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by lobobrandon

There are various kinds of Angry Birds and the variety of soft plush toys available are even more. Take a look at some of the cutest and great angry bird soft toys - some speak!

Every single one of us knows about the Angry Birds and the different adventures they've had. Personally I loved Angry Birds space and some of the special holiday events. But, there's no way one could say any of the series were not worth the play.

So, if you're in search of some Angry Bird soft toys for your kids, you've got to check out the collection I've come up with. Your kids may love the ones that speak!

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift for your kids or just something to give them out of love, these plush toys are surely going to be a hit. Oh! I almost forgot, the little piggys our favorite targets make cute plush toys as well. So, I've added them too.

The Red Bird Plush Toys

Your series of Angry Bird soft toys can't be complete without their leader!

The Red Bird was one of the first characters in the game and it was the leader introduced when the game launched in 2009. It was this very bird that the developers used in order to promote the game back then and it's still a popular tool today. 

Therefore, even if you don't buy the other angry bird soft toys, this one is a necessity. After all, it's the Desert Cardinal! There's not a single season of the game that has passed that doesn't feature this amazing bird. He may not be present in all levels, but the season does have him - I can't imagine it without him.

It doesn't possess any special characteristics like some of the others, but it surely is strong and can damage structures. But, as you move further on and get the newer birds, you'd realize that it isn't the strongest. Nevertheless it's the boss! 

It's a bird that can get the job done and that's the reason if you know you're game well, you'd use him to finish off sections that the other birds have already weakened. 

So, now that we know what the red bird does, let's take a look at some of the angry bird soft toy or plush toys that feature him:

The Blue Bird Plush Toys

The blue birds too were one of the original birds introduced into the game from the very beginning in 2009. They're basically Eastern Bluebirds and in the beginning they were just one tiny blue bird wearing animated shorts and some artwork. 

However, further down the line as the game developed they were changed and gained the ability to split! Yes, as you know it's these very birds that now split into three (The blue bird trio or triplets). If you've read the comics you would know that they are friends of the Eagle unlike most of the other angry birds.

There's a lot more that you could learn about it, but there are plenty of wikis that you could read. For now, let's take a look at some blue bird soft toys:

The Yellow Bird Plush Toys

The Yellow Angry Bird is basically a Wild Canary who is arrogant and definitely enthusiastic! Introduced into the game from the very first season, the yellow bird is one of the most reckless birds you would ever come across. It's definitely a great gift to a child who always wants to be the best.

Behind the scenes that is when the birds are not fighting, the yellow bird is busy keeping the family together and he's a joker. If you've played the game you would have surely noticed that he has the capability to zoom ahead taking down anything that comes in its path - well almost anything!

He's surely got a prominent role to play in your collection of angry bird soft toys as he's a close friend of the Red Bird and they're considered to be the closest. 

The Black Bird Plush Toys

The Black Bird belongs to one of the first five birds that came along with the original launch of the game. They are really fast to act and can never withstand anyone stealing their eggs - especially the pigs!

Bomb as he's popularly known is a loner and stays away from the rest of the flock as he's got a low temper and only causes problems. After all, I doubt he would want to blow up the rest of the flock when he's stressed out. 

Among all the birds, he's definitely the strongest and his power is explosive and ever willing to help the flock in anyway possible. 

The White Bird Plush Toys

The White Bird the 5th of the original birds that were in the game from the day of its first release. The white bird has two corpses and she's the one that fires eggs. 

Even though the white bird is the largest among them all, it's relatively weak when you consider strength. But, the egg fired does have a lot of momentum and the damage caused is decent. After you fire the egg the bird  goes flying away and bursts to the right.

Now that you know what the white bird does, take a look at some cute angry bird soft toys based on this bird:

Since we've seen plenty of Angry Bird soft toys based on the first 5 birds:
  • The Red Bird
  • The Blue Bird
  • The Yellow Bird
  • The Black Bird and 
  • The White Bird

Let's take a look at some of the other important characters in the game, especially the ones that constitute the game; without which, we wouldn't have the Angry Birds - They're none other than the  Bad Piggies!

The Bad Piggies Plush Toys

The Bad Piggies as they're called are also referred to as the Green Pigs or at times just Pigs. The Pigs are surely one of the main characters in the series; because, without them the birds would just not be ANGRY! 

It's the duty of these pigs to steal the eggs of all the birds with an intention of cooking and eating them. But, if you've played the game you would know that the birds aren't going to lose the war and hence they unite in order to whack the Bad Piggies.

But, the pigs need to survive and in order to protect their food the King Pig orders the Piglet army to construct various structures that are used to protect them and the eggs they stole. 

No matter which season you're playing, one thing is common - the pigs are all green. But, off course there are different kinds of green pigs the basic one being the most common among them. Depending on the level you'd see small, medium as well as large basic pigs - at times all of them together too. 

When the pigs wear a helmet they're termed as the Mining Pigs; but, basically they're exactly the same as the basic pigs. If the pig has a hard hat on, it's termed as a hardhat pig and so on. 

From the fourth episode onward the pigs dress in various attire such as: hard hats, pumpkins, ghost sheets, Santa hats in the holiday episode, cowboy hats, bows as well as sombreros. But, these hats are just fashion accessories and don't protect the pig in anyway. 

