Pet Hatchery - a hatchery for virtual pets

by tirial

A hatchery for virtual pet games, where you raise creatures until adult by getting views and clicks.

About Pethatchery is a fansite for virtual pet owners. It currently supports players of three free games, DragonCave, Unicreatures and Magistream, although more are planned, and other games can be discussed on the forums.

These games work by gaining views and clicks, so this fansite is a way to meet up, get clicks and find other games you might be interested in.

(If you aren't sure what virtual pet games are, there's a section at the bottom that describes them, and gives you a few links to get started).

Note: You don't have to be a player to help creatures out with views and clicks, so why not visit the hatchery and have a look around?

Dragon Cave

Hatching your dragons

Adopt one today!Time Limit: Creatures remain in the hatchery for 3 days.

Extras: Forum, RSS feed from Hatchery, regular status tweets.

The Dragon Cave Hatchery takes adults and eggs, which you can add directly from your scroll. It allows dragons to be given views and clicks without leaving the hatchery site, and adult dragons are automatically removed.

It also offers a rotator, which shows a small selection of Dragons from the hatchery, updated every ten seconds, to get extra views for the creatures.

The Rotator

Code to embed the rotator in your page


Hatching Magistream Creatures

Time Limit: Creatures remain in the hatchery for 5 days.

Extras: Forum, RSS feed from Hatchery, regular creature tweets.

The Magistream hatchery takes creatures input by users with the "Embed Mulitple" code from their keep. Adults are automatically removed. Although creatures are in for five days, if they haven't become adult there is no reason not to reinsert them.

The regular tweets are also a useful source of clicks and promotion for magistream creatures.

A poll: Magistream Timelimit change?

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Should we remove the timelimit on Magistream creatures


Time Limit: None

Additional Features: Forum

Sadly Unicreatures is likely to be removed from the site, after Unicreatures appears to have closed.



Other facilities and games

As well as the basic hatcheries, the extra features include:

  • Twitter
  • RSS
  • Forums

 If your game isn't represented above, you can start a thread on the forum for views and clicks (and discussion).

Twitter feed

The latest on pethatchery


The hatchery now has a twitter account at @pethatchery. While this is used for status updates, we also regularly post new or updated creatures, which is particularly useful for Magistream.

See the latest tweets on the left:

Links to the Hatchery

The games on the hatchery

Pet Hatchery Homepage
The Homepage for the Pet Hatchery

Pet Hatchery - Dragon Cave
The Hatchery for players playing Dragon Cave, (find the game at

Pet Hatchery - Magistream
A place for players of Magistream ( to get clicks.

Pet hatchery - Unicreatures
A place for Unicreatures ( to get clicks

An Introduction to Virtual Pets

Virtual Pets

There are a number of free online pet games. These are games where once you sign up you get a virtual pet, usually as an egg, which only grows if you get it views and clicks from other people.

Players often post these to forums, their websites or blogs if they have them, and anywhere where other web users may find them. The aim is to grow them through all their stages to adulthood (e.g. the four stages of a Unicreatures Diamond egg are show below)

All the games work differently - some have time limits, some only let creatures grow up when they are clicked - and the artwork is usually excellent. They are also mostly free, so if a game asks you to pay to play, be wary. All the games that the hatchery supports are free to play.

The Games

Games supported by the hatchery

Dragon Cave
A game by TJ09, this was one of the first and best hatching games. Users have eggs, which have to hatch in seven days into hatchlings, and then have a further seven days to grow up - otherwise the egg dies.

Magistream creatures do not die, but require clicks rather than views to grow.

With outstanding artwork and completely free to play, Unicreatures only grow when users click on them and then click a button on the page. Sadly it appears defunct.

Updated: 01/22/2015, tirial
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tirial on 09/04/2014

This is already happening. The problem is that there are so many pets it takes a while for the system to run through them - and certain users keep resubmitting them. We've added a permanent block which should cut it down.

Senzafine on 04/22/2014

So I noticed that the Magistream progress log has removal of adults in the Beta. Would it be possible to remove pets if the owner is "Nobody" as it gives when hidden in trade (or released) (which doesn't give gold anyways) and the "nothing here" message you get when hidden in a tab? Then people could technically get things auto-removed after a day or so just by handling their own pets normally within the site.

Pethatchery on 12/30/2013

We used to have a way to remove pets, but users abused it to remove other users' pets above theirs in the hatchery. We're looking at a way to do removals and hatchling only, but we still need to get around that problem.

Senzafine on 12/28/2013

If the limit to the days the Magistream pets are kept were removed, would there be a way to remove the pets? Lots of times, I just want them left at hatchling at a certain percentage, but I don't want them frozen or eternally hidden.

Zylara on 09/21/2013

Sorry, not seeing any contact info anywhere on this site. Still using the hatchery for DC as I like the extra views. Not really making any change suggestions, just saying there is a problem with the hatchery, it is not looking at the whole scroll. I looked through everything on this site and found this page finally for posting comments. Maybe they need to add a page that has all part of the site a home page...cause things are hard to find at least for me.

tirial on 09/17/2013

Zylara, if you want to suggest changes to the site, you should contact the pethatchery owners through their contact form.

JoHarrington on 09/17/2013

I'm sorry that you're having no joy here, Zylara. I'll ask on the Wizzley forum for you, to see if anyone knows (and can alert) the author of this article for you.

Zylara on 09/17/2013

Hmmmm...posted on 08/03/2013...and no answer yet...I take that as a no....

Zylara on 08/03/2013

Does anyone read this? I tried looking for a DC forum thread for this site...lbut could not find one.

Zylara on 07/31/2013

OK, just tested it. The site only looks through the first 200 eggs/hatchies/adults found on a scroll. I have a bred tinsel egg that I kept moving down my scroll with "pages" set to 50 so I could tell how far I was moving the tinsel egg. When it is sitting in the #200 slot it gets pulled up by the "Submit your scroll" button. If I move it into slot #201 it does not pull up at all. So you need to change the coding to make it look at the whole scroll...I know of people with over 5,000 dragons...I am sure there are DC players with more then that amount also. I like the site, so would be cool if I can use it without having to put all my growing ones at the very top of my scroll.

Thanks Zylara

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