A Zip on Tie is the Perfect Necktie for Boys

by Digby_Adams

Zipper neckties are the best solution for putting a necktie on a squirming boy!

Getting squirming pre-teen boys ready for church can be a hassle. Especially if you insist they dress up and wear a necktie. A zip on tie (or zipper tie) is the perfect solution. Don't believe me? Well take a look at the boy in the video below to see how much fun a zipper necktie can be! It wouldn't surprise me is Zipper Tie Steve grows up to have his own infomercials!

A zipper tie isn't just a novelty tie that you wear as a joke. It's a serious tie that lets you get dressed quickly and without the hassle of tying a knot. Yes, I see mothers and brides everywhere grabbing up a zip on tie to put on the ring bearer. A wedding day is stressful enough without have a tantrum about putting on or wearing a tie. Little boys seem to think that this is quite the game. It also gives them the control about just how tight the tie should be.

Zipper Necktie

Solid Color Mens Pretied Zipper Tie by Jacob Alexander - Royal Blue

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And zipper neckties aren't just for little boys. You'll find the most serious of necktie colors in a zipper necktie style. Check out the ever so serious and grown up blue tie by Jason Alexander shown to the right. The beauty of a zip on tie is that there is fabric under your entire collar. It's far more believable than a clip-on tie. Wearing a zip on tie is nothing to be embarrassed about. Some men may suffer from arthritis and tying a necktie knot might be beyond their dexterity.

May offices and jobs no longer require men to wear ties. So little boys may never watch their father tie a tie. It is possible in this casual world to grow up and not know how to tie a tie. It is indeed a skill that needs practice. If you only wear a tie to very special occasions then it may not be worth it to learn how to tie a necktie. So zip on ties to the rescue!

Here's another video - more serious than Zipper Tie Steve,  to show you just how simple it is to put zipper neckties on. You just hold the tie knot and pull the loop.The hole is then large enough to put over your head. Once it's around your neck, just hold the tie knot and pull the zipper until the tie fits your neck comfortably. Your tie knot is perfect, the tie length is perfect, and you look great.

If you're a slob and you're always spilling coffee or lunch on your tie, then you should keep a couple extra ties in your car or desk. Zipper ties let you quickly change out a dirty tie without a mirror or the hassle of getting the tie to fit correctly.

How a Zip On Tie Works

Definitely add a zipper tie or two to your fashion wardrobe for those busy mornings when nothing is going right!

Updated: 01/17/2012, Digby_Adams
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dustytoes on 01/09/2013

This zip on tie is a great idea for boys of all ages!

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