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Some lovely Minnie Mouse Doll Sets to practice dressing-up with.

Minnie Mouse came to life in 1928. She was introduced by Disney as a love interest for Mickey Mouse and has wormed her way into our hearts since.

When introduced to Minnie Mouse, all children love her. At present, I have a 3 year old little princess who loves Minnie and loves dressing up as her. She had one of these figurines which never left her side until one day she got mistakenly placed in the oven as part of some make-believe drama. Mama got to baking and… (Do I need to continue?)

Minnie Mouse is one of the main line up of characters in Disney and also features all the time on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – another one of those beloved television programs. Have you ever got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song stuck in your head? M.I.C.K.E.Y

Fisher Price Minnie Mouse

Fisher Price has developed a few different dressing-up sets for the Minnie Mouse Doll.  Fisher Price is another name that has been around for years.  It is a name I definitely associate with quality.  Combining Fisher Price with Minnie Mouse is a match made in a child’s heaven.  A durable fun toy that is also educational in teaching little ones where different bits of clothing go.

Birthday Bowtique Minnie Mouse

A present that any 1-4 year old will be fascinated by.  Most little girls like birthdays and love dressing up so this Minnie Mouse Figurine comes with two pairs of shoes, five dresses, four bows for Minnie’s head, a birthday balloon, handbag, present, party hat and a birthday cake.

Little girls will play and play with this and then they can have amake-believe party with their other doll friends.

Fisher Price Disney's Birthday Bowtique MInnie Mouse

Fisher-Price Disney's Birthday Bowtique Minnie Mouse
Only $79.97

Fisher-Price Disney's Princess Bowtique Minnie Mouse

Fisher-Price Disney's Princess Bowtique Minnie Mouse
Only $88.55

Princess Bowtique Minnie Mouse

With pieces large enough for little unsteady hands, like the other sets in this series, the princess Minnie Mouse set is lovely and adorable.

The pieces of which there are eleven snap on and off making it easy for an 18 month old and above to play with.

The doll actually measures at 5 and a half inches so it is a good size to play with.

Disney’s Beach Bowtique Minnie Mouse

As spring approaches, the beach may begin to beckon any little Minnie Mouse lovers and this Minnie Mouse is ready to go.

With a swimsuit, sunglasses, sun dress, basket and bow, she has all she needs to lie down by the ‘beach’ and look the part.

Fisher Price Beach Bowtique Minnie Mouse

Fisher-Price Disney's Beach Bowtique Minnie Mouse
Only $29.99

Disney Minnie Mouse Bow tique DVD and Book

And if all the above is not enough, your little one can be further entertained with a lovely DVD from the wonderful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series.  This one features Minnie Mouse with an episode about her opening her very own Bow-tique.

It is a lovely one for the girls and surprisingly enough the boys too (as it has other episodes too!)

I also came across this lovely book as well all about the opening of Minnie's Bow-tique.  One to be read over and over.  The pictures will also delight your little ones so you may not have to read it to them all the time.

Hope you enjoy the DVD, book and Minnie Mouse Toys!

Some more Minnie Mouse Bowtique Items

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MuminBusiness on 02/29/2012

Thanks again! Not sure of the old way of singing it but I can understand how it all sticks in your head.

sheilamarie on 02/29/2012

Very cute article. I love the story of the baking fiasco. When my son was little, he sang the Mickey Mouse song, "M I See Cake-y Why M O U S E." That's how I still sing it.

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