Activities for Children in the car based on Disney's Tangled

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If you have children and you need to run errands or go on a long journey, activities for children, that you can take with you, are a must.

Disney Tangled is the most recent addition to the Disney Princess range of movies. The Storyline is so loveable and infinitely watchable – Yes, you will probably be watching it over and over again.

If you have a Rapunzel lover in your home then you may find yourself looking for something to keep her or them occupied when you have to run errands or go on journeys. Here is a selection of the best activities for children based on Tangled for little Tangled Rapunzel lovers.

Disney Princess Tangled Story Bag

This is the Mattel Disney Tangled Rapunzel Deluxe Story Bag.  A great set for little Tangled Lovers to tell the story time and time again.  It is the only set that comes with all the relevant characters in the film, including the inimitable Maximus. 

There are a few different dresses for little ones to play dress up with the Rapunzel doll.  Maximus has a whole lot of mane to comb through. 

The bag is shaped like the tower that the horrid ‘mother’ locked the lovely, naïve Rapunzel in.  Your little girl can carry this bag around.  It is definitely one way to keep the children occupied while in the car or waiting for something or someone. 

Now if only it came with a frying pan, it would be even more perfect

If you are based in the UK then click on: Disney Princess Tangled Rapunzel Deluxe Story Bag  

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Story Bag

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Deluxe Story Bag
$64.99  $64.8

Disney's Tangled Rapunzel Story Book

This Tangled Story Book is another way to keep your little Tangled lover occupied when in the car, especially if she is a new reader.  Even if she is too young to read, she can take great pleasure in remembering the story as she looks through the book and its very accurate pictures.

The Little Golden Books are generally a great buy with lovely illustrations and this is no exception.  The story in this book is obviously a bit short as it caters to the younger, read aloud and just beginning to read customers but still, most little princesses love it.

In the UK: Tangled (Little Golden Book)

Tangled Stickers

The Tangled Reusable Sticker Book is another item that can be used to keep your little Tangled lover occupied on a journey or while waiting.

It contains a lot of reusable stickers and a few activities for your little one to get on with.  Most children from the age of 3 will love it and get on with it unassisted, depending on their dexterity.  They will definitely love you for buying it for them.

In the UK: This is a great alternative - Tangled: Ultimate Sticker Book

Tangled Reusable Sticker Book

Tangled Reusable Sticker Book (Disney Tangled)
Only $4.75

Other Tangled Items

Another item you could carry in the car or on your errands is the Tangled Paint by Number Kit.  As it uses paint pens which are included in the set, it is a self-contained, no-mess item that your little one can use to enjoy coloring while on the move.

And then to carry things like her crayons and small snacks, you can get this Tangled Carry All Purse.  It is made out of metal so very durable for any bangs or drops.

Tangled Movie

Of course, if you or your little one(s) have not yet watched Tangled or If you or they enjoy the movie sooo much that you want to watch it time and time again.  You could get yourself a Tangled BluRay or DisneyDVD to watch while on the move.  If you have not seen it yet then you really must.  It is a very original take on the Rapunzel story that is so adorable.  Even I love watching it time and again.

In the UK:Tangled (Blu-ray 3D + 2D Blu-ray + Digital Copy)  

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