Apple White Ever After High Dolls

by fitzcharming

She's a member of the newest line of dolls from Mattel and the daughter of Snow White.

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White from the well known fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She attends school at Ever After High, along with lots of other fairy tale character kids. They are learning to fulfill the roles their parents now play in all of our favorite stories from childhood.

It's easy to see at first glance she truly is the fairest. Apple White is gorgeous, popular, and had a bright and cheerful future as the future Snow White. She's one of the "Royal" students in school and loved by everyone. She comes from a family that has every advantage and her future is destined to be happily ever after. She's so happy to be at Ever After High School.

Apple White Ever After High Doll
Apple White Ever After High Doll

Apple White Is Thrilled To Be Declaring Her Path At Legacy Day

Each year at Ever After High the students make a pledge to the rest of the magical world to follow the path of their parents in fairy tale history.  Apple white is so excited she volunteers to be first in line to vow to be the next Show White in front of the entire student body. She's a Royal which means she's one of the heroines in fairy tale land.  And she doesn't mind flaunting it.

Unfortunately Apple White is not aware of her privileged and elite status.  She doesn't realize that there are others who are sons and daughters of villains in the stories, and don't share the same adoration from fans.  They come from a disadvantaged childhood and they must live their lives as hated evil characters.  Some aren't so happy about their prospects and are included in the Rebels at school.

Headmaster Milton Grim is so proud of his young charge.  Since 1812 when the school was founded it's been his job to make sure each generation of fairy tale characters are ready and prepared for their destinies. Apple White is the perfect student.

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Ever After High: Apple White's Story

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Apple White

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Meet Apple White In Her Debut Ever After High Video

Mattels Apple White Ever After High Doll

The Apple White doll was revealed on the Ever After High Facebook page in June 2013.  She's not available yet so I haven't had a chance to see her but here are my initial thoughts.  As a doll collector I know I'll be buying her as soon as she's in stores and I'll be able to do a better review.

  • She's got a big head, which I love.  I'm drawn to big headed dolls.
  • She's got loads of blonde twisted curly hair. It looks like she may come from the manufacturer with lots of hair product to keep the shape. Once it's brushed out will it hold some semblance of the original look?  And why is her hair blonde since Snow White obviously had dark black locks? 
  • Her outfit is a tight fitted bodice dress with a pouffy skirt, all in shades of red.  It looks like there is some sparkle on the fabric.  Her purse is what I adore most.  It's shaped like an apple and has tiny red beads on the surface.  I hope it opens.  And the shoes look big and sturdy enough to help her stand up on her own.  Once again the fashions are a change from the traditional Snow White colors and style.
  • It looks like the doll is jointed like the Monster High Mattel dolls and they are supposed to be able to trade clothes.  So I wonder if that means their limbs pop out like their MH cousins.  With her splayed fingers she would have to lose an arm to be able to slide into some of their fashions. 
Apple White Ever After High Doll
Apple White Ever After High Doll

The New Dolls Are Available on eBay Too

Updated: 08/20/2014, fitzcharming
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Will The Apple White Doll Be A Hit or Is She Just Another Princess Doll?

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fitzcharming on 06/29/2013

Thanks for your comment Mira. Mattel has come creative people that's for sure.

Mira on 06/29/2013

Ever After High. An interesting idea. I guess it came naturally to this doll manufacturer looking for a new line. And then in order to have complete freedom with their doll, they gave Snow White a daughter :)

fitzcharming on 06/28/2013

Thanks for visiting kimbesa. I think so too.

kimbesa on 06/28/2013

She's special. A princess and a half. She will be a hit, and will be just fine in her own wardrobe.

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