Arch Support Slippers - Comfortable Slippers for Relaxing at Home

by Digby_Adams

Slippers for women that provide comfort and support. You'll also love the fashionable styles available.

I know after I've been standing on my feet all day or running errands all over town, it feels so good to get home and take off my shoes! Even when I've had my most favorite and comfortable sneakers on, my feet love the feeling of being free and relaxed. My husband and I needed to get our shoes and sneakers organized, so we put a shoe bench with shelves by our back door in the kitchen. This is where I always put a pair of slippers. So the minute we walk in the door, we sit down and put on our slippers.

I never really gave our slippers much thought. But then I was given a really nice pair of Isotoner women's slippers with some arch support. What a difference that little bit of support made. When my feet are sore, they hurt a lot less when the have some arch support. I'd say that the Isotoner arch support slippers are light support.

Once I had experienced arch support slippers, I started to experiment with a variety of support slippers. Orthaheel support slippers are some of my favorites. They are great on days when my feet are very tired. They are made of super soft plush materials, but have a lot of support.

Comfortable House Slippers

Orthaheel Women's Relax Slipper

Not only does the Orthaheel Women's Relax Slipper feel super-soft, it also helps relieve heel pain by realigning your foot to its natural position. The ingenuity is in the ...

Old Friend Women's 441169 Scuff Sheepskin Slipper

Relax after a long day with these Ladies Scuff slippers from Old Friends. This slip on features suede upper, sheepskin lining that molds to your foot for custom arch support, ...

ACORN Women's Chinchilla 11043 Bootie

Give her feet the red carpet treatment with super-soft booties by Acorn®. High-top, Italian-plush uppers and thick, chinchilla-soft linings provide maximum warmth with above ...


I've found that each slipper brand has a different amount of arch support. This is okay because I've found that on different days my feet feel quite different. I've gone from running around the house barefoot or in cheap flip flops to being a arch support slipper expert! There are arch support slippers that look like flip flops, but if you look closely, you'll see that the sole is much thicker and that there is probably a bit of raised heel. I do love these in Summer. They are great for running out to get the mail or water a few plants.

But for winter there are super cozy support slippers. I am so surprised at how much warmer we are when we have our slippers on. We are fixing up a 19th Century Maine farmhouse. The winters are cold and the house is still quite drafty.

So my strategy is to have a variety of winter and summer arch support slippers available and to keep store them where they will be easily put on. The shoe bench by the back door has been a definite winner. In addition to warmer and happier feet, we have much cleaner floors and rugs.

I now get lots of support slippers for gifts. They've become a favorite stocking stuffer. When you see how much better your knees, hips and back feel you'll understand my enthusiasm.

Updated: 01/16/2015, Digby_Adams
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Marie on 12/22/2011

My mom wears slippers with arch support and she swears by how comfy they are.

sheilamarie on 12/22/2011

Ooooh, my aching feet! Sounds comfy!

sheilamarie on 12/22/2011

Ooooh, my aching feet! Sounds comfy!

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