The best Portable Gas Grill under $60

by teddletonmr

Still the best portable gas grill for tailgating, camping, and the backyard barbecue, Weber Go-anywhere grill...

For folks like you and me that enjoy spending time with the kids and our friends in the great outdoors. There comes a time when the high light of any outdoor activity focuses on what is there to eat. Let us face it. No tail gaiting party is complete without burgers, dogs, chicken breast, bratwurst, and a few grilled veggies. On the other hand, there are those occasions when we find ourselves going camping, hunting or going on a fishing trip.

Weber go anywhere grill

Portable easy to use stores easily on a shelf gas grill

 Family reunion and backyard barbecue I believe we all will agree are great opportunities for firing up the ole barbecue grill.  

Our quandary, what is the best portable gas grill, which will work for us when we need to cook all our family’s favorite foods. Not only when we are on the go, but also when we find ourselves in need of an additional grill to use in the backyard.

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Weber Go-anywhere grill

Portable gas or Charcoal Grill Works Great on a Camping Trip, Tail gate Party or and a day at the Beach or Park
Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill
$69.99  $59.99
Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill
Only $71.0

Benefits of a Portable Gas Grill

Camp out Tailgate Party or Backyard Barbecue this Gas Grill Delivers

It is hard to beat the convenience of a gas barbecue grill. After all, we need not worry about messy charcoal and ashes messing up the car, garden shed or garage. No messy charcoal briquettes to haul around or worry about getting wet, or waiting for the coals to get ready before cooking for our hungry horde. Simply set it up, hook it up to a 16-ounce LP gas bottle or with the adaptor 20-pound LP tank, turn the gas on, light the burner, cook the food, finish and turn the gas off. What could be simpler?

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Easy to set up Gas Barbecue Grill

Weber go anywhere grill sets up in minutes, and lights in seconds

go anywhere grill for transport Setting-up the portable Weber Go-anywhere gas grill is quick and easy as it should be. The sturdy steel legs located on each end of the bottom portion of the portable gas grill wrap from the rear to the front of the grill body and burner assembly.     

When in the transport position, the legs easily fold around, and over the top cover of the grill. Not only making the grill easy to load into the trunk of the car or behind the seat of a mini-van, the space under the cover works well for storage of the small propane tank and grilling tools.

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Easily set up on a Picnic Table, Tailgate or Ground level

Grilling at a campsite, Patio, or during a power outage

campground picnic table Many campgrounds have picnic tables around the fire ring that provide a good set-up spot for a couple reasons. When setting up the grill on a table, it puts the grill at an adult’s waist height, keeping the grill off the ground is a good thing. Adult campers are more comfortable not bending over to cook. Setting on a table makes it less likely a kid playing or someone will stumble into the grill full of cooking food.

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Starting the Weber go anywhere gas grill

Propane Gas Grill lights easy, without any Charcoal mess

When it comes time to fire up a portable gas grill at a tailgate party or overnight campout, we have a couple fuel options. By far the most common, is using one of the inexpensive non-refillable LP (liquid propane) bottles. The 16-oz LP bottle is similar in appearance to a quart thermos, or large jar of applesauce, and costs around $5 at the big box stores. The amount of cooking time will vary with how cold and windy it is, and how high you adjust the flame. However, you should get on average, two hours of medium cooking time when the winds are calm and the weather is relatively warm.     

The second choice popular with folks planning to cook more than two, or three small meals, the optional six-foot hose and adaptor, makes it easy to connect the Weber portable gas grill to the twenty-pound LP tank used on standard size gas grills. Using the twenty-pound LP tank is the less expensive fuel option for those of us planning to use the grill frequently, say a vacation spent camping, or several holiday weekend barbecue parties.

Think of it this way, the small non-refillable bottle holds 16-oz or one pound of LP. Where a twenty-pound tank is refillable and holds 20-pounds of LP gas. The dollars and cents way to look at it, 16-oz for $5, or 20-pounds for less than $20, which is to say, 20-pounds LP/$20= $1 per pound vs. $5 for a 16-oz (one-pound) non-refillable bottle that will end up in a land fill somewhere.

20-pound prppane cylinder or 16-ounce propane bottle

With the proper adapter a 20-pound propane cylinder will work on a portable gas grill
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Cooking on a Weber Go-anywhere Barbecue Grill

The bare bones, easy to set up and use portable gas or Weber Barbecue Grills

Please allow me to share with you, the first time I witnessed the cooking prowess and ease of set-up of the weber go anywhere gas grill. My two sons and I, as part of our local Cub Scout pack were experiencing the first evening of a 3 night, two-day Cub Scout adventure camp, at ole Ben Scout reservation in southern Indiana.

As luck would have it, our convoy experienced a bit of a summer rain on the drive to camp. Now for those not in the know, ask any Cub Master about the weather and you without question will hear something like, no campout is complete without a little rain. That is fine however. I am here to tell you on this particular occasion it was more of a toad strangler. Anyway, that is all part of the adventure.

To make a long story short, setting up camp, if you can imagine twenty + boys, ranging in age from first through fifth grade with one thing on their mind, when and more importantly, what were we going to cook them something to eat, sound familiar?

go anywhere gas grill With our focus turning from setting up tents and the like, the Webelos den leader broke out his weber go anywhere gas grill. I must admit at first glance I could not help but think to myself. You are going to cook burgers and dogs for all these scouts and leaders on that little portable gas grill. This could get ugly, quick fast and in a hurry.

In as little time as it took me to ponder the situation, the Weber Go-anywhere gas grill was set-up on the end of a picnic table, heated up ready to cook burgers and dogs. After thirty or so minutes cooking on the weber portable gas, grill eighty hotdogs and a dozen or so burgers grilled satisfied the hungry horde. I found myself wanting to buy my own just to have around for just such occasions.

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Enjoy Your Next BBQ

Buy your ortable grill online and save time and money

The rectangular shape and size of the Weber Go-anywhere gas grill, makes it easy to not only load and unload in the back of a car, SUV or pick-up truck. The quick set-up and easy to control burner makes it easy to grill hot-dogs, hamburgers, and yes even bratwursts. For not only campouts, and tailgate parties the portable weber gas grill works well in the backyard or barbecue on the balcony. Better yet, the portable weber grill is easy to store until next time you want to grill something delicious.

Enjoy your grilling successes, Mike       

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Updated: 07/23/2012, teddletonmr
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