Angry Birds Party Supplies

by Marie

Find lots of Angry Birds Party Supplies for a brilliant birthday. Angry Birds make a super fun theme for a party. Need ideas, invitations, decorations and favors? Look no further.

If you're organizing or helping out with an Angry Birds themed party, let me help you out with some ideas and suggestions. There aren't actually tons of official party supplies but you can work around that by having key pieces like the Angry Birds Birthday Plates which are inexpensive and useful party items.

Match up your key pieces with other party items incorporating the bright, primary Angry Bird colors. And you've got the makings of a perfect party!

Angry Birds Party Cakes

Most people opt for one large birthday cake for a party. You can often buy ready made, decorated birthday cakes or buy/make a plain iced cake and place an edible Angry Birds topper on. I'm more of a cupcakes girl. Instead of a single birthday cake, I prefer to have a large cupcake stand filled with pretty cupcakes because it makes a wonderful birthday centrepiece.

It also means that you don't need to mess around and cut the cake - and kids can help themselves. Angry Birds cupcakes would be pretty and practical. It's easy to bake (or cheat and buy!) plain vanilla cupcakes, cover them in icing, stick pretty colored cupcake wrappers round them and add an Angry Birds decoration on top. Red, black, yellow and blue work especially well with a typical Angry Birds theme and you can get cupcake wrappers or baking cups in those colors.

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Angry Birds Cake Decorations

Angry Birds Molded Mini Cake Candle Set Party Supplies

Angry Birds Themed molded candle set. Perfect supplies for an Angry Birds themed birthday party.

Only $11.99

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Fox Run Red Foil Standard Bake Cups, 32 Cups

Red foil are elegant at holiday time or anytime, these standard-size cups are ideal for baking party cupcakes or muffins or for holding candies and other treats. They have ...

Only $5.52

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Angry Birds Hanging Swirl Decorations
Angry Birds Hanging Swirl Decorations
Image is from Amazon and Shown on this Page

Decorating Ideas

Angry Bird balloons are pricey but you could opt to get a few and then bulk those out by adding  in lots of plain blue, red, yellow or black balloons to match. When my daughter has her birthday parties, we like to get tons of balloons. We tie a small group of 3-5 together with curled ribbon and then hang them around mirrors, doors and up high on the walls using string and sticky tape.

The great thing about balloons is that young kids love to play games with them which involve batting the balloons to each other (a bit like volleyball) and, of course, kicking balloons and popping them.

For younger children, you could attach 2 or 3 colored balloons to their party bag at the end of the event which looks really cute and pretty.

Crepe streamers are a very inexpensive way to instantly add color and brighten up a room. These can be looped around the walls using sticky tape making lots of U shapes. Or tape in one corner of the room, twist the crepe round lots of times and attach over on an opposite corner, letting the streamer hang down a little in the middle.  

Angry Bird Walls

You can quickly decorate a plain wall with a large, Angry Birds poster which will really set the scene. If you have someone who's a dab hand at drawing then you could buy some large paper and make your own Angry Bird characters and scenes to decorate your room.

Wall decals are special stickers which peel easily on and off painted walls. They are a fast and fun way to jazz up blank wall spaces and set the scene you want.

Angry Birds Tableware

You cannot currently get any official Angry Birds tableware. What you can do is get plastic or paper cups, plates and dishes in bright colors to match in with the rest of the Angry Birds decorations that you have.

Food tables can be decorated with plain red or blue table cloths and matching napkins. You can purchase throwaway paper or plastic cloths but I'm a bit of a green girl so it has to be fabric for me.

Little Party Favors

Small Angry Bird Treats for Gift Bags

For party favors, I look for small and inexpensive items which can be bought in sets or in bulk and split up to add into little takeaway bags or boxes. These tend to work out to be the best value.

You can get clear plastic, paper, or fabric party bags to pop the goodies into. I make my own little fabric bags because they're pretty easy to sew.

Sewing party bags takes up time and that's where online stores like Amazon have tons of bag choices and also cardboard boxes which you can buy flat and assemble easily yourself.

Angry Bird Party Favors

Angry Birds Silly Bandz 24-Pack...These Are Officially Licensed Silly Bandz...The REAL ONES!!!

Angry Birds Silly Bandz 24-Pack...These Are Officially Licensed Silly Bandz...The REAL ONES!!!

Only $3.95

View on Amazon

(6x6) Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos

(6x6) Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos

View on Amazon

Small Angry Bird Gifts

There's a 12 piece set of Angry Bird key chains which are a very good choice. These hard-plastic key chains are very realistic little figurines and they have rave reviews.

Silly Bandz are shaped and colored rubber bands which kids love to wears as bracelets or anklets and they often collect and trade the bands too. They also function as normal rubber bands but that's not so interesting from a kid's perspective! With 24 Angry Birds Silly Bandz in a pack, you've got loads to share around.

My daughter loves the self-inking Angry Bird stamps because she's into art and crafts. Each bird inks a picture of itself in a different color. The inked images are small at 2 x 2 cms but that doesn't matter to children who just love adding the cute images everywhere.

There's a great little sticker pack with 4 sheets of stickers. If you're having a small party then you could buy enough to give each child a sheet each. You could also carefully cut around each sticker and distribute a few in each bag. What I would use these for is to make up some cute little tags to tie to the party favor bags.

Angry Birds Party Scene Setter
Angry Birds Party Scene Setter
Image is from Amazon and Shown on this Page

Soft Plush or Figurine?

If your budget can stretch that far, there's a set of small, soft plush Angry Birds which are each about 3 inches in size. This would make a very cool gift in itself and you could pack one of these into a small cardboard party favor box which has been padded with tissue. 

The 12 piece hard Angry Bird figurine set is clearly better value but doesn't have so much of the wow factor. These are much smaller at about 1 inch each in size and people do also use them to decorate cakes and cupcakes.

If you visit the product page, you'll see some cake images that people have uploaded onto Amazon. Then you'll also get some great cake decorating ideas as well!

Ideas for Games

As Angry Birds revolves around firing birds from a slingshot, then how apt would it be to play a party game involving a child-safe foam slingshot toy. You could line up some plush Angry Bird pigs and get the kids to take turns in blasting at them or knocking them down - just like the game.

There is a ready-made Angry Birds game which is called Knock on Wood. It's only for 2-4 players but that might be ok for a smaller party where kids were divided into little groups to play against each other.

I love the idea of a birthday party Pinata which you can fill with wrapped candy and chocolates and little treats - then get the kids to destroy it so all the goodies fall out.

Kids love being allowed to destroy things! Shame there's not an actual Angry Birds pinata but I think this amazing Toucan really fits the bill anyway!

You need some sticks to whack the pinata with. You can cover a plain stick using a hot gun and ribbon which you wrap from top to bottom. I would let one child have several goes before passing the stick on to someone else. If you get several kids trying to hit the pinata at once, they'll accidentally hit each other.

Party Favor Tip

Don't forget that not all Party Favors have to be Angry Bird related. You can pick out a few key pieces and then add in some other toys or sweets into the mix.

Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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Marie on 01/13/2012

Thank you @bhthanks. Angry Birds make for fun parties!

bhthanks on 01/12/2012

You have such beautifully pictured products on this page. Who knew Angry Birds would make such a great theme!

Marie on 12/16/2011

Yes would make for a great and colorful party :)

ethelsmith on 12/16/2011

These look fun

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