Pocket Poems

by sheilamarie

A Pocket Poem is a little book that fits in your pocket. Each book has a poem inside and a striking photo or drawing on the cover. Fun poems to collect and share with young and old

Celebrate "Poem in Your Pocket Day" with a small pocket poem that you can tuck into your pocket or purse.

Choose from children's poems or nature poems.

Lamb Pocket Poem

Raising a Lamb and the Experience of Joy
Lamb Pocket Poem
Lamb Pocket Poem

Poems for Humanity

How Pocket Poems Seek to Take the World by Storm

What do you get when you cross a poem, a miniature, a cloth flap in your pants or in your shirt, and a little bit of fun? Why a pocket poem, of course!

Pocket Poems are my new venture to break into the world of literary populism. I have grown tired of writing poems that no one reads. I think most contemporary poets can identify with what I mean. After all, how many people that you know read poems? Do you read poems yourself? No? I didn't think so.

But if you look back in history, poetry was once something that belonged to everyone. Even the person with the menial job in ancient days could recite by heart a well-loved poem.

What about us today? Aren't poems somehow divorced from most people's ordinary experience of life? I think they are. Part of the reason why is that, for the most part, poems are only printed in highbrow literary journals that are read by nobody but other poets or would be poets. And that just doesn't seem right. I don't think poems ought to be only for artsy types or intellectual types. I think poetry belongs to everyone.

Which is why I have created Pocket Poems.

For now my Pocket Poems are created with only my own poems. That seems self-serving, I know. But we'll see where this leads me. For the moment, I don't have to ask anyone else's permission to print up my own pocket poems. And as I doubt this is a very lucrative venture, I don't think I want to get involved just yet with raising another poet's hopes for success. Because when it really comes down to it, these Pocket Poems will be more of a sharing gesture than a money making activity anyway.

But here I am inviting you to share my fun.

How Would You Use a Pocket Poem?

What Is a Pocket Poem's Purpose?
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I think all of these ideas would be fun!

Each Pocket Poem Is Printed on Marbled Paper

Marbling the Paper Is the First Step in Creating a Pocket Poem
Each Pocket Poem Is Printed on Hand Marbled Paper
Each Pocket Poem Is Printed on Hand M...

Mouse Poems

My Very First Pocket Poem Idea
Mouse Poems
Mouse Poems

How a Pocket Poem Is Made

Each Pocket Poem Is Unique

The process I use for making pocket poems involves the personal touch. Before I even begin to print a pocket poem, I hand marble the paper. As a result, each pocket poem is printed on a uniquely designed paper. One side of the paper is marbled while the other side is kept clear for printing the poem. Since I often start with colored paper, however, even the poem side of the paper may include a bit of color. The final product is a pocket poem that is like no other.

The cover of a pocket poem is designed with either an original photograph or a drawing, depending on the pocket poem. When I first imagined making these little books, I wanted to combine both the literary and visual arts that I love to engage in and this is how I decided to do it.

Why did I decide to make books of poems small enough to fit in your pocket? I'm not really sure. I have always loved miniature things, and I thought the idea of miniature books would be fun. That's all. And the portability of poems that fit in your pocket is interesting to me, as I always lug books around with me wherever I go.

Of course the famous poem about a poem in your pocket may have had something to do with it, too. 

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sheilamarie on 05/03/2013

Thanks, Dustytoes! Poems can be great friends.

dustytoes on 05/02/2013

I remember having a tiny little book of funny poems as a kid. I really enjoyed them and can still remember some of them today - many years later! I love your ideas for uses.

sheilamarie on 09/13/2011

Thanks for your comments. These books are so small, they can be slipped into the busiest of lives.

WordCustard on 09/07/2011

I can see how a pocket poem could be a gift that is truly personal and meaningful, and could become almost like a talisman. I have a feeling this is something people used to do in Georgian and Victorian times and it's wonderful to see a return to it with your idea.

ohcaroline on 08/27/2011

The world today is too glutted with other "stuff" to fully take time to appreciate poetry. Too bad. It's a wonderful enrichment to life. I like your idea and ingenuity. Great work.

traveller27 on 08/24/2011

Very nice article.

Jimmie on 08/23/2011

What an adorable idea! My daughter loves poetry --reading it more than writing it. You could copy lovely poems into these tiny books too.

barbarab on 08/23/2011

good morning SheilaMarie! I think this is a wonderful idea! I read poetry/though not as much as I did when I was young and I write little poems, though I am not good at all!
keep on with this! I bet it will turn out to be lucrative for you because it is so unusual and brings poetry into todays world!

samsons1 on 08/23/2011

very interesting...

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