Spanish singer-songwriter Lidia Guevara talks about her songs

by BardofEly

Lidia Guevara is a Spanish pop singer and songwriter and in this interview she talks about her music career and influences.

Let me introduce you to Lidia Guevara

Lidia Guevara is one of my favourite Spanish singer-songwriters. I discovered her last year when she contacted me at Myspace and since then we have become friends.

I have written two articles about her before but thought it would be a good idea to let Lidia say a bit about herself too so I asked her to answer some questions for this little interview.

Lidia Guevara


Lidia Guevara in the interview chair

Lidia Guevara talks back

Lidia, please introduce yourself to my readers.

Lidia Guevara is an uncomplicated girl who dreamed about being a singer. But besides her simple nature she can be headstrong and obstinate, which is why, little by little, her dreams are becoming a reality.

How did you get started as a singer and musician?

Everything began instinctively, in the most minimal and simple way. A cardboard box and rubber bands was my first guitar. Later years I dedicated to composing songs, to showcasing my music, being in a choir, and I fronted several bands, etc. That entire route of successes and errors has brought me to the present moment.

What other singers and bands do you admire?

I am a fan of the Beatles and Sheryl Crow. Also I really like Vetusta Morla and Love of Lesbian, but in fact what I do on a daily basis is to listen to groups with different and varying musical concepts.

What are some of the best moments in your musical career?

The best moments are, without a doubt, those that show me my followers when they sing my songs at concerts. I believe this is the most rewarding experience of all.

What are your favourite songs?

I have many favourite songs, among them "One of Us" by Joan Osborne or " My Girl" by The Temptations.

Anything else you would like to add or promote here?

I am an addict of the social networking sites and really impressed by the calling capacity that they have when an announcement is made for a concert. I am a woman stuck to a computer that offers a direct bond with the public. If you want to know more about me I am waiting for you at Facebook  or some of my other pages.

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Lidia Guevara - Nadie como tú. Videoclip oficial 2010

'No one like you' is Lidia Guevara's most popular song

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Lidia Guevara websites

Find out more about Lidia Guevara at these sites

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