The American Dream, Myth, or Fallacy

by teddletonmr

The American dream is all about a person pursuing individual freedoms, independence, and the personal vision of the proverbial pot of gold. Read the American Dream Debate Here.

The great thing about the American Dream, everyone is entitled to pursue their own. Many people travel great distances in pursuit of their individual religious freedoms while others seek their social and political independence. Then again, there are still other free spirited thinkers, the dreamers with stardust in their eyes if you will who prefer chasing rainbows and that all-elusive pot of gold awaiting them..

This is all well and good however this begs the question, what is The American Dream, Myth, or Fallacy? Follow along as we dig a little deeper into the psyche of the American Dreamer. Let us not forget, what it takes to make one’s individual dreams come true.

Pursuing the American Dream

Natural born citizens, and immigrates, alike all share in the dream and responsibilities of making dreams come true

God Bless America, now there's a powerfully emotional trigger if there ever was one. The phrase serves to inspire, motivate, and remind Americans having a belief system in place is important. Let’s face it, simply mentioning the word / name of God. Will elicit predictable responses from both believers, and on the other hand, those that think religious beliefs to be a load of crap, atheists if you will.

Academics that believe themselves smarter than common people, and view religious practices as nothing more than unenlightened peoples trying to make sense of things they cannot otherwise explain, or understand. In short people that seek out their own salvation through academic discovery. 

Americans, each and everyone, have the freedom to make their own decisions as to how they believe, live according to their beliefs, and respect the beliefs of their neighbors. All United States of America citizens are encouraged, from cradle to grave, to pursue their individual hopes and dreams that are the American dream without the fear of reprisals from a repressive government or state sponsored religious doctrine

Myth VS Individual Responsibility

Freedom doesn't come free of; hard work and dedication to ones ideals, is the corner stone of Americans dreams coming true.

When looking for the best locale suitable for achieving a person’s individual vision of the perfect American dream. It is extremely important, hardworking folks remember the varying aspects of each state. The 50 states all have unique laws,attractions and living standards. For many folks it’s as simple as the state constitution and laws being a bit more conservative, or the liberal point of view that makes all the difference. Furthermore there are still others who prefer diverse political and social sensibilities.

Best of all, each region in which a state is located enjoys diverse natural beauties. This is important stuff to keep in mind. After all, living in a desert  wasteland isn't the best place to pursue the dream of becoming a world-class surfer is it. Although living in the desert will give one a better appreciation of the importance of water conservation techniques it does not provide the environment for surfing.


Picture perfect landscape aside, one should give some credence to both political and social norms of the community.

After all, moving into a conservative bible belt town in the south probably isn't the best place to open a tea, and coffee shop, with the dream of selling specialty blends of marijuana, and all things hemp.

Such things would be a better fit for a community like, San Francisco California and Bolder Colorado. With ideals that are a bit more progressive the norm. Making these communities, far better locations for such free spirited entrepreneurial endeavors flourish.


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Lady Liberty Embraces Individuals Passion

Freedoms to speak, assemble, and garner support to implement social and economic change is the American Way

The Nature Conservancy, Oxfam America, and the National Organization for Women, is but a few of the organizations many Americans find themselves supporting. Regardless the thing or things we find ourselves passionate about, animal rights, world hunger, and, or, work place injustices.

The American Dream lives on today, due to the willingness, and ability, of passionate peoples like you and me. Standing up for those things we believe in, and deeply value.

As concerned Americans all, we find ourselves speaking out against those guilty of unacceptable social behavior and unsafe or unsustainable business practices, which harm the environment. Requiring passionate Americans like you and me, take the appropriate actions, that make social and economic change possible, under the protection of law,   

Updated: 11/18/2015, teddletonmr
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NanciArvizu on 08/25/2015

Just came across this article - 2 years later? FUNNY, insightful... and strangely, on point today. GREAT article.

JohnnyKnox on 09/22/2013

Interesting post and nice discussion of the American Dream. Your book suggestion seems interesting too.

teddletonmr on 01/22/2013

Hey Katie, I have seen the program; Larry the cable guy has quite the loyal following. His catchy tag line, Get err done. In combination with his trademark button up, plaid shirt with the sleeves torn off at the shoulder, and tattered baseball cap has defined the best-dressed redneck American Dream. :)

katiem2 on 01/22/2013

Mike, Nice conversation about the American Dream. I was channel surfing this weekend and ran across Only In America on the history channel a show looking at what makes Americans tick, succeed and the amazing things created and done in America. Larry the cable guy host the show. If you haven't seen it you should check it out.

teddletonmr on 01/18/2013

Tolovaj great to hear from you, I believe you are spot on. Each of us has our own vision of what the American Dream is to us. As an American, I believe having a dream is a lot like having goals. I realize this is just one simple man’s opinion, and may not coincide with what others believe.
True as Americans, we find ourselves constantly influenced by the business interests of the media. Regardless how one believes, free speech, free, market, or something sinister, it’s hard to separate truth from media biases.
The truth of the matter, for a few people the American dream is all about becoming rich and powerful. Where others, American dreawm is less about wealth and the power it will buy, and more about the quality of one’s family life, protecting mother earth, and equality for all.
Living in large American cities, or small town America standards of living may differ a bit, the political landscape and priorities will be different as well. However, as Americans we all dare to dream. It’s the way we go about achieving our dreams, which define us as individuals, for better or worse.

teddletonmr on 01/18/2013

Mira, the great thing about America I believe unlike you, many people may not fully understand or appreciate. Each of the independent United States has that special something that makes what it has to offer a bit different than neighboring states.
From the vineyards in the Napa valley, New York City’s fashions, the Rocky mountain highs, everglades swamps, and everything in between there is something special for the adventurous traveler can experience. Yet we are all Americans that simply love to share our hopes, dreams, and love of freedom with the rest of our worldly neighbors.

Tolovaj on 01/17/2013

It is very interesting how different we look at American dream. One is a dream coming from media, second is individual and there is also the dark one with groups with playing dirty to protect their selfish interests. I think i would have to live in US (and not in one of biggest cities) at least for a year to understand how 'ordinary' folk follow the American dream...

Mira on 01/17/2013

I spent some time in some US states in the past and loved it. America is a great place. Hope to go visit in the future -- those states and others.

teddletonmr on 01/15/2013

Great to hear from you Pam, I believe it’s all the hard working, good-natured peoples, calling each of these United States home. That makes America one of the greatest contries on earth..

dustytoes on 01/15/2013

I love America for many reasons and am proud to be an American. I also love the diversity found in all fifty states and would love to visit each one. We have the option to live in any type of climate, in rural areas or huge cities. One link to a biased article does not mean our country sucks.
Nice page Mike.

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