An Eye for Colour

by WriterArtist

An eye for colour is the secret weapon of artists, painters, graphic designers, interior decorators, fashionistas and all craftsman engaged in art.

Colours have lasting impressions. They can influence decision making, they are of paramount importance. They have an everlasting confluence on life and in making your life more colourful.

Colours make you confident, they represent moods. The emotional effect of colours cannot be underestimated. They can make or break. Emotions in conjunction with colours can make things awesome or on other times extremely awful.

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Colours for Every Mood


Why is it that certain colours uplift the spirits?

Orange and yellow are bright colours, they reflect a cheerful disposition. Light blue and forest green relate to the peaceful notions of azure sky and everlasting greens. These colours are of serene dispositions. Both essentially represent life on earth, water is more often associated with the colour blue and the green to our forest covers.

Eyes love feasting on the light spectrum. Bold and vivid colours can be exciting; however, it isn't always the case. Eyes love change of scenery.

Soft palettes that are soft on eyes are great for thinking and writing. Strolling in the twilight is inspiring, who knows you might come out with some brilliant discovery with the likes of Archimedes. So is walking along the countryside full of greenery an exercise of transforming yourself.

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Colours and Emotions


In all probability, if your mother and grandma both owned big, beautiful brown eyes and they were the most loved and admired persons in your life, chances are you would have crush on a brunette with brown eyes.

Sometimes contrast colours also make difference. If you are a black eyed person, you might like someone with blue eyes – a total contrast.

Why is black colour associated with Dark and Evil?

Color by Betty Edwards:

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Color by Betty Edwards: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors

Colour for Art


An artist is capable of altering the mood of a painting by just some handful of shades. We often find that the painter dominates the canvas with a choice of converging colours that create magical moments. You might have perceived this magic with the bold and beautiful colours of four seasons.

Art has always relied on colours and patterns. Geometrical symmetry and asymmetry, both thrive in tricking the eyes into illusions. Brilliant architectures rely on shapes and colours that tend to bring the beauty in focus where the eye is cornered into magical confluences.

Enticing and alluring are the charismatic colours from the spectrum of light.

Colour your Life

Colours in purview


Light waves are analogous to sound waves impacting our lives. Colours from the light spectrum are energies of different wavelength. Colours even help in healing. When you wrap yourself in a colour, you are embracing and echoing the vibrations of that colour. Colours can help you win.

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What Colours Mean?


All pale colours help to breathe and relax. Bright and fiery colours are used to provoke and persuade.

White and saffron are the colours and dress codes of monks in India. They symbolize renunciation. They represent purity and chasteness. Also, the colour of a western bride’s attire is white.

Red colour relates to fire and warmth. It is the colour of romance and a passage to your innermost desires. In India, the obvious choice of bride’s dress is crimson, red and magenta.

Yellow is the colour of sun. It depicts all that is bright, intense and cheerful, in other words; the creation and a hope to life.

Blue represents the rivers and oceans. An indefinite expanse of the sea water that vanishes into the horizon. Nothing can beat the azure sky and sea waves when it comes to experiencing infinity.

Green is the favourite and obvious choice of an artist for landscaping vibrant farms and countryside. It represents the planet earth, full of life and vividness.

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Do colours influence your decisions?

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/09/2022

The next-to-last subheading Colour your Life Colours in purview mentions that "Light waves are analogous to sound waves impacting our lives. Colours from the light spectrum are energies of different wavelength."

Energizing wavelengths analogous to sound waves in our lives reminds me of artists -- such as Henri Émile Benoît Matisse (Dec. 31, 1869-Nov. 3, 1954) -- who synesthetically associate colors with sounds.

Would any of the colors associated with the Indian subcontinent in your last subheading on What Colours Mean? be associated with sounds there?

Tolovaj on 04/10/2017

Yes, i believe they do. We should never underestimate the potential of a certain color, being the color of a product, one's dress or the walls in an apartment. They are used in several types of therapy as well.

Mira on 02/25/2016

Wearing bold colors at parties can be tricky though. If you're part introvert part extrovert you may not want to wear something like orange, for instance.

frankbeswick on 02/25/2016

Consider how colour is strange. A colour is as you say a wavelength, but our minds see it as a colour, so colour is created in the brain, yet it fills our world. It may well be that when our brains create colour the creative process is linked to our emotional lives, and colours may suggest emotions to us. So this may explain how colour affects our judgments.

WriterArtist on 02/25/2016

Dear Angela,
I too am not very fashion conscious. But for once, just try wearing a bold and beautiful colour that you have never tried on. You will be surprised to see the impact it has on others and most importantly on yourself.

Some people are not dress conscious, but they have a brilliant taste for colour mixing. Some of them become artists and can transform a blank canvas in a brilliant profusion of colours. Rest of them, including you and me end up admiring the lovely rainbow colours of 'Mother Nature'.

WriterArtist on 02/25/2016

Dear Mira - I am glad that you liked the choice of my words. You would be amazed to experience how colours can make a huge difference. Often in a group or party, we might be attracted to a person dressed in a particular colour irrespective of his/her status. Why is it so? After all; colours are neutral in the sense that they are mere vibrations of various wavelengths. However; they can enhance your personality immensely.

AngelaJohnson on 02/24/2016

I like color in nature. I'm not very fashion conscious and just wear what I have available.

Mira on 02/24/2016

I suppose that people dressed in various colors do give off various vibrations, yes. I liked how you put it when we ourselves wear a certain color: you said that we wrap ourselves in that color -- beautiful :)

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