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Where can you buy snakes for sale online? The short answer is, lots of places. Here you will find a guide to buying a snake online, with links to sites where you can buy them.

If you are seriously interested in snakes, or just have a casual interest, you will find the information and links on this page useful.

Serious snake enthusiasts will be able to easily find a specific type of snake, and links where that snake can be purchased.

If you have a casual interest in snakes, then by going to those same sites, you can browse hundreds of photos, and price lists of the various species of snakes.

Things to know when buying a snake online.

For first time buyers.

If you have never bought a snake online, then there are a few things you should know, before you actually take the plunge, and buying one.

First, it is important that you trust the dealer you buy from. There are so many breeders who sell their snakes online, and just picking out a website, and sending them your money, is not the way to go. If you find a breeder, and look at the photos they have on their site, and you think you want to buy one of their snakes, then the next thing you need to do, is find out a few things about the dealer.

Will they be there for you, if something is wrong with your snake? How much do they charge for shipping? Do they guarantee live arrival? Some breeders can be very friendly before the sale, and then not so friendly after the sale.

A good way to find out the general reputation of a breeder, is to visit snake and reptile forums. If someone has had a bad experience, it has a tendency to get out there where people can see.  

First Time Snake Buyers

If you are a person who is thinking about buying a snake for the first time, I would suggest reading as much about the snake you are considering, before you every start shopping for your snake.

Snakes are living breathing creatures just like a cat or a dog. They also come with responsibility just like a cat or dog. You should know all that is required to keep your snake happy, and healthy before you buy it, not after. You can learn a lot buy reading online, but buying a good reference book, should be part of the preparation for snake ownership. To the right are a few books on keeping snakes, further down the page are books for specific species.

The Art of Keeping Snakes (Herpetocultural Library)

Snakes are among the most beautiful and fascinating creatures of all the vertebrates. It is no wonder there are more than fifty species of snakes regularly bred in captivity ...

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Good Snakekeeping: A Comprehensive Guide to All Things Serpentine

Good Snakekeeping offers complete coverage of vital snake care topics, including selection, housing, nutrition, and health care. This comprehensive guide contains entries on ...

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Snakes: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity

Discusses the physical characteristics, health, and behavior of snakes and provides information on keeping these animals as pets.

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Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons, are one of the most widely bred snakes in the world.
Lucy, female Ball python (Python regius)
Lucy, female Ball python (Python regius)



Ball Pythons are amazing. The number of genetic mutations within this species, and the number of different morphs that can be produced by breeding Ball Pythons, is mind blowing. There are literally hundreds of morphs already, and more being produced all the time.

Ball Python Morphs

Shopping For a Ball Python?

If you are interested in buying a Bally Python, I've listed a few breeders below. Some have dozens of different morphs to choose from. Prices vary widely depending on the rarity of the morph. If you want to look at several hundred morphs in one place, you can check out the list of Ball Python Morph Photos.  

There are literally hundreds of people breeding Ball Pythons, but with the huge list of Ball Python Morphs, there is still room for a few more.

List of Ball Python Breeders
A little over a dozen Ball Pythons Morphs at the time of this writing.

Albinos Unlimited, Inc.
They have some really awesome animals. Many Ball Python Morphs, and Turtles, Lizards, and other snakes too.

Albey's Reptiles
Albey's has Ball Pythons, as well as Leopard Geckos, and Fat Tail Geckos.

Area 51 Exotics
They have some really nice Ball Pythons.

Breeder's Circle
They sell Ball Pythons, as well as Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos. They have some great looking Ball Pythons on their site.

Markus Jayne Ball Pythons
Located in Canada, Markus Jayne Ball Pythons has some very nice morphs to choose from. They currently have 75 morphs, and counting.

Educate Yourself About Your Snake

The Ball Python Manual (CompanionHous...
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The Complete Guide to Ball Python Own...
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Corn Snakes are second only to Ball Pythons, when it comes to number of morphs in a snake species. Many experienced breeders started with Corn Snakes, before expanding to other species. 

I have personally kept Corn Snakes in the past, and in my opinion, Corn Snakes are a good snake for beginners.

Corn Snakes

Corn Snake
Corn Snake

How Big is a Baby Corn Snake?

To the left, is a photo of a baby Snow Corn Snake hatching from it's egg. That will give you an idea of about how small Corn Snakes start out.

I didn't normally handle hatching eggs, but did so for the sake of size comparison.


Baby Snow Corn Snake Hatching

Corn Snake, Sarasota County, USA
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Hottest Corn Snake Morph

Palmetto Corn Snakes are probably the hottest Corn Snake Morph on the market right now. If you are looking for a Palmetto corn snake for sale, the place to go is South Mountain Reptiles (link below). 

List of Corn Snake Breeders

Bailey & Bailey Reptiles
Bailey & Bailey Reptiles has some nice Corn Snakes, but they also sell Ball Pythons.

BHB Reptiles
Corn Snakes are just one of many species of snakes, that BHB Reptiles produces.

Big Easy Reptiles
Big Easy Reptiles has Corn Snakes, as well as other snake species. They also have Leopard Geckos.

South Mountain Reptiles
South Mountain Reptiles has a large number of different morphs,. and the most famous of those being the Palmetto. The Palmetto is a brand new morph, and if you have never seen one, you should take a look.

Shores Enuff Snakes
They have some nice looking Corn Snakes, and sell other species as well. They have some nice looking Milk Snakes, and Kingsnakes.

Royal Constrictor Designs
They sell Corn Snake, but have some great looking Ball Pythons as well.

Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python



Green Tree Pythons are beautiful, and fascinating. They come in shades of green, yellow, and even blue. 

They are not really a snake for beginners. Many people who are into Green Tree Pythons, are into acquiring locality specific snakes. Each locality has it's own unique look. 

Green Tree Python
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List of Green Tree Python Breeders

Captive Bred Pythons
They have tons of photos, and breed Ball Pythons, as well as Green Tree Pythons.

Signal Herpetoculture

Signal Herp has some outstanding photos, and have some really nice locality type Green Tree Pythons, as well as Emerald Tree Boas.

Honduran Milk Snake

Red and Black Beauty!!
Red and Black Beauty!!

Milk Snakes

Most Milk Snakes are hardy and fairly easy to keep. When buying a Milk Snake, keep in mind that baby Milk Snakes can be quite shy, and in some cases, can be a little hard to handle. With a little patience, most can get used to being handled. Adult snakes in most cases calm down as they get older. Some species have albino, anerythristic, and hypomelanistic morphs available.  

Honduran Milk Snake Breeders

Albino Tricolors
All the morphs of Honduran Milk Snakes, including Hypo, Anery, Albino, Snow, and Ghost.

Applegate Reptiles
They sell Honduran Milk Snakes, as well as other species of Milk Snakes, and Kingsnakes.

Shores Enuff Snakes
They have Honduran Milk Snakes for sale, as well as other Milk Snake species, Corn Snakes, and Kingsnakes.

King & Milk Snakes (Complete Herp Care)

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Milksnakes (Advanced Vivarium Systems)

Advanced Vivarium Systems® Milksnakes is the ultimate resource for the care of your pet milksnake. This book provides essential information on every variety of milksnake, plus ...

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Dart Frogs are some of the most colorful, and interesting animals on the planet. Here you will find information on how to keep dart frogs in captivity, and where to buy them.
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