Apple Lightning to USB Cable

by katiem2

Be sure to get this OFFICIAL Apple cable by checking the seller is Amazon. The cost and prime free two-day shipping is a better deal than Apple store. Get the official cable here.

I love the design of this Apple Cable due to the updated design. It’s now reversible. The actual Apple cables are complex including a chip inside the connector with an assigned pin function exclusive to Apple. This feature design makes it much harder for knock offs to duplicate or copy this cable. I got this OEM cable to make sure it works well and is compatible with my devices. The generic cables just haven’t advanced to the point to make it worthwhile to purchase and use. You can’t beat this deal with free shipping and quick delivery. The product is quality, just be sure to check the provider is Amazon as you see here.

Buying Apple Accessories at Amazon

Amazon has grown to be a trusted source for reliable products sent quickly to your door.

There are many advantages to buying Apple Accessories through Amazon. You can save on shipping getting if free with prime shipping options and it arrives quickly to your home without going out to shop for one.

When any product on the site is labeled - Ships from and sold by you can feel secure in the quality of the products.

There are instances where the products sold on Amazon are done so by second party and while they are most often reliable and trusted sources you should be cautious when buying apple accessories.

Apple is making their parts, accessories and components harder to copy or mimic.

If you buy your accessories from a second party provider you may not get something compatible with your Apple device. This will not provide the optimal performance.

The product to your right is the real deal and delivers on Apple quality.

Apple USB Cable Features

What you can expect from this Apple USB Cable offered and shipped by Amazon
  • A strudy and durable design
  • A handy reversible direction
  • Optimal and compatible Apple OEM Product

Note: It's a good idea to have a spare USB cable just in case your cat or dog chews up the one you use everyday.  Pets. especially cats, kittens, puppies and dogs love chewing on such cords or cables so keep your electronics and devices kept up and out of the reach of curious pets or small children 

Updated: 03/21/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 03/19/2017

DerdriuMarriner as always good to have you

DerdriuMarriner on 03/18/2017

katiem2, Thank you for the information on Amazon's role in Apple accessories. Do you know of any way to keep two-month-old kittens from chewing on cords?

katiem2 on 03/24/2013

I always have an extra apple USB cable on hand, my cat loves to chew them up. The one time I forget, leaving it dangling somewhere that she can get to it the cable is toast. ARGH!

Shelly on 03/24/2013

Good to know, thanks

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