Art Deco Jewelry

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If you are looking for a unique Gift for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd then Art Deco Jewelry could be just the thing. Bright, colorful and distinctive!

If the person you are buying a Gift for is the kind of person who likes bold, unique and expressive jewelry than art deco jewelry would be perfect for them.

They are sophisticated, extravagant and are quite the fashion statement. They can be worn with just about anything and at anytime.

The recipient needs be prepared to capture a lot of attention with these gorgeous pieces. Although if they already have some art deco jewelry they will already be used to that!

Why Art Deco Jewelry?

Some women love flashy, over the top jewelry; although some jewelry can really be border line tacky with its flamboyant and misguided design. However, if you’re looking for beautifully ornate jewelry that would still be considered chic and sophisticated then art deco style jewelry is the way to go.

The art deco style is known for its use of rich, eye popping colors, bold geometric shapes and elaborate designs and embellishments. The following jewelry have these characteristics and can add a touch of fabulousness to any boring ensemble.   

Kate Spade New York "Belle Fleur" Enamel Stone Bangle Bracelet

How stunning is this “Belle Fleur” bangle bracelet from Kate Spade New York? This is the kind of piece that will have everyone noticing your wrist.

The bracelet is made from brass metal and finished in a gold tone. It features enamel stones in monochromatic shades of blues with off white pearl accents strategically placed into the design.

“Belle Fleur” means beautiful flower in French which definitely captures the essence of this jewelry.  

Great Gatsby Bling Jewelry CZ Teardrop Art Deco Style Swirl Bridal Necklace Estate Jewelry

Anyone can feel like royalty in jewelry this spectacular remarkable. This bridal collar necklace will make any blushing bride sparkle. It’s made from rhodium plate brass with tear drop or pear shaped cubic zirconia in prong settings. The necklace features a 16 inch chain with a fold over clasp. It’s perfect for any type of formal event including weddings and banquets.  

Heirloom Finds Dramatic Art Deco Multi Pastel Crystal Drop Earrings

A pair of gorgeous earrings like these definitely belong in the public eye. They’re simply breathtaking and quite ostentatious but in a good way.

The drop earrings measure 3 inches long and 1 ¼ inches wide. It features sparkling crystals in various colors which includes pink, pale topaz, teal, hot pink, and clear; all of which are set in a beautiful contrasting hematite finish.

Great Gatsby Bling Jewelry Amethyst Color CZ Art Deco Vintage Style Three Stone Armor Ring

Now this is a ring that belongs on the finger of every fabulous female. Its striking beauty is undeniable and its irregular size makes it stand out.

This armor ring is styled in art deco with a vintage twist which makes it also sophisticated in appearance. It features amethyst oval and round shaped cubic zirconia in a bezel setting and surrounded by several clear cubic zirconia in different sizes.

Men, if you’re not quite ready to give your lady an engagement ring or a wedding ring, or maybe she already has those types of rings then this is the next piece of jewelry you should be slipping on her finger. 

The Origins of Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco Design

Art deco was a movement that began in the 1920s and spanned through the 1930s. It started in one of the most fashion forward cities on earth, Paris. Some would call this design style eclectic and artistic.

But the true essence of art deco is described to be glamorous and elegant while being functional and modern at the same time. Aside from jewelry, the art deco style can also be incorporated into architecture, visual arts, fashion, interior and industrial design. It’s a concept that expanded throughout many nations during the World War II era.

Through the years, the popularity of art deco has gone through a roller coaster. It started to decline in the 1940s, but later was revived in the 1960s and later again in the 1980s. Today, you can still see many of the art deco influence in architecture, fashion and art throughout the world.

One Of The Most Popular Art Deco Jewelry Pieces

Beautiful Art Deco Jewelry Necklace
Art Deco Squared Natural Turquoise an...
Only $68.0

Clara Beau Sterling Silver Plated Multi-Color Swarovski Crystal Filigree Art Deco Necklace

There’s something rather enchanting about this necklace; its beauty will readily hypnotize anyone admiring it.

The necklace features multiple colors of Swarovski crystals are featured in pacific opal, olivine, ruby and indicolite and the diamond shaped pendant dangles on a 16 inch fancy link chain.

The overall design of the necklace would be considered vintage, but its bold colors and interesting combination of geometric shapes also gives it an art deco appeal.  

Art Deco Jewelry Design

Art deco jewelry is based on the concept of mathematical geometric shapes and asymmetrical organic curves. This is evident in a lot of pendant necklaces and rings that are fashioned in this style.

Other common features of the art deco style are chevron patterns, fountains, the sunburst motif and ziggurat shapes. With the use of precious gems, stones and other natural materials, coupled with interesting designs, art deco jewelry can really stand out.

Couple them with a solid colored garment; they will certainly become the main feature of the entire outfit. The jewelry itself can display elements of complexity, yet they are very pleasing and striking to the eye. Art deco jewelry pieces are considered to be bold fashion statements with exaggerated elements in color, structure and design.

Giving Art Deco Jewelry As Gifts

With such an eclectic style, many of you may wonder if giving art deco jewelry as gifts would be appropriate?

Their unique designs can capture the interest of almost anyone. It’s hard to deny the alluring beauty of any art deco jewelry; it’s captivating in many ways. If you or the recipient is a fan of jewelry at all, then an art deco piece would be a great gift idea.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday or holiday, art deco necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings would be perfect for the occasion. In addition, they can really add personality to someone’s overall look.

There’s more than one way to express yourself, and one of those ways would be in jewelry. Each piece of art deco jewelry can be as unique as its wearer.

They are a great addition to any collection. They’re timeless beauty and irresistible charm makes them the perfect piece of jewelry for anyone.  The recipient can make a statement without saying a word with art deco jewelry.    

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WriterArtist on 06/11/2013

I adore the vintage style of Art Deco jewelry, I never tire of watching these fantastic pieces of art.

Sheri_Oz on 08/25/2012

You've done a beautiful job here of giving good information and a great choice of beautiful pieces.

BrendaReeves on 02/12/2012

I love art deco. I did an article on art deco interior design for another website, so I'm very familiar with the era.

humagaia on 02/09/2012

I always think of Art Deco as angular, stylized, more masculine than feminine, Jazz age. You have chosen well. I find Arte Nouveau to be more feminine, personally. Perhaps an article on that style would not go amiss.

fanfreluche on 01/22/2012

I love the art deco period. The jewelry are nice

WiseFool on 01/17/2012

I'm not usually a big fan of jewelry, but that 'blue sapphire' ring is gorgeous. Might have to give someone a nudge in this direction ; )

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