by Whitney Houston here...

The Soundtrack of The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album
$11.98  $4.99

I Have Nothing

I cry each time I listen to it

Waiting to Exhale featuring Whitney Houston and more

Still in my teenage years, Whitney acted in and sang on the film soundtrack of 'Waiting to Exhale'.  Now this film, I think spoke more to the black community.  A story of women trying to figure out what was going on with themselves, with their men and with their kids (in some cases).  It also spoke of the special relationships they had with each other as they struggled through these issues.

An album was released as well.  The songs 'Shoop, Shoop' and 'Count on Me' were the winners for me both of which were sung by Whitney though the album was a hit overall.

Waiting to Exhale - The film and Soundtrack

Waiting To Exhale: Original Soundtrac...
$9.37  $9.99
Waiting to Exhale
$7.47  $3.48

The Preacher's Wife and Cinderella

The Preacher's Wife was another great film where Whitney takes the lead with Denzel Washington.  I loved it!  And more than that I adored the soundtrack.  In fact, I was subjecting my children to it just yesterday on a long journey home.  My best song on it is 'I love the Lord'.  Every time I sing it, I just cannot help but look to the heavens.  The full sound of the gospel singers backing Whitney is just excellent.  There are other amazing songs as well like  'I believe in You and Me', 'Joy to the World', 'Step by Step'.  

She also took a role in a version of Cinderella with Brandi.  This emphasized the idea that impossible things can happen if people would just get off their bums and try.  I love it and having lent my copy of the VHS to a friend, have now borrowed the DVD from a cousin to replace it.  Pay it forward, I say!

I hope you get to read the article called 'Impossible things are happening'

The Preacher's Wife: Original Soundtrack Album

Tracks: Whitney Houston - I Believe In You And Me 4:03 / Whitney Houston - Step By Step 4:14 / Whitney Houston - Joy 3:16 / Whitney Houston - Hold On, Help Is On The Way 3:09 ...

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The Preacher's Wife

Features include: •MPAA Rating: PG•Format: DVD•Runtime: 124 minutes

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Whitney Houston

All about her - In more detail than I can give
Whitney Elizabeth Houston was an American singer, actress, producer and model. Houston was the most awarded female act of all time, according to Guinness World Records. Her list of awards includes 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 ...

My journey with Whitney Continues

I came back to the UK in 1997 and met my husband to be in 1999.  While courting, he would come to visit me and my family in a little 2 bed flat where I would always make sure I was singing this song by Whitney Houston - I learned from the Best.

I was crazy about the song and also about the whole compilation album which also contained the hit 'My love is Your love'.  I belted those songs out just as he would be coming through the door.  I am sure it all added to his love and future proposal to me (LOL!)

My sister and I had saved up our hard earned pennies to buy this album and we both thought it was amazing. With songs like 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Its not right but its ok', 'I Bow Out' and the most excellent duet with Mariah Carey (When you believe), it is no wonder that it became an international best seller.

Another Whitney Album

My Love Is Your Love

Only $9.99

I learned from the Best.

This probably scared my husband into marrying me

R.I.P Whitney Houston

I could write for days about the Star that was Whitney Houston.  It is such a pity that she seemed to lose her way over the last several years but still she was amazing and talents like hers are not easy to come by.

You touched me in ways I cannot put into words and I hope you are more peaceful wherever you are now.

RIP Whitney Houston!

A book about Whitney Houston

A book is about to be released about Whitney Houston called 'People remembering Whitney Houston: A tribute'.  It is by People Magazine so it may be good or bad depending on whether you read them or not.  I am looking forward to a book detailing her journey.

Let's See...

People Tribute: Commemorative Edition - Whitney Houston

People Remembering Whitney Houston: A Tribute
$7.48  $3.5
Updated: 02/24/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 02/19/2012


ThePartyAnimal on 02/19/2012

Very sad news it was. Her music will definitely live on.

MuminBusiness on 02/18/2012

Too true! I did love that voice! Such a pity

Thank you for stopping by!

dustytoes on 02/18/2012

This page is a nice tribute to the beautiful Whitney Houston. It is a tragedy that life turned sour on her because she seemingly had it all with that heavenly voice and gorgeous looks.

MuminBusiness on 02/14/2012

Too true! It is pretty tough sometimes to know the truth and yet not actually live it. Her songs were definitely inspiring but it made no difference to her life, it seemed. I loved her music and it certainly had a great impact on me.

Thanks for your feedback!

MuminBusiness on 02/13/2012

I really could not believe it when I read she had passed on. She was too young and yes, we do seem to be losing a lot of the great talents recently.

Her life did seem to go downhill the last few years although I was never really aware of all that. I just tend to focus on the music and leave them to get on with their lives. I had to write out my thoughts because she had been a part of me as I grew up and now she is gone...

Too sad!

katiem2 on 02/13/2012

WOW great tribute, Whitney had the most amazing voice, how sad to be saying had in regard to her. She always seemed to have such light. Oh the tragedy that took it from her, us. I join you in the mourning of Whitney Houston. We have lost so many amazing talents, it makes me so sad, they are all to young.

MuminBusiness on 02/12/2012

Too true! A most amazing voice!

Thanks for reading!

BrendaReeves on 02/12/2012

She did have the most beautiful voice.

MuminBusiness on 02/12/2012

Thanks to you too, Wisefool, for reading! I loved her music and still cannot believe she has passed on.

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