Air Pollution

by blackspanielgallery

Air pollution is real. Look around and recognize it, then make your voice heard in an effort to curb it. It is he air you breathe that is at risk.

Air pollution is easily apparent if you just look around. Oh, there are places where clean air is a local treasure, but in other areas air pollution is apparent even if you are just looking around. In this area it is so prevalent that it is easy to spot. And, in those clean air locales, are you sure?

Of course you will see more if you know what you are looking at.

Air pollution can be from a singular source or it can be the result of multiple sources.

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The Brown Haze

Drive up to a large city and just look at the sky over it.  Far too often there is a brown haze hanging over the city.  This is especially true if there is a significant industrial presence.  Many industries send out plumes of smoke from smokestacks.  Since the plumes often disappear after a short distance it is easy to disregard them.  But where does the smoke go?  It might just be too thin to see, or the water condensing on the particles evaporates, but the particles are still there. 


It can occur other than at a city.  I have seen the brown haze where I would not expect to see it.

The Strange Clouds

I often travel on a highway where I have unobstructed view of plants along the Mississippi River.  Some seem to burn off material often, especially the refineries.  I often see a cloud originating near one of the flares where the chemicals are burned, and some grow quite large.  These are cumulus clouds, and can trigger or enhance thunderstorms.  What is alarming is that these clouds can be found on days when the rest of the sky is clear, and it is apparent how the pollution is drifting.  One direction in particular is often downwind of the pollution.

The Problems

First, the chemicals are in the air.  This s the air that we must breathe.  So, those particulates enter our lungs. 


Second, the particulates become entrapped in the cloud droplets, and can deposit on farmlands where our food originates, or in our waterways reducing the quality of our drinking water, as a result of rain. 


Finally, as these man-made clouds drift they block the sun.  Some of us have solar power.  With the extra cloud cover we can get less production from our solar panels.  Do any of the plants producing these clouds ever ask if they can compensate for loss of solar energy?  Of course not.


Unless one knows a little about the weather as I do the clouds might be considered normal.  It is only after noticing the location of these clouds is repetitive day after day, and the peculiar appearance that such clouds have that one begins to realize something is wrong.

The Lies

Recently a report was spread in the media claiming the industry on the state was not causing much pollution.  The claim was that the clouds are steam.  Well, steam does not come out black.  Steam is white, yet the plumes are often black.  Nor is the brown haze steam.  

What Can I Do?

Make your opinions heard, and reject rhetoric as such.  Let those spinning their stories know that you are not easily taken in.  If you can, find a local expert, and have that person add credibility.  As a physicist I do not need another source, I can analyze what I see, and it is ugly. 


Another way of being proactive is to spread the word.  Let people know what you think.  Use a coffee mug with a message or perhaps a bumper sticker. 


And, of course you can learn more by reading.


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Updated: 06/16/2016, blackspanielgallery
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frankbeswick on 06/17/2016

I don't know what conclusion came from the research that I cited, but as it was the government who commissioned it they are likely to have kept it to themselves.

blackspanielgallery on 06/17/2016

Thanks. I would be suspect of any findings that showed nothing. Was that the case, or was the results ever released? Not releasing information can be another tactic to hide things.

I wrote this article because a couple of weeks ago I was pointing out the problem and my wife asked, "What aew you going to do about it?" I realized writing was a good course fof first, and easy, action.

frankbeswick on 06/17/2016

Good article. What you say reminds me of a time in the 1980s when the environmental health authorities sent a team of doctors to my school, an inner city establishment in an industrial area. They were checking every school in the east of the city with the aim of plotting asthma cases. They were doing so because identifying where the children suffering asthma lived would show where illegal factory emissions were being made and where they were being deposited. The aim was to identify and prosecute irresponsible factory owners.

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