An Introduction To the Angry Birds App Game

by justinastenback

Here's a short introduction to the Angry Birds app game. Know the objective of the game, it's history and the community.

The Angry Birds Phenomenon

If you haven't heard about the Angry birds yet, then you must have been living under a rock. This popular apps game has already exceeded over 50 million downloads. That's a lot for an app game.

And so everywhere you go, in whatever country you may be in, say Angry Birds and more than likely, there'll be someone who'll know about this game.


So anyway, if you're new to the game here are some info about Angry Birds that you might be interested in.

Angry Birds Fans

Everything Angry Birds
Shoot the angry bird
Shoot the angry bird
Angry bird plush toy
Angry bird plush toy

Rovio Angry Birds

The Company Behind the Making Of Angry Birds

Rovio is the company that is the maker of this app. Angry Birds was not actually Rovio's priority which is why it took them a very long time to finish this app. They had been working on so many different apps before this one that Angry Birds success surprised them more than anyone else.

They now currently employ about 20 people who design the game and keep on improving it.

Angry Birds History

How it all started

Angry birds started with a few sketches of wingless birds. The company at that time were doing their usual brainstorming of possible games that will be popular to the market.

The sketches of these birds actually made the staff rather interested in it and they eventually decided to make a game out of these characters. 

Now for the pigs. When they were in the process of developing this game, there was the swine flu news was at its height, thus the pigs became the villain in the game.

The Angry Birds Game

Playing Angry Birds For Beginners

So the first question, why are the birds angry at the birds? The simple answer is that they've stolen their eggs. So these birds are now on a mission to kill all these pigs.

So basically, the object of the game is to destroy the pigs structures and kill the pigs.


There is a slingshot/catapult that hurls the birds towards the pigs' structure. Sounds very easy, doesn't it? But all the different birds have different powers and in playing the game, you need to be aware of these powers so you can use it to your advantage.


Each bird can destroy and kill in different ways. There's a lot of physics involved in it which is probably where the whole addiction to the game starts from. It's the fact that it looks deceptively easy but once you start it, you realize that it actually challenges you as well.

The Angry Birds Community

With millions of fans worldwide, you can only expect that there are lots of fans who regularly share tips and ideas on how best to play Angry birds.

Also in keeping up with consumer demands, Rovio together with other companies have just recently released some merchandise that many Angry birds fans have welcomed with open arms. Among these are the plush toys, backpacks, school supplies and shirts.


It is also expected that Halloween is going to be very big on Angry birds costumes for kids and adults eagerly and excitedly wearing their best Angry birds costumes.

How To Play Angry Birds

For the more advanced players...
Updated: 09/29/2011, justinastenback
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