Alcohol & Addiction Intervention for a drug free America, Dopamine deficiency

by bhthanks

Substance use and misuse, dopamine levels & brain chemicals, Anti drug ads & anti-drug campaigns, alcohol & addiction intervention for a drug free America

Misconceptions about Drug Abuse

There are many misconceptions about drug abuse. One misconception is that it's genetic. In fact, it may not be genetic. Another misconception is that every person would get addicted after taking it for a few times. In fact, some people never get addicted, while others get addicted at the first time, and some get addicted at the tenth time... Another misconception is that an alcoholic or drug addict craves for it all the time, and can't go long without it. In fact, addiction could be occasional or very seldom, for example, just at parties or on weekends or holidays. Someone could be addicted and the addiction only comes up once a year, on a holiday such as New Year's. Yet another misconception is that addiction is a sin. In fact, it's not a sin, but rather it's a disease, not a character flaw, and it affects body parts negatively.

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Addiction Intervention

Currently, if a person is found in possession of drugs, the person is taken to jail, tried in court and if they find evidence of drug abuse, he would get a jail sentence. The best solution is proactive, to get into the home early. It's important to intervene with at-risk kids before they get out of hand. Focus should be put on kids acting out in school and oppositional kids from dysfunctional homes. People should be assigned to work with them, give them attention and help them to make them highly functional and productive to society.

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Substance Use and Misuse, Alcohol & Addiction Intervention

Unfortunately, so many people in the world use hard drugs such as nicotine and alcohol, and these are very common problems. Most people know someone who smokes or drinks alcohol.

However, although most people who are not on these drugs do feel ethically obligated to help, there isn't much that can be done. It is very hard to convince a person to stop, unless the person wants to. One should try to say things to the person to let them realize what they are doing to themselves and to get them help.

Tobacco Abuse

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Case Effect on Dangers of Heroin

A man who had been a heroin user for many years was found dead of an overdose at a holiday resort. He appeared to have been in good health, and no foul play was suspected. He was affected by the accumulated stress of using heroin over and over. Many models are on heroin. It deprives them, attacks their heart, and burns out their brain. It makes them look gaunt and skinny. The accumulation of heroin effects killed him. He couldn't tolerate the damage anymore, and the damage to his heart and brain was too much for his body to handle.

Partnership for a Drug Free America

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Anti drug ads & anti-drug campaigns for a drug free America

According to some views, explicit photographs and discussion of addiction induce craving in addicts who have stopped taking drugs (perhaps by inducing conditioned compensatory responses), thus encouraging them to recommence their drug taking. Recovering smokers want to smoke when they smell it or see it. This has implications for the design of televised anti-drug campaigns. Any campaigns that are meant to prevent people from starting drugs and have photographs and discussion of addiction, should start by saying something like, "if you are a recovering addict, don't watch/ read this".  We need to have some type of ads to prevent drug abuse. This can't show the addicted people, so it would have to show rehabilitated people saying that they're off drugs, and they're life is so much better now. Show someone off drugs, clean and non addicted, that has a job, healthy relationships, and chose life rather than a living death.

Dopamine deficiency, Low dopamine levels, Natural dopamine

What is dopamine function - brain chemicals

Recent advances in the study of the mesotelencephalic dopamine system might eventually lead to effective treatments. If we understand how dopamine transmits, it could help us to treat dopamine problems. Dopamine is manufactured and transmitted, travels through the button to the synapse and does reuptake ... As we study this system, we see how it works, so this helps us to understand treatment. The glial cells deliver nutrition and pick up the garbage. When we study where dopamine is missing, and where it's needed, this will hopefully lead to us figuring out how to deliver it to the right place. When we give a patient dopamine, we need to understand what's wrong and why it's wrong, and in that way, figure out solutions and interventions. This is done by investigating what's wrong in the patient's brain and figuring out how to fix it. The brain creates dopamine naturally unless there is a problem, in which case we need to intervene artificially to increase dopamine.

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Dopamine Wiki

Dopamine is a catecholamine neurotransmitter present in a wide variety of animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. In the brain, this substituted phenethylamine functions as a neurotransmitter, activating the five known ...

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