Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game

by Mladen

Afterwind is browser multiplayer game played on real world map. It combines the best of Risk and Civilization. Did I say it is Free?

Afterwind is relatively young game. It has a lot to offer to online players, which makes it one of the fastest growing online games. It is world-map-based game, with real world map to play on. You are playing general, eager to conquer the world. What are you waiting for? It is FREE!

Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game
Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game

Presenting Afterwind: Risk-Like Strategy Game

Game played on detailed world map, combining the best of Risk and Civilization series.

I am introducing you Afterwind, great browser multiplayer turn-based game. I'm big fan of Risk and Civilization series. I just like to play games on world maps.

I don't like wars, I like to spend some quality time playing strategies. My personal opinion is that some games are really beneficial to the brain development of every human being. Strategy games deserve some time for planning ahead, thinking... They train your patience, and they teach you to loose and to win. Team playing, needed in these games, teaches you to work with other people. As I said, I am not fan of war, I am fan of good old strategy games, games played by mind, and not guns.

Afterwind is terrific world-map-based strategy game. I was surprised by the detailed world map graphic when I joined the game for the first time. I thought then:"Finally, modernized version of my favorite board-game, Risk!"

Afterwind is played in Silverlight, so you need it installed down on your computer in order to play it. No big deal, Silverlight is small program, which lifts you playing experience to the high heavens. This program makes the game playable on slower and older computers. I had one when I started playing, so I can tell. 

I strongly suggest you try it out while you are reading: Afterwind: world-map-based game

AtWar: Updated and Facelifted Version of Afterwind

Afterwind changed its name to atWar, which tells more about the game than its original name. Read about new adds to this awesome strategy!

AtWar was released to public on December 1st, jumping into the place of its ancestor: Afterwind.

The name isn't the only thing that changed. The whole game was updated and improved. The creators of this popular online war strategy are bringing new designs, new better maps, more options and more freedom to do what ever your imagination tells you.

Read more about the new look here: atWar: New Generation of Risk-Like Games

Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game
Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game

Starting With Afterwind

Right Thing for a World-Map-Based Games Fan

Afterwind is FREE-to-play multiplayer browser game. You are given the possibility to play as Guest, or to join the game and choose any name you want for your general. On the other hand, AW has premium services, for which you will have to pay monthly, or weekly fee. Good thing is, that those premium features are not very important for the game. In other words, you don't loose much of playing experience if you just stick to play for free.

Unlike the Risk, here in Afterwind you can choose which map to play. There are dozens of maps to play, I will just mention few: Europe, Asia, Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Asia & Oceania, and all sorts of possible combinations. You can even make map of your own choice (you can choose which countries will be included in your game). 

When you enter the main room, you will se lots of windows with ongoing games (image to the left). You can either make new one, or join existing ones. Every player can create game. Others will be just joining to participate in the show, or to be spectators. 

Lets join one active game (click on one of the windows)!

Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game
Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game
Afterwind: Main Room (View on Ongoing Games)
Afterwind: Main Room (View on Ongoing...

Afterwind: In-game Experience

Match starts by choosing your starting country. Every match has determined amount of money you start with. Every country has its price. Choose wisely, you don't want to spend all the money for buying a state. Playing the game you will learn which starting positions are the best. Which countries give the most income, and which give the most troops. It is important to choose position surrounded with some other countries to take in first turn. You don't want isolation, right? The faster you spread more chance you have to win. 

On the images of Afterwind world maps (above) you can see players choosing their starting countries. 

AW is turn-based game. Turn duration is determined by hosting player. Those can be 1, 2, 3 or more (up to 10) minutes long turns. Besides the turn duration, hosting player determines starting amount of money for players, map type, number of cities, number of turns players are allowed to join the game.

Every country has capital and few cities. You conquer capitals and cities in order to rule the country. Cities are places where you can produce your troops. Troop reinforcements arrive every 4 turns. different cities have give different number of reinforcements. For example: London, Berlin, New York give 8 units every 4 turns, Warsaw give 6 units, Milan 4 and Ljubljana only 1 troop. 

You have many troops to play with. Some of them are mainly used for defense, and others are rather offensive units. Check bellow for the list of units.

Click on the Image To See It!
Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game (Units)
Afterwind: World-Map-Based Game (Units)

In-game Experience: Conquest

Conquer the world map!

Every turn you have limited time to make your moves. You can attack by land, air and sea. You even can use your troops to make defense lines around your cities, or troops. Enemy cannot move trough your defense lines unless he attacks them first. This is useful for it can buy you one turn if you are being attacked. See image bellow (defense lines in France)!

Hmmm, Improved Risk! Don't you already like it? 

Every unit has attack points, and defense points, as well as ARB, HP (hit points). During every battle, these points and luck are factors that will decide which troops are going to win the battle. War in Afterwind is not about brutal force. It is about planning attacks ahead, and being faster and more intelligent than your opponent. Things are not as simple as they look. You are able to build stealth units (marines, subs and stealth bombers). These units are invisible to your opponent. Use them as part of your strategy! Sneak behind his defense lines!

Defense Lines
Defense Lines

Victory Conditions in Afterwind

World Map Is Your Playground! AW Is the Best World-Map-Based Game I Played!

It is really easy to win the match! All you need to do is to occupy enemy's capital and hold it for 2 turns. In some matches, host chooses other victory condition: occupying every enemy's city or to hold opponent's capital for 3 turn.

Advance Trough the Ranks in Afterwind

Higher Rank Brings You Respect in the Game

Every destroyed unit, every lost unit, every conquered country brings you points. Those points are called SP (strategy points) in Afterwind. This world-map-based game is one of rare strategy games that allow you to earn ranks. 

You can not loose rank, you can only move on! There are 15 ranks in AW, and to reach next level you need more and more strategy points. You can earn these points only by playing the maps. The more you fight, the more points you earn. 

Alliances And Coalitions

Afterwind is team game! Forge mighty alliances to rule the world!

Alliances are in-match unions of players. Coalitions are groups of players outside the matches. Coalitions are communities of players with common interests. Being part of the alliance helps you win the match. but being part of coalition helps you move easier trough the ranks. But you don't loose much if you just stick to play alone. 


So, what are you waiting for? Play Afterwind!

Play Afterwind world-map-based game

Do you think you could play this game?

Do you believe in statement strategy games can have possitive effect on child's brain?

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Sure, if that is not all that child does in life!
katiem2 on 03/09/2012

I SO believe this. I have spent the past 8 months in cognitive, physical and occupational therapy and can attest I feel cognitive fun and challenges to be a tremendous asset for both kids, teens and adults.

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Updated: 01/19/2013, Mladen
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Mladen on 03/09/2012

Katie , it is always pleasure to hear from your personal experience. I am glad you agree on fact that we should use every opportunity to improve ourselves. Even if we are talking just about games. If nothing, these games will teach our children some geography. :)

I am glad you like it. And I am glad to meet other Risk fans on Wizzley! :)
Thank you for your comment!

janices7 on 03/09/2012

Sounds like a fun game - I love Risk so this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing all this info!

katiem2 on 03/09/2012

What a great article, I totally feel the brain needs as much stimulation as possible and online games are a great tool. My daughter is 15, she's a sophomore taking college credit courses as she's exhausted honors courses. She's got a 4.(something won't brag) and loves online gaming. They are stimulating and spark social interaction and on and on. I can't say enough good about it! I'm really interested in afterwind world map based games as my daughter and her friend love world studies, I often hear them discussing AP topics and wish the classes would go more in-depth on the subject! I sent her to a world cultures elementary school which fueled the love of everything global. Great read!

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