Appreciating Ancient Coins

by blackspanielgallery

Ancient coins often give glimpses into history in unique ways. Images of ancient coins can be used as decorative art that will attract interest.

Many coin collectors appreciate the history associated with an old coin. So, appreciating ancient coins, artifacts from antiquity, is easily understood. Yet many coin collectors will not have a single ancient coin is a typical collection.

One reason people do not include ancient coins is that there is a misconception that all ancient coins are expensive. True, many ancient coins are expensive, but lower grade coins often are not.

Of course, higher grade coins are more desirable. Many well worn coins look like disks with little detail. This is because no one has a can of pristine ancient coins hidden in an attic from the year in which they were minted. Ancient coins are usually dug up after years of having been buried. This is not conducive to having great specimens. Also, ancient coins were minted before mints had machinery to put pressure on planchets with well engraved dies. Some ancient coins, those minted for military payment, were often minted by portable mints that went with the soldiers by a person who applied pressure with a hammer. Yet despite this, great specimens do occasionally come available.

Images Are Affordable

Prints of Ancient Coins

Some ancient coins of high quality are available in art form.  No, you cannot turn the print over and see the other side, but you can appreciate the image that is there.  And you can display the image without fear of having a valuable coin stolen. 


Prints can be placed on walls in your home, or in a business.  Match a group of images and find you have a wonderful decorating scheme.

Ancient Coin Images

Images on Coffee Mugs

Images can also be found on other objects, such as coffee mugs.  Imagine having a mug on your desk with an ancient coin image.


Mugs can be used for coffee or tea, but also for many other decorative reasons.  Mugs can hold candy, pens and pencils, or other desktop items. 

Mix and Match

Ancient coin collectors often specialize.  Some prefer one of the three periods of Roman history.  Others collect ancient coins from Greece.  Some collect coins from the Holy Land. 


Collections can also include later, albeit ancient, coins.  Medieval coins from Europe are interesting.  Perhaps a collector will concentrate on a country from which the coin was minted.  William the Conqueror established the mint in England in the eleventh century, but there was already a slightly older mint in Paris.  So old British and French coins are among those one could appreciate.


China and Japan also have had coins for many centuries.  The nice part of collecting affordable art is that one can easily collect coins from one, or several, interests. 

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Other Possibilities

Coins are not unique in matched art.  Art themes for businesses abound. 


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Updated: 04/12/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/12/2020

Ancient coins are not available for every culture, although if they exist they are probably meaningful to collectors. I know Biblical coins are a collecting specialty, but often are of Roman origin when what is now Israel was occupied by Rome. Desert nations might have problems associated with shifting sands hiding coins. In Europe many coins were buried by soldiers entering battle, and later found if the soldier had been killed or fled.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/12/2020

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
Are ancient Asian coins outside China and Japan not available or popular with collectors or inspirational for mug art?

blackspanielgallery on 04/10/2020

Thanks for stopping by. This was intended to be a light article, not pertaining to any problems.

frankbeswick on 04/10/2020

It is good to keep up the flow of articles at this period of stress. Thanks, I learned something here.

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