Disney Princess Party

by MuminBusiness

Do you have a little princess crazy daughter? The Disney Princess Party theme is a great idea.

Let me start by saying I have three girls - Yes THREE girls, all under the age of five. I am not blessed with a tomboy (at least not yet - the baby is yet to show her character;she does like to carry a princess bag around though). I am favored by the presence of two, maybe three princess crazy (most of the time) girls. Yes, they love climbing, running, jumping and all that as well but when it comes to dressing up or parties, it is princess all the way!

So with birthday season upon me, here are a few ideas to help prepare for the special day.

Disney Princess Party

Planning a princess party can be such fun when you get into it.  There are the invitations, the decorations, the music and all the lovely things that you can get and use to decorate the venue.

The first princess party I did was a Disney Princess Party.  Yes, we bought into the brand!  I always promised myself that I would not do this but the stuff can be so cute.  The girls love all the Disney princesses so how could I deny them? Yes, Disney marketers everywhere, your plan has worked!

So lets start at the top...

The Deluxe Princess Party Pack

Disney Princess Dreams Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Disney Princess Invitations

Disney Princess Dreams Invitations (8)

There is a lot of choice available when trying to find princess invitations.  For a party invitation that covers all kinds of princess parties then your girls will love this one.  

This comes in packs of 8.

If your daughter is more into the recent princesses like Rapunzel or Tiana, then there is an invitations card pack that might more appropriately suit you.  The one below comes from Amazon.  A lovely design.  Any princess will be pleased.

Buy Disney Princess Invitations

Disney Princess Invitations
Only $3.99

Next, the Disney Princess costumes

What is a princess party without the attire to go along with it?  Everyday, my daughters change from one costume to the other.  We get through about five pieces of clothing each day for each girl which can be somewhat annoying.  

However, for each party, a new costume is required to add to the collection.  There is a lot of choice on which princess to turn up as, so who is their favorite princess (at the moment!)?

The Princess and the Frog Costume


Disney Princess Tiana Deluxe Toddler / Child Costume- (3T/4T)

A Princess Tiana Costume is available for the taking here. Has your girl watched Princess and the Frog? The first Black-American Disney Princess, almost a landmark moment.

It is available for ages from 3 until 8 years old.

You can even complete the look with ballerina shoes like the model is wearing.

Click to buy: The Princess and the Frog Tiana Costume

The Little Mermaid (Ariel) Costume

Lil' Mermaid Toddler Costume - 3-4T

Has your little princess ever wanted to look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid?  Always wanting to escape the shackles her parents place on her... (Sound Familiar?!)

This lovely Ariel Costume is available to children from the age of 3 until 10. they will love the sequins and the hairband included with the costume. The boa is not included but can be bought as an accessory.

Just imagine their little face as you bring this costume out for them to wear!

Click here to buy:  Lil' Mermaid Toddler Costume

There are a lot of princesses, so a lot of costumes to choose from.  If Ariel or Tiana do not take your daughter's fancy, then there are more Disney Princess Costumes to be had for your little girl's special day.


Disney Princess Decorations

There are Banners, balloons, table covers and more that can be used to make the venue look amazing.  Take a look below for some of the choice available.

Disney Princess Banner

Where are you having the party? I always end up booking a venue away from home as things can get a little messy and it is so nice to come back to a tidy home after the chaos.

Even when the girls were little (well, littler), I would always have a banner on the entrance point to welcome all the little princesses. 

This is a personalised banner so you can get the right name on it for the big day.  It comes in three sizes so it is up to you to decide how visible you would like it.

Click to buy:  "Disney Princess Dreams Personalized Birthday Banner

Disney Princess Foil Balloon

A foil balloon is great for decorating the space in which the party will be held.  Little girls love to hold one and a few of these will go a long way in making the room look very much more festive.

You can get some ribbon as well as a few more pink or purple balloons.

Click to buy: "Disney Princess Fairy-Tale Friends 18"" Foil Balloon"

Disney Princess Tablecovers

Disney Princess Dreams Tablecover

The room is now looking festive with the balloons, you could decorate any tables you intend to use to display the food.  The Disney Princess Collection comes with a table cloth for this purpose.  

I used this early last year for my oldest's party and have managed to use it again for regular meals. It cleans off easily so you can defintiely keep it to use for those afternoon tea parties or more.

Click to buy:  Disney Princess Dreams Tablecover

Further Disney Princess table decorations

Disney Princess Dreams Shaped Dessert Plates (8)

Now, You have got the tablecloth, you could complete the look of the table you could have  Disney Princess Dreams Lunch Napkins as well as the Disney Princess plate.

Having a different princess on each plate is pretty unique so your child could choose which princess' face to eat off of.

Click to buy: Disney Princess Dreams Plates

My big issue with the plates is that there is only 8 in each pack.  Not really sufficient for a great big party.

You could also temporarily redecorate the walls in your venue with a scene setter.  Even as dusk sets in, it will be a great backdrop for pictures.  Also, you could have some dangling princess decorations. All in all, the room could be made to look amazing with just a few items.

During the Disney Princess Party

Disney Princess Pull String PinataA pinata can be filled with all manner of sweet and chocolate delights or healthy treats, if that is preferred.

The children will enjoy pulling and whacking it open and helping themselves to whatever you have placed in it.

Also consider the over-sized castle which can be a craft activity especially if all the children are girls at the party.


Coloring Castle

Just click on any of the pictures to obtain them.







A princess party cannot be complete without the appropriate music.  

Send the princesses on their way.

Disney Princess Dreams Party Favor Box

At the end of the party, a  Disney Princess Dreams Party Favor Box is an easy way to give the little guests something to remember the party by.

A really great box.

The Disney Princess Ultimate Party Pack

Disney Princess Dreams Ultimate Party Pack for 8

For all you need to prepare a great Disney princess party in one place, consider the Ultimate Party Pack from Celebrate Express.

With plates, balloons, cake toppers, favor boxes, cutlery and more, it is all you need for a small party of eight girls.

Please click on the picture to obtain more information about the pack and obtain it.

A Disney Princess Party is so cute to put together and the little girls will be so amazed when you put it all together.  It makes them feel so special.  My girls still talk about the one I put on for them last year so here I am having to do it all again!

Girls are so easy to entertain!

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MuminBusiness on 02/08/2012

My oldest two are super princess crazy. Their dad got them watching all the princess movies way earlier than I would have let them but now they know the songs, what color each princess wears and everything! I love it too though as I have always wanted to watch all the girly stuff with others who appreciate it like me and now I have my girls!

Thanks for the feedback and likes!

BrendaReeves on 02/08/2012

One of my granddaughters is princess crazy! I'll have to forward this to her mom. That's a cute little princess you have there.

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