Tie Rack Organizers for Sale at Low Prices

by Regi_B

If you want a tie rack without a high price tag, this article can help.

How many neckties do you have to own to be in need of a tie rack organizer for your closet?

The answer? Let's call it "several". Not fair? Okay, let's call it six.

Six is the number for needing to own a tie organizer. Anything less and you can "go without".

There are many flavors of tie racks available, but this article is here to inform you about savings in the world of organizing ties.

Nothing here is meant to "tie you in knots" -- except for my corny writing.

Tie organizers at low prices are easy to find online.

Tie Rack Organizers...

Keepin' Ties Straight Since 1748 (not factual, but it does rhyme, so there's that).
Sharper Image PowerTie Motorized Tie Rack (SI708GRY)

Tie Rack Organizers Are...

(Yes, I AM a cornball.)

The Best Tie Organizer for the Money

If you have ever tried to manage your ties on a standard closet hanger, you know the reasons to buy a tie organizer rack.

There are a lot of tie rack options online -- many with great reviews. With that said, one manual tie organizer model currently averages 4.2 out of 5 stars with Amazon customers and is selling right now for under three dollars.

That model is the Twirl-a-Tie Tie Rack/Organizer. At a price under three dollars and with hundreds of great reviews, it is obvious that the Twirl-a-Tie is a great buy for the money.

How to Save Money on a Tie Rack Organizer

If you have read this far and fully intend to buy a quality tie organizer for cheap, the first thing you should consider doing is buying the Twirl-a-Tie hanger mentioned above. If you have more ties than one of these can handle, just buy two Twirl-a-Tie hangers.

When buying two, you still end up spending less than ten dollars for two tie organizers. That is what I call organizing ties on the cheap!

Alternatively, you could seek used tie organizers at your local Goodwill Store. There, you might find a good discount on a new or gently used motorized tie rack.

Of course, one good way to organize your ties and save money is by not buying a tie rack at all. If you have the available shelf space in your closet, you can simply fold your ties gently -- with a looping action, being careful not to crease your ties. Doing this saves you money by negating the tie organizer rack altogether.

And finally, if you find a tie rack organizer on eBay -- listed at auction -- give that a go. You may luck your way into a real steal -- but "knot" one that will land you behind bars.

(There I go again -- corny Regi B.)

Tie Rack Organizers for Sale on eBay

Updated: 06/04/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 06/07/2012

Thank you, Katie. I hope he likes the gift. All the best!

katiem2 on 06/07/2012

Very cool and a great fathers day present. I have a special man in mind who will love this. His closet is HUGE and packed with very well organized men's clothes, his ties will be so very happy with this cool tie rack organizer. Great find!

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