Kodak Pixpro AZ361 Digital Camera Review

by AbbyFitz

The Kodak Pixpro gives you professional quality photos, but is as easy to use as a point and shoot camera.

I've loved taking pictures all my life. But when it comes to photography, I'm ignorant. Truly.

I've only owned your run of the mill digital cameras. They've been reliable and I've taken some amazing pictures with them, but they've only been able to take my photography so far.

I haven't a clue as to what aperture or ISO is. I know they make your photographs look fantastic, but heck if I know how to make it happen.

That's where the Kodak Pixpro comes in. It makes me look like I'm a professional photographer. This camera takes a professional photography wannabe like me and makes my pictures look great.

And all I have to do is point and shoot.

My Review of the Kodak Pixpro AZ361

How Good is the Pixpro and is it worth the price?


I bought my Pixpro on sale for $219.95, which is more than I have ever paid for a camera, but I feel this is the best camera I have ever bought.

The Kodak Pixpro digital camera came with everything I needed and was ready to go right out of the box. I was taking pictures five minutes after I opened it.

I have only used small, flat digital cameras in the past, so getting used to a bigger slr style camera was an adjustment for me.

The Pixpro has a padded grip, which helps me hold it steady, even when my hands are sweaty.

One unique feature I really like about this camera is the way it recharges. I quit buying cameras that required alkaline batteries years ago. They're just a money drain. But even with my past cameras, I had to take out the battery and plug it into a charger. 

With my new baby, all I have to do is plug up the camera to charge the battery. So much easier!

The Pixpro also is an HD video camera. It's like getting two products for the price of one. I'd always wanted a video camera, but never bought it because I knew I wouldn't use it as often as my camera. Now I have both!

One of the first things that wowed me when I first turned my Kodak Pixpro on was the 3" LCD screen. The colors looked so vibrant, I couldn't wait to see what an actual picture looked like.

I was not disappointed. This camera gives me the most clear pictures I have ever taken with a camera. I love it.

What Accessories are Included When You Buy the Pixpro?

Lots of Extras!
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Lens Cap with Strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Service Card
  • Neck Strap
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Digital Photo Software Suite
  • User's Guide on CD ROM (See the online user's manual for the Kodak Pixpro AZ361)

The only thing I wish it would have came with is a case. For $200, I feel like it should have been included. Otherwise, I have no complaints about the Kodak Pixpro.

For replacement batteries or other accessories, visit Buy Accessories for Your Kodak Pixpro Digital Camera.

What Makes the Kodak Pixpro Better Than Other Cameras?

Kodak Really Does Make it Easy

The features and ease of use is what made me decide to buy the Kodak Pixpro.

  • 36X zoom. (Wow is all I can say.)
  • 16 Megapixels
  • Optical Image Stabilization. (Even when I'm shaky, my pictures still turn out great)
  • 720 high definition video
  • 24 mm wide angle lens
  • Panorama mode (I love nature shots) 
  • 35 shooting modes (Scroll down to see samples)

This camera is almost idiot proof. It has a dial on top that makes choosing a setting easy. And if I'm not sure which setting I need, I just keep it on auto and it chooses the perfect one for me.

Buy the Kodak Pixpro Today

The perfect gift to give yourself or to someone you love


Purchase Your Kodak Pixpro Today


Do you know what ISO, aperture, or white balance is? I sure don't, but it doesn't matter. Along with choosing the appropriate setting for my subjects, it picks the appropriate photographic settings.

Using this camera is as easy as using my little flat digital cameras. All I have to do is turn it on, point, zoom in or out, and snap my picture.

What Does 36X Zoom Look Like?

Can You See the Train?
Normal Shot, No Zoom
Normal Shot, No Zoom

There it is!

36X Zoom Really Makes a Difference
36X Zoom taken standing in the same spot
36X Zoom taken standing in the same spot

Photos Taken Using Different Settings of the Kodak Pixpro Digital Camera

The Pixpro's Settings Ensure a Great Photo Every Time
Pet Mode
Pet Mode
Auto Mode
Auto Mode
Face Beautifier Mode
Face Beautifier Mode
Sketch Mode
Sketch Mode
Updated: 12/28/2015, AbbyFitz
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Kevin on 07/15/2014

Yeah but what's the correct order size?40.5 ,49 or 62mm

AbbyFitz on 07/15/2014

There's a lens cap available on this page!

kevin on 07/15/2014

could someone tell me the len cap size for the az361 i need a replacement 1. thanks!

Donna on 07/08/2014

I lost my manual and need to recharge the battery ~~ I feel really stupid because I can't see WHERE to plug the charger in at? Anyone that can help please please do [email protected]

AbbyFitz on 06/21/2014

Try calling the company directly. I've had to contact them a few times about different things, and they are very helpful. Their phone number is on the manual you downloaded. I hop your daughter likes the camera!

linda on 06/21/2014

I bought my pixpro on clearance got real lucky,my daughter had her eyes on it for months,I was finally able to go purchase it but came without manual which i located online.I love it,but where can i register it?

AbbyFitz on 01/18/2014

Photo editing software came with my pixpro, but you can download updates to your pixpro via their website

2Sharp on 01/18/2014

Abby, which software are you referring to? Is it firmware (on the camera itself) or photo editing type software? Thanks!

AbbyFitz on 12/29/2013

I'm so glad you love your pixpro! I think the ones who have trouble with their camera only need to upgrade their software I know mine did better after I did that.

2Sharp on 12/29/2013

I purchased one of these at Walmart at a phenomenal price (try $99 + tax!!!) brand new, not a display model even! It's a serious upgrade from my Fuji FinePix Z10 which is great for average photos on the go, but is limited when it comes to zoom or panoramic shots, plus it's image resolution is only 7.2 mp which works fine for most average shots, but not for shots where I want higher resolution. The Fuji is very compact and thus will remain as a camera I have with me daily on the go, just in case a photo op presents itself (beats my smartphone camera!) So the Kodak Pixpro camera is a serious upgrade for me which I needed as I am taking more pictures and will be entering them in some photo contests this coming year so there is an actual need for a better camera. My understanding of this model is that there are some quality issues, but if you get one which is put together correctly then it has the potential to be a great camera which can take some phenomenal photos! Thus far I have not had any problems with mine and if I do then I bought a 3 Year Product Care Plan from Walmart just in case (Gotta love Walmart for that!). Haven't had to use the policy much, but the few times I have, it was well worth the extra money, believe that! So far this camera has worked like a charm and it's been real fun finding excuses to take pictures with it, the 36x zoom is really something and rivals my Sister's $500 SLR camera in picture quality! I still can't believe the economical price on this model considering the quality of the pictures it produces? I am rather utilitarian when it comes to gadgets and I don't care about a flashy brand name as long as I get the desired results! This camera is worth every penny and then some! Happy Shooting! Adieu!

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