Building Self-Esteem Through Social Networks

by ronpass

Social networks are a major source of personal growth and a way to build self-esteem. They can enrich our lives, release our potential and extend our capability.

Personal Growth Through Social Networks

Build self-esteem by sharing with, and connecting to, positive clusters

 Social Networks - Part of Our Genetic Makeup and a Way to Build Self-Esteem

There is more to social networks than we can readily observe with our own eyes - social networks can build self-esteem and become a powerful force for good in the world.

The invisible power of social networks is stunningly illustrated in a talk by Nicholas Christakis, titled "The Hidden Influence of Social Networks".  In his visual presentation of 15 years of research into social networks, he demonstrates that social networks are constantly on the move, changing shape as new connections are made and old connections die.  Social networks have an internal flow, a memory and a resilience and sustainability through the sharing of what is good and valuable. We can picture social networks as a group of atoms in dynamic interaction forming and re-forming into new arenas of potential.

When we think about it, social networks are a part of our every-day life.  We are participants in multiple social networks by virtue of our spousal and familial relationships, our friendships, our work relationships, our sporting pursuits and other arenas of our lives.  Christakis goes so far as to say that social networking is part of our genetic make-up.

The Emergence and Influence of Clusters in Social Networks

Christakis' research highlights the emergence of clusters that form around sets of behaviours or ideas/beliefs.  A key factor in the development of these clusters is "emotional contagion" - we are "contaminated" by the emotions of people we are connected to.  This can be starkly illustrated by the impact of a person dying from cancer on the their family, their family's friends and other connected people.  A similar effect of "emotional contagion" is witnessed and experienced when a chid becomes addicted to drugs - the emotional waves spread way beyond the immediate parents.

The clustering effect is amplified in online social networks because of the power of technology to rapidly create new connections and leverage the activities of indivduals.  Christakis makes the point that social networks are basically related to goodness and that we should use their power to build social connections and positive social endeavors:

If we realized how valuable social connections are, we would spend a lot more time nourishing them and sustaining them...I think what the world needs now is more connections.

The evidence is there that online social networks can build positive social values.  We only have to look at how Squidoo promotes and supports philanthropy, how photo sharing sites like Flickr and RedGage promote and support an appreciation of nature and beauty and how video sharing sites like YouTube provide global access to new knowledge, social initiatives and innovation. Wizzley. too, provides the opportunity for people to form new connections; to share knowledge, experience and insight; and to promote positive social endeavors.

Building Self-Esteem Through Connection with Positive Clusters in Social Networks

Christakis' research showed that happy clusters can form in the center of a social network while sad clusters can be assigned to the periphery.  As we engage with people in social networks, whether online or offline, we have the opportunity to genuinely share something of ourselves - our knowledge, our skills, our passions and our interests.  This sharing forms the basis of connections with like-minded people and can be a source of personal affirmation (which highlights the absolute importance of commenting in social networks).

As we share, our sense of who we are (and what we have to contribute) grows, as does our belief in our own capacities.  By joining with positive clusters and helping them to expand and grow, we are building our own self-esteem and that of other people we are connected with...and so new clusters form around specific behaviors and ideas. 

I can recall after contributing to Squidoo for a number of years. I joined RedGage and brought with me many people with whom I was connected...and new clusters started to form in RedGage often around the shared experience with Squidoo.  And so Wizzley will grow in the same fashion as we each share this new social network with people we are already connected with in multiple other social networks.

Thus our social connections and networks are ever evolving but so too are we as individuals as we find new ways to share and influence and build new and wider connections.  Social networks, both online and offline, can enrich our lives, extend our capability, leverage our efforts and enhance our capacity to make a difference in the world.  In the final analysis, social networks can help us build our self-esteem and realise our potential to contribute to a better world.

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks

Video Presentation of the Nature and Evolution of Social Networks

Grow Your Self-Esteem - Expand Your Place in Social Networks

A Labyrinth of Connections
Your Place in Social Networks
Your Place in Social Networks

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WebWriter on 06/05/2011

Great article Ron.

CHalloran on 06/03/2011

Great tips and information. Social networking can be quite helpful for some people, I completely agree.

Michey on 05/31/2011

Excellent tips, and the right moment to remind us the power of Social Networking with all its flavors.

JoyfulPamela on 05/29/2011

Hi, Ron! I know that online social networking has helped me to build self esteem greatly - especially at Squidoo! I am simply not the same person I was two years ago when I joined. I so much treasure all of the friends that I have made online. It is fun to find the people I admire, like you, now on Wizzley! :)

Jewelsofawe on 05/26/2011

I tweeted this! I think it is a true article. I love that we connect to people and then to the same ones and more.

nightowl on 05/22/2011

I admit it took some time before I realized that social networking can be more than distracting background noise. Your program taught me how to integrate social media effectively into my online marketing mix.

chefkeem on 05/15/2011

Hi Ron,
your social media training is excellent. It helps me cut through the clutter and better understand what's important for me personally and for my business.
It's a huge time saver - thank you!

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