Amazing Photos of Albino, Leucistic, Piebald, and other Animal Oddities

by pawpaw

Whenever animals don't look the way they are supposed to look, it is very interesting to see, and most people are fascinated by photos of albino animals of any kind.

If you find animal oddities interesting, then you should enjoy the information and photos on this page.

Not only will you see photos of various albino, leucistic, and piebald animals, but maybe a video or two also. Albinism is present in just about all types of animals, from reptiles, to mammals, to fish.

Ever see an Albino, Leucistic, or Piebald animal in the wild. I would love to hear about it.

What Causes Albinos?

Albinism is usually a result of a genetic mutation. Mutations occur in a variety of ways. Once a mutation such as albinism occurs, the resulting animal can pass that genetic mutation on to it's offspring.

Many times, mutations are recessive genes. That means that the normal gene will dominate the recessive gene, and any animal carrying the normal gene, and mutant gene, will appear normal.

Occasionally, mutations are dominant though, which means that any baby that inherits the mutation that is dominant, will show the mutation in it's phenotype.

Mulali, Right, a Two-Year-Old Albino Grey Kangeroo Stands Next to Her Joey
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Albino Squirrel
Albino Squirrel

Albino Leopard Gecko (Blazing Blizzard Lizard)

I used to own this one.
Albino Leopard Gecko
Albino Leopard Gecko

Snowflake The Albino Gorilla

Snowflake - Barcelona Zoo White Gorilla-3
Snowflake - Barcelona Zoo White Gorilla-3

Leucistic Animals

Leucistic Animals will have greatly reduced skin pigment, and in most cases will be either mostly white, or all while, but unlike the albinos that have pink eyes, Leucistic animals have black eyes.

I have been extremely lucky, to have been able to observe a wild Leucistic Hawk for the last several years. The hawk leaves just before Spring, and then returns to our area in the Fall.

Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk

Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk

I took this photo a couple of years ago.
Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk
Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk

The photo above, is a Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk, that have been spending the winters in our area, for the last several years. This photo is not very good, but this hawk is so unusual, that I'm sure many people have tried to photograph it.

It usually sits in a tree, on on a telephone pole near the highway, and if you stop your car to try to take a picture, it flies right away.

If you have spotted an unusual animal in your area, I would love to hear about it. The Leucistic Hawks are becoming increasingly common around the U.S. They have been spotted in quite a few states now.

Piebald Animals

A Piebald animal has patches of skin with pigment, and patches of skin with no pigment, which make them what most people call spotted.

Wild piebald animals are rarely seen, but they do occur.

Piebald Deer
Piebald Deer
wikimedia commons

Piebald Deer

Piebald Ball Python


Black Squirrel

Sometimes, instead of lacking pigment, animals can have lots more of it. This is many times referred to as melanism.

This black Eastern Gray Squirrel, has much more pigment than normal.

When I was much younger, and much dumber, I shot a black squirrel while hunting. Wish I could go back and undo that. It was the only one I saw in my lifetime.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (P.D.) Details

Melanistic Leopards --- Black Leopards

Black leopard couple
Black leopard couple

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