Fiona the Theater Mouse Study Guide

by sheilamarie

Study guide for Fiona the Theater Mouse, filled with word searches, crossword puzzles, math problems, activities, recipes, and more!

Have you read Fiona the Theater Mouse yet? Whether you have read the story already or are planning on reading it with your children, or even if you just like mice and bats, this study guide will be a fun way to engage with the story in a deeper way.

I wrote this study guide with teachers and homeschool parents in mind. If you are a parent or grandparent or know a child who likes stories, you may want to consider this study guide, too.

Come along with me now and learn more about how the Fiona the Theater Mouse Study Guide can help enrich your child's enjoyment of the Fiona story.

Activities to Go Along with Fiona the Theater Mouse

Those who have read Fiona the Theater Mouse will know that it is an exciting chapter book with characters who are easy to love. The study guide, prepared by the author, extends the learning as kids do puzzles or make a diorama and think about the story in a new way.

The guide also includes animal facts presented in a question/answer format about the characters in the book. Using these facts about bats and mice, kids can complete a crossword puzzle that checks on their retention of the information without it feeling as if they're taking a test.

Recipes and math challenges keep them on their measuring toes. And a writing project will inspire them to think in a new way. 

Many of these activities are enhanced by working together in cooperative groups. Others can be completed by a child all alone.

Have You Read Fiona the Theater Mouse Yet?

The Study Guide is based on the book, but except for the discussion questions, can be enjoyed on its own.
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Meant as a Guide, Not a Test

When I was a teacher, I found that kids often enjoy lingering with a story after the final page is turned. It's important, however, that working with a story does not become a chore or something that will kill the enjoyment that reading provides. 

With this in mind, I created the Fiona the Theater Mouse Study Guide to be playful and fun, yet meaty enough that the child with a curious mind will not find in it only fluff. As the parent or teacher, you will find things here you can draw on, but can do so with discretion of knowing your own children and what would be appropriate and fun for them.

For instance, I have included some math problems that use ticket prices as a back drop for practicing addition. I have also included some more challenging math thinking problems that require higher level skills and that would be more appropriate to work on visually and with a group. Children can be at many different skill levels within a classroom and so the teacher would have the option to pick and choose which problems to address with a child.

Or the child may be content with sticking with the word searches and crosswords. That's fine, too.


Which Activities Do You Like Best?

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Fiona the Theater Mouse Study Guide includes all of the above, as well as facts about mice and facts about bats!

A Study Guide for Learning Fun

If you're going to read the book Fiona the Theater Mouse, investing in the study guide is a good idea. Unlike many study guides, this one has 45 8 1/2" x 11" pages, which means there are lots of fun activities for kids to share on the book's theme.

If you're a teacher or a homeschool family, the study guide will help prepare lessons that will inspire and motivate your kids to learn. Parents and grandparents will find activities to do with kids, too.

More About Fiona the Theater Mouse

Fiona was born behind the dressing room closet wall at the Noodle Soup Community Theater. A children's book about friendship, courage, and how even a little mouse can save a life.
What do you know about mice? Here are some fun questions and answers about these tiny mammals.
Updated: 04/23/2013, sheilamarie
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