Even though pigs are one of the smartest species on the Earth, in the game they're regarded as foolish and insane as they lack basic intelligence. They consider bubbles as eggs in the later episodes.

When it comes to angry bird soft toy options, there are plenty of Bad Piggy toys as you can see (Various hats and sizes).

Angry Bird Space Soft Toys

After many exciting adventures together, the angry birds were then introduced into a brand new game - Angry Birds space!

You may wonder how this happened and why they ended up in space. Well, a giant claw stole their eggs and as they were chasing it, the birds entered a wormhole only to find themselves in a new galaxy which was completely surrounded by pigs - Space Pigs!

So, was this hell they landed up in? Or was it the empire of the Pigs they always feared? Whatever it was, the angry birds weren't scared; because, they gained new super powers which they could use to take on the Bad Space Piggies.

Space Blue Birds

Lighting Birds are just the ordinary Blue Birds that gained some extraordinary super powers after they went through the wormhole and entered into Pigalaxy (That's what I call it). Some of the super powers they gained were the ability to easily shatter ice like glass and split into three birds just like in the classic angry birds game. 

Check out the helmet the blue birds have on - they're similar to the Flash aren't they? That resembles speed!

Angry Bird Space 8" Blue Bird Plush Toy

8" Space Blue Bird Plush with sound
Only $30.0

Angry Bird Space 8" Black Bird Plush Toy

8" Space Black Bird Plush with sound
Only $49.99

Space Black Bird

The Space Black Bird is commonly known as the Bomb! He has amazing super powers wherein his blast can incinerate anything immediately adjacent to his body and this effect is termed as the 'Heat Shock Wave'. 

A close observation of this bird reveals that he's just the Firestorm. If at all you fire the bird and it doesn't hit anything for a while, it glows red and explodes on its own. So, there's no way to prevent the bird from exploding - it's a characteristic of the bird. 

Space Purple Bird

The Angry Bird Space Purple Bird is none other than the Yellow Bird possessing extraordinary super powers. In the space season the bird is termed as the Lazer Bird. 

There are hardly any differences between the yellow bird and the Lazer Bird. Rather than clicking or tapping to increase the speed, you now modify the direction of the bird. By doing this the bird changes direction and accelerates at a great angle towards the chosen target. 

Gravity has absolutely no effect on it until it hits something. A great feature of the bird is that it can follow moving targets and that's what I love about it! Wouldn't it be even better if he'd have another superpower rather than a color change? The goggles of this bird are similar to that of Cyclops - Hence the name Lazer bird. 

Angry Bird Space 8" Purple Bird Plush Toy

8" Space Purple Bird Plush with sound
$49.99  $45.5

Space Ice Bird

The Ice Bird isn't actually a bird that gained superpowers. Instead it's a bird that's added to the flock once they enter space. This bird has a mission of its own and that's to regain control of the Eggsteroid. He requests the other birds to help him as they have a common enemy. 

The Red bird trusts the space bird and hopes that he'd be able to send them back home and so they join forces against the Bad Piggies. The powers of this bird are similar to that of the Iceman and he freezes everything in his immediate surrounding.

Angry Bird Space 8" Ice Bird Plush Toy

8" Space Ice Bird Plush with sound
Only $49.99

Mighty Eagle and Toucan Plush Toys

The Mighty Eagle is assumed to be stronger than all the other birds available in the game; but, he's got limited use and not available in many levels. If at all you use the Eagle on a level that hasn't been completed, you won't be able to use him again on any other level until an hour has passed. 

But, if at all you use the eagle to play a level you've already passed, you don't need to wait to use it again. So, basically it's a sort of bonus or trump card that you use to get over levels that you find hard. 

The Mightly Toucan on the other hand is a bird that was released into the game along with the release of the Angry Birds Revenge of the Pigs season. It's just a larger version of the Boomerang bird and is actually larger than the Eagle! 

If you read the story line or watch some videos, you'd notice that the Toucan even kills the Eagle - so who's stronger now? The Toucan helps the other birds defeat the pigs as the King Pig is its mortal enemy too. However, he's a greedy guy and only sides the birds as he gets the best of bird seed from them. 

Angry Bird Rio Soft Toy

Angry Birds Rio was a special edition of the game released along with the animated movie Rio in the year 2011. The game consists of a total of 30 levels and 6 episodes. You can even unlock 15 bonus levels that fit into a single bonus episode.

The entire story line of the game follows that of the movie Rio. Your favorite bird characters as you've come across them above have been captured by unlawful parties - poachers! They are then taken to Rio and placed in a room along with plenty of other captured birds.

The Angry Birds then get ANGRY and break free from their cages and even go ahead and rescue the other captives. The game is similar to the other episodes; however, here the pigs are not the mortal enemies and eggs aren't what they're after.

Glass, wood and stone blocks as in the other episodes are witnessed here as well in addition to Iron Crates.  The enemies of the birds in this episode are Nigel, Marmosets and some locked birds.

Angry Bird soft toys are really cool and kids would just love playing with them and they make great gifts!

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lobobrandon on 08/23/2012

You've played angry birds too? That's nice :) I loved the space one the most

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

I certainly have played my share of angry birds. These are really cool plush toys, great for the up coming holiday gifts. :)K

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