Among The Ruins & Rubble A Photographic Journey

by pateluday

Ancient ruins are spread all over Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India. During tiger safaris one comes across caves, idols, stables, temple, pools and remains of a massive fort.

Situated in the remote Vindhyan Hill Ranges of India, Bandhavgarh is paradise on Earth. The densely forested park is home to tiger, leopard, bison, sloth bear and wild dog. Many other animals inhabit this reserve. But among the striking features is the presence of relics of the past dating back to a 2000 year old civilization. Some of the relics are in a state of self preservation but many are in ruins, scattered all along this animal kingdom.

Ruins Bandhavgarh

Idols & Structures
Gate at Bandhavgarh
Gate at Bandhavgarh
Teerath Singh
Stone Idols
Stone Idols
Teerath Singh

Amazing Reclining Vishnu

Sesh Shaiyya

In the middle of the pristine forests a steep jungle road twists and turns tortuously winding its way to a fairy pool on the hill.  In the sweltering heat the pool offers much sought after respite. As you approach it, the groves of tall stands with thick foliage offer shadow and shelter. The dry winds filter down to offer a cool breeze. On the other end is a massive reclining Vishnu carved out of a rock. The idols is a testimony of man's belief in God.       

PoolTourist flock here in hundreds to escape from the tiring safaris. The reclining Vishnu Idol (Sesh Shaiyya  in Hindi) and the pool takes you back way long back into history. Enter into an era whence urbanization had not set foot in India, especially in this remote recess.  

Man Made Cave

Badi Gufa
Teerath Singh

Videos of Bandhavgarh

Hindu Temple at Fort

Temple Photo
Temple Photo
Teerath Singh

The Bandhavgarh Fort in Perspective

The imposing height is mesmerizing, as you drive through the Tala Gate you see the fortified structure with dimensions visibly diminished by height and distance. Sharp eyes can easily make out the surrounding  walls of this ancient edifice along with the temple that is in perfect state of preservation. The height and remote location assured security to the ruling dynasties. The lure of a safe haven amid dense forests attracted the conquerors to this tribal fort. Nevertheless the security in contemporary era invites the tigers to find succor here far away from the madding crowd.

The striking contrast of the structure with its surroundings makes the human presence evident but except for an old priest and some tourists no one climbs the torturous path way to dwell in those eerie but magical surroundings.

On Krishna Janmashtami hordes of tribal from surrounding villages walk eleven km up to the fort temple to pray, and seek blessings from the Royal priest appointed by the erstwhile Maharajas of Rewa Estate. The Maharajahs of Rewa were the last rulers of this citadel before it was taken over by the Government of India.          


For the adventure seeker, the table top mountain is the only place for trekking. The large premises is home to  many animals including the Bengal Tiger. As you walk around, you find the fort conspicuous by its absence.  Rubble and ruins are all around scattered like precious jewels are the last vestige. You come across remain of fortification walls, man made reservoir

s, huge idols of stone and arches. The bats provide permanent accompaniment as they swish past you.

Jungle Treks

In the desolate and eerie surroundings there is a fear of getting lost. The experience of the esoteric comes with a price. Albeit no one has been lost here, thanks to the guides who accompany the tourists. .

Tiger on Trail

Bengal Tiger
Dominant Tiger
Dominant Tiger
Teerath Singh

Leopard Photo

Leopard on Tree
Leopard on Tree
Teerath Singh

Wilderness at The Tiger Reserve

Wild DogBesides the relics of human civilizations of yore, the reserve is home to spectacular wilderness. The diverse flora and fauna are the main feature of this amazing ecosystem. The best way to explore the tiger reserve is on open jeep tours.     

The rivulets Umrar, Johilla and Charanganga accord beauty and grace as they meander through various habitat. They create a serene spectacle, and are also a life supporting systems.     Leopard

The excursion not only reflect the nature's pristine splendor, the sightings of the magnificent predators and herbivores is an extreme delight. One visit is enough to permanently instill awe, and inspire longing to come back again and again. .   

The topography is torturous, and that gives rise to startling landscape. The low rise mountains, snaking rivers, verdant valleys and grassy meadows in the plains create a dream location. Bandhavgarh is a heaven for all life forms in India.   

The avian species are as striking in their colorful plumage, as are the butterflies with intricate palettes and dazzling shape and designs. Colorful and enticing, the little gems of this paradise enamour the visitors.


Malabar Pied Hornbill

Stars of Bandhavgarh


Sloth BearThe most charismatic and sought after animals of Bandhavgarh are the tiger, leopard, wild dog, sloth bear and bison. Though difficult to sight they are frequently seen during the safaris. These animals are present everywhere even in the buffer zone outside the park. Hence tourism is conducted in the buffer nowadays.       

Among the birds, the targeted species are the Malabar pied hornbill, Asian paradise flycatcher, Indian pitta, painted francolin and crested hawk and serpent eagles to name a few.

Earlier elephant safaris contributed immensely to wildlife sighting. They are now limited to joy rides. However they are available for photographic tours in Bandhavgarh on elephant back. A hefty fee has to be paid for this tour. Please confirm this before making your plan to  visit the tiger reserve.  

For photography ideal period is the summers due extensive availability of daylight. Animals frequent the water holes offering an opportunity to the camera men.  Special permissions can be obtained from MOEF & CWLW for flexible rules to photograph and film wildlife in the tiger reserve.


Note: Fort Safari above Shesh Shaiya is not available. Pl contact the park director for more details. 


MOEF - Ministry of Environment & Forests India
CWLW   - Chief Wildlife Warden Bhopal, MP Government  


Tiger Photo

Top Predator
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger
Teerath Singh

Bandhavgarh Map


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