Are You an American Patriot?

by teddletonmr

What makes an American a patriot, believing in the pledge of allegiance, in god we trust, or something more?

I believe as parents grand or otherwise, aunts, uncles or simply teachers of young children. Sooner or later, we are all asked questions that are difficult to answer.
Take for instance the one where my 11-year old son asked me. Hey dad, what makes a person a patriot anyway? From the tone of his voice, and the expression on his face, I suddenly realized. This was not going to be one of those short answer questions.
Suffice it to say, his quandary had us discussing the complicated topic of the connotative and denotative meaning of the question, oh yes we were. Follow along as we discuss both subtle, and acts of valor type things. That makes an American a patriot.

Revolutionary AKA American Patriot

Disenfranchised colonist become Rebels, Revolutionaries, Congressmen / American Whigs

During the American Revolution, independence-seeking colonist relied on Pamphleteers to keep them up to date on the news of the day. The equivalent of today’s high-speed internet news services, we rely on to provide us with up to the second news. Kept the good people of early America informed of things going on in and around the thirteen colonies and their supporters.

Pamphleteers and Patriots
Pamphleteers and Patriots

Pamphleteers and Patriots

Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Paine use the power of the pamplet

Thomas Jefferson Patriots such as Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Paine were journalist of their day. Writing and publishing pamphlets, as pamphleteers reported on the news of the day focused on the revolutionist’s ideals. Witch was in sharp contrast to the beliefs of loyalist

 Unhappy with British rule, colonist of the original thirteen united colonies were sick and tired of struggling under the burdens placed on them by the oppressive British monarchy. For the working class colonist, that whole taxation without representation thing was nothing more. Than a rich power hungry King, and his ruling class, take hard-earned profits from hard working men, women, and families, to line the pockets of wealthy aristocrats loyal to the crown.



American Patriot
American Patriot

Talking about political philosophy

Republicanism was the popular talking points

American Patriots The Times were changing, due to in large part, the rebellious early American journalist turned patriot’s, spreading the word about the republicanism and it's political philosophy.

 Hum, kind of sounds familiar wouldn’t you say, like bloggers of today. Speaking out about things, they are passionate about.  

American Patriot
American Patriot

Uncle Sam and Veterans

American patriots come from all walks of life, economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds

American Patriot When I asked my eleven-year-old son, what is the first thing you think of when asked what an American patriot is. He thought for a few seconds, as though he was trying to figure out what I wanted him to say, and responded. Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is Uncle Sam.

I must admit, I really had no idea what he would come up with, but Uncle Sam really took me by surprise.

To be honest I was a bit confuse as to what Uncle Sam the boy was referring, and had to ask him. Where did he come up with Uncle Sam? Where he was quick to answer, you know dad, veterans of all the wars.  

Updated: 01/23/2013, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 01/24/2013

Hey, Pam it is good to hear from you. It never ceases to amaze me how my eleven year old, soon to be twelve, will be talking about baseball or basketball one moment. Then suddenly shift gears and out of the blue start up a conversation about American patriots.
I like to believe, my taking time to help him understand these kind of things, will help to foster open and honest communications between he and I as we both mature. This by the way is atop my list of things truly important in this life.
Discussing Baseball, basketball, and American patriots today, hopefully nothing-unforeseen happening, tomorrow’s discussions, will focus on relationships, buying his first home and all that sort of things down the road…
Be well, best wishes to you and yours. Mike

dustytoes on 01/24/2013

How wonderful that you and your son are talking about American patriotism.

katiem2 on 01/23/2013

Mike, Yes it is!

teddletonmr on 01/23/2013

Thanks Katie, American history is ful of interesting twists and turns.

katiem2 on 01/23/2013

Nicely done! This American is proud of your approach to the question. Are you an American Patriot? Hmmmm food for thought and thought provoking both at the same time. I look forward to more on the topic of American History from you. NICE! :)K

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