Fiona the Theater Mouse

by sheilamarie

Fiona was born behind the dressing room closet wall at the Noodle Soup Community Theater. A children's book about friendship, courage, and how even a little mouse can save a life.

Fiona the Theater Mouse is a new children's book about friendship and courage that will appeal to children from kindergarten through grade 4.

Fiona is a mouse who makes friends with Bart, a bat who hangs by day in the rafters of the Noodle Soup Community Theater. Fiona must face what it means to be a friend while remaining true to her family in this story of adventure.

Come find out more about Fiona on this page.

Fiona the Theater Mouse: A Story of Friendship and Courage

Even a Little Mouse Can Have a Big Heart

Fiona is one of a litter of mice that was born behind the wall of the dressing room closet in the Noodle Soup Community Theater. Though Ma Mouse's warnings are meant to keep her safe, Fiona wanders onto the stage when no one is around and meets a friend who shows her the theater from a different perspective.

Fiona faces danger, excitement, and a return home where her family is in peril. Can she save them with her new friend's help?

Fiona the Theater Mouse is a 64 page book of ten chapters that will appeal to children in grades K-4. Great as a read aloud with dialogue and a moving plot line. The chapters are short and the font is large enough for a child to manage (and easy on an adult's eyes when reading aloud).

Some of the vocabulary will be challenging for younger children to manage independently, but when read aloud first and accompanied with the activities in the study guide, children will be pleased at the new words they will learn within the context of a fun story. 

Fiona the Theater Mouse: the Movie!

Not Really -- It's Just Me Reading the First Chapter

Where You Can Find Fiona the Theater Mouse

Fiona the Theater Mouse (from the book.  All rights reserved.)
Fiona the Theater Mouse (from the boo...

Friendship: A Main Theme of Fiona the Theater Mouse

Every Child Seeks Friends. Mice Do, Too!

During the early school years, children focus on finding a friend with whom they can play and who will be true. So many children struggle with the all-important task of finding friendship that books about friendship become very important at this age. 

In this story, Fiona proves how challenging friendship can sometimes be. She also risks her own comfort in order to save her friend. At the same time, Fiona is true to her family and their needs, not abandoning them when they are in danger.

This all happens with the backdrop of humans practicing and performing the play Brigadoon. Although the play itself is not focused on, the names of the characters become the baby mice's names and some of the songs and dances are happening while the mouse acts in her own life drama.

If You'd Like to Meet Fiona and Read About Her Exploits,

Here's where you can find her!

Fiona the Theater Mouse
Where you can purchase the book.

You can also keep up with Fiona and her activities by following her Facebook page:

Fiona is now on CD, and there's a new book in the series out soon!

Have a Sip with the Fiona the Theater Mouse Mug

Most Recent Fiona Mug

Fiona the Theater Mouse Mug

Cup to Drink Your Cocoa as You Read About Fiona and Her Friends

Context for Fiona, the Theater Mouse

Story Source

When my sons were in high school, they were very involved with the Yoh Players, their high school theater group. The Yoh Players is directed by Harriet Worrell, an amazingly talented woman who has a knack for demanding and receiving a high level of performance from her actors. The theater group, which hails from Woodstock Union High School in Vermont, often dominates the state theater competitions and does well in regional and national competitions, too.


The year my two eldest sons were in grades 10 and 12, the Yoh Theater Players were chosen as one of two high school theater groups to represent the U.S. at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. When they returned, Harriet toyed with the possibility of staging the play Brigadoon as a way to extend the Scotland experience for the students. She later gave up the idea, but my niece in the state of Massachusetts was given the role of Fiona in her high school production of Brigadoon that year. It seemed like a good idea to use the play as a back drop for Fiona's adventures.

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Guest on 08/18/2017

I loved your story and I m 67, just a kid at heart! Great article!

DerdriuMarriner on 05/19/2015

sheilamarie, Your reading of the first chapter is well done!
I appreciate that "Brigadoon" is an inspiration for your mouse story. It's such a magical musical, and I have enjoyed watching the film version with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse many times, again and again, over the years.

sheilamarie on 12/16/2012

Thanks, Mira. Actually, I've been thinking of doing the audio book. I'm working out how to do it.

Mira on 12/16/2012

Enjoyed your video, Sheila! :) Great storytelling voice and mimicry! And the story is appealing, kept me interested throughout. A great combo. Hope many kids get to enjoy your book. Maybe you could do an audio book as well yourself through the same publishing house?

sheilamarie on 12/15/2012

Thanks, 2uesday! I appreciate your encouragement.

sheilamarie on 12/15/2012

Ha! Dustytoes, the mice that come into your house are not as cute as the ones in the story. One of my sons now has a couple of little girls who I get to share stories with. It's very fun!

sheilamarie on 12/15/2012

Congratulations, Sheri! Being a grandmother is really wonderful!

Sheri_Oz on 12/15/2012

This is a great story - and I love your reading of it in the videoclip. As a soon-to-be-first-time-grandmother, I'm once more interested in kids' stuff.

dustytoes on 12/15/2012

What fun for your boys to have had that acting experience that led to your idea for this book, in a round about way. Your way of telling the story, in the video, is very engaging. I listened to quite a bit of it. And now you've made me feel bad about setting mouse traps.

sheilamarie on 02/25/2012

LR, Lou16, and Holistic Health, thanks for your comments. I have just finished a new cover for the book and will post it here shortly. I hope you'll get a chance to read the story.

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