Alarm Clock Ideas for Heavy Sleepers

by Emma_Lee

A look at weird, effective and fun alarm clocks desgined to get heavy sleepers out of bed.

My youngest brother is the heaviest sleeper I know. Sometimes when I lived at home it could be supper time before we realized he hadn't yet woken up from the previous night's sleep. So I have had great fun seeking out ideas for the best ways to wake a heavy sleeper.

The Alarm Clock That Runs Away

Just like having your own personal R2D2 to get you up in the morning.

Clocky sits on your night stand like a regular well-behaved alarm clock.

Then in the morning, when the alarm sounds, he moves off the table, bumps to the floor and trundles around the room.

So you actually have to get out of bed to turn him off.

This clock is most suitable for sleepy heads who are woken by a regular alarm, but frequently drift back off to sleep.

Once you have had a morning work out chasing Clocky, do NOT go back to bed - embrace the day, and your over-sleeping will be cured.

The ball-shaped clock in the demo video is called Tocky. He's cute but just didn't take off like Clocky did.


Other colors available - click on link for info
Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, Almond
Only $35.99

The Alarm That Shakes You Awake

For some people an audible alarm is just never going to be enough.

Living with a really heavy sleeper can be so frustrating when their alarm wakes you up but they are sleeping right through it.

The Sonic Boom clock combines a loud alarm with a vibrating unit to literally shake you awake.

You can place the unit under your bed, in your hand, wherever it will work best for you, and as the alarm sounds, the unit starts shaking until you wake up and turn it off.

This type of clock is most suitable for people who sleep through an alarm but respond well to being woken by another member of the household shaking them to tell them to 'turn the stupid alarm off right now'.

The Alarm Clock That Brightens Up Your Day

Wake-up light alarms, or natural-light alarms, work by faking daylight to get you in the mood for gettting out of bed.


There are a squillion different settings for you to play about so you can get the volume and sound of the alarm just the way you like it.

About 30 minutes before your alarm is due to sound, the light from the lamp gradually increases, to give your body the signal that it's time to wake up, so by the time the alarm sounds you are ready to get out of bed.

This type of alarm works best for people who have no natural light in their bedroom due to blackout blinds, and people who wake easily in the summer months, but struggle over winter when the mornings are dark.

Updated: 05/10/2012, Emma_Lee
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Angel on 05/10/2012

I have two alarm clocks. One beside my bed and one across the room. I have a really hard time waking up. Half the time my husband has to cut them off and wake me up himself!

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