Adding Value: Commenting on Wizzley Content

by ronpass

When you comment constructively on Wizzley you build your brand and relationships. This adds value for yourself, the author and the social networking site.

Building Your Brand With Your Comments on Wizzley

Brand building through commenting on social networking sites

When you comment on content in social networks, such as Wizzley, you are building your brand.

So if your comments are constructive, insightful and value-adding, you are building a positive brand.  In contrast, if your comments are superficial, derogatory or unrelated to the content on Wizzley, you are damaging your brand and your relationships.

Social networks are closely interconnected because increasingly people operate across multiple networks.  The ubiquity of the Internet ensures that your brand follows you wherever you go.

Building Your brand

You need to remember, too, when considering your brand that Google is watching you!  So through your commenting on social networks you have the opportunity to shape Google’s perception of you and your areas of expertise. 

Building Relationships Through Commenting

Relationship building through commenting develops others and builds community

Commenting on social networks in an appropriate way not only builds your brand, but develops your relationships, enriches your community, adds value to the author and to the site hosting the content.  So, for instance, when adding quality comments to the Wizzley site you are benefiting yourself, the author and the site itself – so everyone benefits. 

Relationships develop as we share something of who we are, what we value and what our interests are…this is how connections are made.  We hear a lot about authenticity on social networks and it is often misconstrued as “being out there” or “putting on a face”.  Fundamentally, authenticity is about “being real” and our colleague and friend, Chef Keem, epitomizes this on Wizzley and elsewhere on the Internet. 

Community gNetwork growth and developmentrows and develops as relationships form, expand and deepen.  Wizzley is a community of writers, so the community is as important as the articles on the site. 

Adding Value Through Your Comments

Building other's self-esteem and the site's value

When you provide quality comments, you add value to the author on two fronts – by enriching their article and by building their self-esteem and confidence.  This is often the most overlooked aspect of commenting on content on social network sites.

You add value to the Wizzley site and community because Google increasingly values on-site activity – not only original content, but also visits, comments and forum exchanges.   So on-site activity undertaken in a constructive way builds Wizzley’s ranking and enables everyone to benefit from the resultant search results.

To make value-adding comments, you need to read the article, absorb it and put some thought into how you will respond.  It’s thoughtfulness that will show through and build your brand and relationships.  You can never measure the positive impact that such support can have on the individual author.

Bell Bloom Blossom

So the reality is that you are building your brand and relationships whenever you comment on the content on Wizzley - this happens despite your level of consciousness about what you are doing.

Social Networking - Building Self-Esteem

Social networks are a major source of personal growth and a way to build self-esteem. They can enrich our lives, release our potential and extend our capability.
You are branding yourself in the eyes of your readers and Google when you write articles, comments and other online content.
Updated: 06/12/2011, ronpass
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Buy Embroidery Designs on 04/20/2016

Sometime decision making become difficult in certain scenario and you need some research and facts to second your decision. This research actually seconds my part.

graceonline on 10/30/2011

This is so true, especially for those of us who use our real names and photographs. We can't hide behind avatars and pseudonyms, so everything we say is a direct reflection on us.

One of the things I especially enjoy about your articles is how well-written they are. I don't feel as if I'm reading something slapped up to improve your article count or as a mere vehicle for ads and click-throughs. Your articles are a pleasure to read, instructive, and provide real value. Thank you.

Guest on 07/16/2011

I agree with all you've said. On my blog, on Squidoo, and here on Wizzley now, I appreciate comments that add value, rather than the common, "Great post." When I leave comments for others, I try to leave thoughtful and useful statements that either add to the discussion or offer acknowledgement or agreement to the author. And, you're right. Building the self esteem of the author is not often considered. Thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate your unique insight.

Holistic_Health on 07/06/2011

It does boost my self-esteem when someone comments favorably, especially if they're an expert in that area. I'm going to have to take my commenting more seriously. Thank you!

lou16 on 06/14/2011

Excellent points on commenting Ron, not just on Wizzley but any online webpage.

bizilady on 06/13/2011

well i never realized that my comments were so important. I'll have to be more thoughtful about what i say.

Guest on 06/09/2011

Really very useful information! Thanks for sharing. Constructive comments not only generate a credibility in the eyes of your audience, it also helps to become a responsible netizen (esp. in the eyes of Google).

vikksimmons on 06/09/2011

Yep, it just goes to show you that Google is watching you all the time. Plus your comments end up being archived. So it doesn't pay to say something stupid. I've Googled my name and found comments I put on an old email group back in the late 90s. Imagine. Good fodder. Thanks.

ronpass on 06/07/2011

Joan, Google is indexing comments on Wizzley and making associations between those comments and the article's keywords. It is also building associations between those comments and the people making them. I'm just writing an article at the moment on this very topic which I will publish on Wizzley today. I became aware of this when I observed how Google indexed comments on Squidoo lenses.

petunia on 06/07/2011

Good lesson on comments, Ron! Thank you. I have been totally impressed with the quality of comments here on Wizzler so far, and I think those comments are helping to build Wizzler's reputation in the eyes of Mr. Google. And you just verified that for me. Thank you!

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