Accessories for Your Kodak Pixpro Digital Camera

by AbbyFitz

Buy batteries, chargers, cases, and more for the Kodak Pixpro line of cameras. Find everything you'll need to enjoy your Pixpro in one convenient place.

Kodak's introduction of the Pixpro AZ361 in April of 2013 has taken the photography world by storm.

The Kodak Pixpro series is so new, it's hard to find replacement accessories or extras for these great cameras.

Whether you own the Pixpro AZ361, the AZ521, or the AZ362, you can be sure you can find what you're looking for here.

Kodak: The Name that Started it All

A Leader in Photography

Kodak Pixpro AZ361 Digital Camera and AccessoriesPartnering with JK Imaging Company, Kodak's first step back into digital camera production was with the Pixpro AZ361 which was launched in April of 2013.

With the AZ362, AZ501, AZ521, and AZ522 released shortly after, Kodak is quickly taking back the position as the top brand in digital cameras.

If you haven't bought your Pixpro yet and are just browsing to see whether it's for you, let me assure you this is a great, easy-to-use camera.

If you're here because you already have a Pixpro and need extra accessories, then look no further.

After scouring the internet, I have gathered everything you need in one convenient place. If you don't see what you're looking for here, feel free to leave a request at the end of this article and I'll do my best to find it for you and list it here.

Kodak Pixpro AZ361, AZ362, and AZ521 Batteries, USB Cord, and Charger



Nothing is more aggravating than a dead battery when you want to take great photographs.

Instead of waiting for your battery to charge, keep extra charged batteries in your camera case so you won't miss that great shot. 

One of the great features of the Pixpro 361 is that you don't need to remove the battery from the camera to charge it. All it takes is a handy USB cord to plug your camera into the AC adapter.

It's a great idea to have several USB cords in your home in key places where you would charge your camera.

Whether it's in the bedroom, office, or wherever you keep your photo equipment, it's important to have a USB cord in each spot. 

Also, keep one in your camera bag at all times so when you're on the go it will always be with you. No more leaving your USB cord at home!

Finally, it's best to keep one AC charger adapter in your home and one in your camera case to avoid misplacement.

Stands and Tripods for the Kodak Pixpro

The Pixpro has awesome video capabilities. To keep your filming steady, be sure to have a tripod or stand ready.

Graduations, weddings, and other memorable events often are filmed by photographers such as yourself who want to capture the moment on video.

For these events, it's best to have a tripod 72 inches or taller in height. Even at that size, these tripods are compact and portable when folded.

Mini tripods are great for tabletop or still photography. These mini tripods are convenient because they are small when closed and can fit right into your camera bag.

Kodak Pixpro Owner's Manual and Updates

I've received several comments from readers who have stated they did not receive an instruction manual when they purchased their Pixpro.

Kodak does offer an online version for the AZ361, AZ362, AZ521 . It is the full manual and it is also downloadable.

Also, Kodak has posted software updates for the Pixpros. All downloads and full instructions are available at their website.

These updates should take care of the few bugs some users have experienced with their cameras.

Pixpro Camera Cases

The only complaint that I had when I bought my Pixpro was it didn't come with a case.

But that's okay, because it allowed me to choose a case that best suits my personality.

Whether your preferences are compact bags, shoulder bags, or bags that will hold all of your photography equipment, there is a Pixpro case that's right for you.

Just out for a day taking casual shots? Then a compact bag is perfect.

Great landscape photography shots aren't always easy to get to. Shoulder bags and backpacks are ideal for nature photographers because it keeps your hands free. 

When you know you'll need everything such as a tripod, batteries, a charger, et cetera, it's best to use a larger bag to keep your equipment handy.

The bag I ultimately chose was the leather shoulder bag. It's roomy and well padded. It also has removable compartments, so it can easily accommodate any supplies I might need on any given day.

Kodak Pixpro AZ361, AZ362, and AZ521 Compatible Photo Printers

The Pixpro has Pictbridge capabilities, so it's easier than ever to print straight from your camera.

Although the Pixpro cannot wirelessly print to your printer and must use a USB cord, these printers all use Airprint technology allowing you to print from your iPad, iPhone, and other similar wireless devices.

Don't think that a photo printer is out of your price range. No matter what your budget, there is a photo printer for you. Prices range from as little as $60 to $500.

The beauty of a photo printer is there is no need to download your pictures at a local photo lab in order to be printed.

Even if you do not print photos often, buying a lower priced photo printer would save you money and time in the long run.

Buying the photo paper in bulk will save you even more.

Canon SELPHY CP900 Black Wireless Color Photo Printer

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HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo Printer

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SDHC Cards and HDMI Cables for the Pixpro


It's always a good idea to keep extra SD cards on hand.

Sometimes I switch my SD cards out depending on what subject I am photographing.

For instance, if I know I will be taking pictures of flowers, I would use my flower SD card. 

The HDMI cord is essential to connect your Kodak Pixpro to your television. The Pixpro records in high definition video, so you will want to show off your films on your HD TV.


Miscellaneous Accessories for Pixpro AZ361

Sometimes there's really cool accessories out there that you don't know about, or you didn't get the basics when you bought your Pixpro.

One thing I hate about cameras is losing the cap. I mean, I love the fact that it protects the lens, but if you're not careful, you can lose that thing quick. Luckily, there's a few options available to keep that from happening.

You can either buy a lens cap string strap to keep your cap and camera together, or you can use this neat cap holder I found. It attaches to your backpack strap or your camera strap, and you just clip your cap to it. What a cool idea!

For those of you that like to photograph the stars, it's easily done with this telescope mount that attaches to your Pixpro.

Camera Mount for Telescopes

Lens Cap Straps and Holders:

Updated: 07/06/2016, AbbyFitz
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gary on 08/29/2017

what is the answer, I need a lens cover for a Kodak AZ361

gary on 08/29/2017

Kodak AZ361 lens cover

Sandi on 08/10/2017

Can you buy an extra Lense (attachment) for a Kodaz PixPro AZ501?

Trscy on 04/09/2017

I have lost my lens cover for my AZ501 and can't find one any help would be appreciated.

Sue on 02/02/2017

Looking for lens cap replacement for Kodak Pixpro AZ501. Can anyone tell me a place to get one or if another model's cap will fit this camera?

Cheryl on 01/16/2017

Got 2 questions: #1 Can anyone please tell me how to connect Kodak AZ251 to a hp15 laptop so I can use the laptop as viewfinder?? #2 Can anyone tell me how to connect a microphone to the Kodak pixpro Az251 camera...if it connects to the laptop I am sure I then can connect the microphone to my laptop...I'm NOT trying to do a voiceover, I'm trying to record in real-time with a microphone and simultaneously be able to see myself on the hp-15 laptop since the view finder on the kodak pixpro AZ251 camera doesn't swing outward, I would like to see myself while recording in real-time.

AbbyFitz on 10/11/2016

Those are the only batteries you can use for the 361, maybe you got a bum battery? I have one listed above in the batteries section.

Connie on 10/11/2016

I need batteries for my Pixpro AZ361 On the battery it has LB-060. I want a long lasting one Mine is too short lived.

James on 08/29/2016

Hello Abby, I commented a while back asking about the telescope adapter. Thank you for posting a link but I am unsure if this will work. The universal adapter is supposed to screw into the lens port where you would change lenses on an SLR or DSLR, since our cameras have a fixed zoom lens I don't think you can remove it to use the adapter. If you are aware if this can be done please respond but since this camera is a point and shoot (essentially) this accessory may not work.

AbbyFitz on 07/26/2016

Hi! Do you mean like a lens cap?

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