Anagrams and Other Word Games

by sheilamarie

Word games, such as anagrams, Bananagrams, Scrabble, Quiddler, and so many other games let you play with words for educational fun!

Does your family enjoy playing games together? There are so many word games available today that can add to your family times and help your child with their literacy skills at the same time.

Even teens and adults will enjoy many of these word games. Most of them can be adapted to allow different ages to play together while still keeping the game fair and fun for everyone. And a group of word-loving adults will love the way playing word games can keep our minds limber.

And many of them are portable, too, so you can have a game on the run -- in the car, for instance, or waiting at the rink for a brother or sister to finish hockey practice.

Come check out these anagram and other word games and see if there's one that would delight your family.

Gifts for Word Lovers

Anagrams and Other Word Games
If you know someone who loves words, you are sure to find a great gift for him or her on this page. Word games, including Scrabble, Anagrams, and many other games using words, are popular with both young and old. Word games help children learn literacy. Word games also help seniors keep their minds supple and young. Those who are between these two book ends can increase their vocabularies and keep mentally fit by playing with word games and puzzles.

Maybe you'll find the perfect word game gift for someone in your family on this page. Word games will continue to delight all of us word affictionados for years to come!


Fast-moving Crossword
$14.99  $19.95

Word Games and Anagrams for Fun and Learning

Playing with Words

I have to admit what everyone in my family already knows: I love words and word games. When my kids were small, I taught them how to play Scrabble and Boggle. They learned cheerfully. As they grew, however, I gradually suspected that they were playing the game just to please me. Playing any board games together is a great way to promote family togetherness. But sometimes it becomes important to spark a little life into an old theme. Lots of new games have been created to slip in beside some of the old faithfuls to enrich your family's literacy experience.

If you are like me and want your children to enrich their lives with words and puzzles, you may be interested to know that great as the game of Scrabble is, you don't have to stop there. More word games are introduced each year for the word lovers among us. Many of these word games will be great aids for children learning how to read. But these word games are not just for children. Adults and teens will enjoy playing these word games, too.

Banana-grams was given awards in 2009 as best game of the year. Since then the creators of Banana-grams, along with master puzzle maker Joe Edley, have come up with several books which take the Banana-gram theme and expand on it.

The beauty of Banana-grams is its portability. The tiles -- similar to those you would find in a Scrabble game -- are zipped into their own banana-shaped case that you can tuck into a back pack or a purse and take along with you on your travels. If you would prefer a book instead of the tiles, now you can choose from several Banana-grams books, each with original word puzzles to challenge your word skills. The puzzles are grouped by their level of difficulty by the number of bananas in the top right corner of each page. Easy word puzzles have one banana, more challenging puzzles have two or three bananas, and the most challenging word puzzles have four bananas. These banana designations are a fun way to determine whether each puzzle fits your mood. Truth is, sometimes we may be in the mood for a quick puzzle and would be more likely to choose a one banana. Even these one banana word puzzles are worth doing by expert word fashioners on occasions when they have limited time or energy to invest in the activity.

Word Games for Family Fun

Anagrams and Other Word Games
$11.95  $10.99
$14.99  $19.95
Only $14.99
Only $32.99
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Snatch - Word Stealing Game
$24.38  $49.99

Appletters and PairsinPears

Two More Anagram Games

Along with the speedy anagram game Banana-grams, word game creators have come up with variations that are equally fun as well as useful in helping your children develop a rich vocabulary. Because children learn best while in the playful mode, playing new word games can only help with reading skills and reading fluency. Appletters and Pairsinpears are two games that are fun for both new readers and adults who love a word challenge.

Appletters is a game in which players use letter tiles to play a game similar to dominoes. Instead of matching dots on tiles, players add letters to make words. These words can be short or long, allowing players with different skills to play alongside each other while both sides have an enjoyable experience.

PairsinPears includes four full alphabets printed on tiles. Each alphabet is slightly different, either in color or form in order to keep them distinctive. Alphabet order, vowels and consonants, vocabulary, rhyming, and other literacy skills come into play in these fun games.

Both Appleletters and PairsinPears tiles come zipped in their own fruit-shaped pouches. Appletters tiles are nestled in a red cloth apple while the tiles of PairsinPears come in a green pear-shaped pouch. The pouches and their tiles are fun in themselves. There's something really satisfying in the feel of the tiles as you scoop them up and squirrel them away. That in itself makes these games preferable to electronic versions, at least from my perspective.

BananaGrams! The Official Book

Game of the Year winner at the 2009 International Toy Fair, Bananagrams is the international phenomenon that started with a simple idea: "An anagram game that is so fast it ...

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10-Minute Bananagrams!

Everyone loves Bananagrams! And everybody loves instant gratification. Putting the two together, master puzzle maker Joe Edley offers 10-Minute Bananagrams!— over 500 all-new ...

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Bananagrams for Kids

Kids love Bananagrams—so what better treat for kids who love puzzles and wordplay than a smart, just-for-them collection: Bananagrams! for Kids.Puzzability, the premier puzzle ...

$17.08  $15.9
Bananagrams! 2012 Calendar (Page a Day Calendar)

Everyone's completely bananas for Bananagrams! Based on the award- winning game and bestselling book series, Bananagrams! is packed with fun, fast-paced anagram puzzles ...

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I Couldn't Leave Out Scrabble!

Classic Word Game Fun
The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

New edition! The book that millions of SCRABBLE® players consider the only necessary resource. Ideal for recreational and school use. More than 100,000 playable two- to eight ...

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Scrabble Champion Edition

With SCRABBLE Champion Edition, Family Game Night is More Exciting than Ever. SCRABBLE now has eight levels of the most revolutionary advanced A.I. developed by National ...

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Scrabble - The Classic Crossword Game

The all-American classic crossword game. Any play can make your day! You don't need to be a word whiz to enjoy a good game of Scrabble. The right letters on the right squares ...

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Educational Insights Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game!

Think fast. What word means "a partially dried grape"? Be the first player to say "raisin," and you're on your way to winning this riotous game of rapid word recall. Players ...

$19.99  $13.22
Scrabble Slam Deluxe Card Game

Scrabble Slam is a fast-paced word game where anything could happen. Race against each other to change the existing four-letter word and get rid of your cards. Game could ...

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sheilamarie on 02/10/2012

Meagan, I bought the Zip-it game for one of my sons for Christmas. It can be even faster moving than Bananagrams. Instead of tiles, you have cubes with a letter on each side, so you can flip them around, finding letters to make words.
Because stealing each other's tiles is part of the game, Snatch-it sounds as if it's fast, too.
We also have Quiddler, which is more of a card game. It can go pretty quickly. I've played with a seven-year-old before, and I wasn't at much of an advantage as short words are as good as longer ones. That makes it a fun game to play as a family.

Meagan on 02/10/2012

I am an absolute Bananagrams addict! I've been this way since it was given to me about 4 years ago and suspect there is no hope of a cure :) It is a million times better than Scrabble in my book! I had no idea there were other fruity word games in the set - intriguing. Are they are fast paced as Bananagrams?

sheilamarie on 12/10/2011

We always played those two games, too, Lou. I like the portability of Bananagrams and Zip-it and Appletters. They still have that sensual quality of holding the tiles.

lou16 on 12/08/2011

I love word games, I grew up playing scrabble and my daughter and I also enjoy playing boggle - I really should try bananagrams as I've heard lots of positive feedback about it.

samsons1 on 11/30/2011

good ideas for Christmas...

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