Disney Princess Costumes

by MuminBusiness

So many Disney Princesses and so many young girls who enjoy looking like them. Here are some of the best costumes on the market for your little princess

Dressing up is such a fun activity for little girls. They love to dress like princesses, policemen, fairies, doctors, nurses and anything or anyone they can copy. They can pretend to be anything they want to be.

My girls have always, since they could talk, been enthralled by the idea of going to the ball and meeting their prince and so each day they put on one costume or the other to act out their fantasies.

I am subjected to tea party upon tea party, dance upon dance as we practice getting them ready for... the big day! (not completely sure what that will be!)

They are so cute.

The Princess and the Frog

As this is the first Black Disney Princess, it felt right that this would be the girl to start with.  Full of spunk and hope for the future, she shows what can be accomplished if one perseveres.  A whole lot of obstacles definitely stand in her way but by pushing through each one of them, she learns what is  most important and also she lives her dream.

With dress sizes from age 3 to 8, this will be a winner with your little girl.  Add on the bag set and the shoes and you will not be able to get it off her.

Rapunzel - Great Movie!

The tale of a girl trapped away from normal life and yet longing to live a full, complete life.  Uncertain of the future but charging ahead firmly, yet fearfully.  This is becoming my favorite Disney princess.  In fact, I cried at the end as she chooses to sacrifice her freedom for the life of another.  Such a lovely story.  

She reminds us of anyone starting a new venture as she comes out of her tower, frying pan in hand, ready to take on the world and yet petrified, so petrified that she will not have the courage to do it.

This costume is available to fit ages 3 to 6.

Ariel, Disney Princess of the Sea

She longs for more than her life presents.  Ever dissatisfied with the status quo and willing to do anything to beat it.  All well and good until she goes a few steps too far and finds herself in trouble.  Yet, with confidence and hope, she finds the way back to her happy ending.

A lovely story (thankfully not the original story!) that any little girl would love to act out.  A lovely costume with shiny bits that a girl will find adorable.

Available from extra small to age 6.

Princess Belle

Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite Disney movie for a very long time though it is now in danger of being passed over by Tangled.

The story of a bookish young girl whose bravery frees her father.  Her ability to see beyond the surface also helped bring the story to a successful completion.  The taming of a beast's heart by the consistent, strong personality of Belle is a story worth watching over and over.

The costume itself is such a lovely depiction of the film with illustrations of the castle and the beast with belle along the bottom of the dress.  An amazing creation.


Her ability to speak with animals says something about her heart.  She seeks to meet the needs of all the creatures in her care even though she herself is in great need of help too.

Finally she is rescued from her home by the prince.  My problem with this story is - Why did she wait?  She should have walked out of the house and away from the family that were using her as a slave.  Waiting for a dream worked for her but probably would not work for too many others.

The costume however is so pretty and comes with a necklace and a hair band. Most little girls will be enthralled by this.

Disney Princess Jasmine of Aladdin Fame

Jasmine showed courage as she ran away from the palace to try to get away from the suitors her father, the sultan was choosing for her.  Unfortunately, with no experience of life outside the palace, her first act was shoplifting!(or market-stall lifting). Thankfully, it was a result of her loving princess heart which chose to be generous over her need to remain hidden.

All little princesses should be loving and generous, don't you think? Preferably without the thievery...

Princess Snow White

Hunted down for her beauty and kindness, cherished for the very same things, who would not love to dress like her?  Her dress of blue,gold and red is also the most varied of all the princess costumes.

Her beauty so astounding, the dwarfs refuse to bury her normally. Her prince  appears, kisses her still yet perfect (no decay here!) form and she lives happily ever after with the love of her life. 

This is my girl's favorite costume.  It was given to my oldest for her 3rd birthday and she has been unable to put it down since!  It comes out at least once each week to be worn for the whole day and her sister then decides she will wear it the next day and then it comes out at intervals through the week.  Definitely, a well used present!

Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

I find this one to be one of the most sinister Disney Princess Stories - the music is scary in places, the call of Sleeping Beauty up the stairs to the spinning wheel where she must prick her finger.  It makes me a bit nervous (Lightweight!) 

However, her simplicity is something beautiful. No airs or graces and yet she knows how to be loving and kind to all around her.  Apart from the crazy witch hunting her down, this princess is one to be emulated.

The Disney Princess phenomena has certainly taken over my home.  Some do not like the way the items are marketed to our girls but I feel the stories are sweet and if my girls have hearts like the princesses, then I will have no complaints.

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MuminBusiness on 04/09/2012

They are lovely aren't they?

MuminBusiness on 02/08/2012

Thank you!

My babies just love princess stuff! I am always on the hunt for things for them. Even as I was doing the article, they kept pointing at the ones they want (even if they had them already!). I had to keep swatting hands off screen!

BrendaReeves on 02/08/2012

My granddaughter has a lot of these costumes, and she loves them. Great article. I'll wizz and tweet for you.

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