Heart of The Ocean Necklace

by pkmcr

Imagine your partner's reaction when you present them with the Heart of The Ocean! This iconic necklace from the Titanic Film is bound to leave them speechless!

If you are looking for a unique Gift this year why not present her with a beautiful replica of the Heart of The Ocean Necklace.

The “Heart of the Ocean” necklace has to be one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever made. It’s big, bold and beautiful and will never be forgotten by anyone who has seen it in the hit 1997 movie Titanic.

It played a key role in the lives of two star crossed lovers and remained to be a prominent feature throughout the film.

There's no question many women would dream about owning a piece of jewelry that's as elaborate and rare as the Heart of the Ocean necklace, a mysterious blue diamond necklace featured in the movie phenomenon Titanic.

The necklace is breathtaking in every way from size to shape, cut, color, and design. But does this rare blue diamond necklace really exist? Of course it does and you can get your very own Heart of the Ocean necklace in stores and online.

The best part about being able to purchase this beautiful gem is that you don't have to pay millions of dollars for one of your own. After all, not many people have that kind of budget to spend on a necklace.

Fortunately for us "commoners" there are more affordable and accessible alternatives when it comes to the Heart of the Ocean necklace.

Our First Introduction To The Heart Of The Ocean

There are several unforgettable moments in the movie Titanic. Like the time Jack and Rose stood over the edge of the boat and she spread her arms out as if she was “flying”, or when both of them held on to each other while slowly dying in the freezing water, or when Rose was an old woman who once again stood at the edge of the boat and looked down into the water (how many of you seriously thought she was going to jump?).

But of all the momentous scenes in the movie there was one that really stuck out; the time when Jack drew a portrait of Rose wearing nothing but an extravagant blue diamond “Heart of the Ocean” necklace.

You can create your very own “Titanic” moment with a Titanic Heart Ocean necklace like the ones here. They may not be the real thing, but they sure come close to it and they’re just as beautiful. 

Sapphire Blue + CZ Cubic Zirconia Stunning Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

This stunning necklace features a sapphire cubic zirconia shaped in a heart and placed in a platinum silver bezel setting.

In addition to the sapphire heart, another interesting element that adds beauty and intrigue to this peace would be its sterling silver snake chain that measures 18 inches long includes a lobster claw clasp. 

Chaomingzhen 18k White Gold Plated Charm Blue Large Heart of the Ocean Pendant Necklace

This exquisite rendition of the Heart of the Ocean necklace features an authentic sapphire heart shaped Austrian gemstone.

It’s set in an 18 karat gold which is anti-allergic and lustrous. The heart pendant hangs on an 18 inch long snake chain with a lobster claw clasp.

When wearing this necklace, be sure to choose an outfit that’ll highlight its beauty.

Neoglory Charm Ocean Titanic Heart Blue Pendants Necklace

For a more traditional looking Heart of the Ocean jewelry, opt for this pendant necklace. It features an ocean blue heart shaped crystal that’s surrounded by white mini hearts rhinestones.

The pendant is placed on a twisted chain link measuring 18 ½ inches long. Look regal in anything you where when you were this Titanic heart blue pendant necklace.

The Heart Of The Ocean Necklace Origin

The True Story Behind This Stunning Necklace

The origin of this necklace isn’t completely fiction. It starts with the Hope Diamond pendant necklace that was worn by King Louis XIV, but instead they called it the “Heart of the Ocean.”

At the sinking of the actual Titanic in 1912, there was a supposed blue diamond pendant worn by an RMS Titanic passenger named Kate Florence Phillips. It was said that she was given the pendant by her lover Samuel Morley, who at that time was already married to another woman.

The two planned to run away together to America and that was what brought them on the Titanic. But Morley did not survive in the sinking of the Titanic. However Kate Phillips did survive the tragedy and the necklace that was given to her was salvaged.

You may be able to get a glimpse of the famous pendant necklace that started it all at Titanic exhibits. This love story was most likely what inspired James Cameron to create the 1997 Titanic.

The Titanic Necklace

The Story Of The Titanic Heart Of The Ocean Necklace

The actual “Heart of the Ocean” pendant that was used in the Titanic film was made from blue cubic zirconia in a white gold setting.

Asprey & Garrard, a London based jewel company, created the necklace which cost about $10,000. During the release of the film in 1997, they were also commissioned to make a real version of the pendant necklace.

Asprey & Garrard did so using a platinum set with a 170 carat heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire. It was then surrounded by a row of 65 round diamonds which brought the value of necklace up to $3.5 million dollars.

Celine Dion wore the necklace to the 1998 Academy Awards while she performed the song “My Heart Will Go On.” The movie itself won many awards and recognitions. It was an international hit and grossed a total of $1,843,201,268 during its almost one year in the theaters.

Titanic was the highest grossing film in history until 2010 when Avatar came out; which was also written by James Cameron.

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace Pendant Jewelry- Blue Swarovski Crystal

This necklace was designed to look like the exact replica of the blue diamond necklace featured in the movie.
Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace P...

Heart of The Ocean Necklace Replicas

Stun Your Valentine With The Heart Of The Ocean Necklace

Now anybody can wear the “Heart of the Ocean.” All it takes is one click of the mouse and you’ll have one sent to you. 

They are fairly affordable and come in many different settings and variations. Not every story that revolves around the famous pendant necklace has to be sad and dramatic.

Give this necklace to your lover this Valentine's Day and make your own happy memories with the “Heart of the Ocean.”  

Buy The Heart of The Ocean Necklace in The UK

Shopping From The UK?

Inspired by Titanic ""Heart of the Ocean"" Necklace
Offering this inspired by Titanic "Heart of the Ocean" Necklace in response to overwhelming customer requests! Dazzling Necklace features prong set round cut faux diamond CZs along the entire chain, which meet at a pear cut CZ in the center.

Inspired by Titanic ""Heart of the Ocean"" Necklace - Petite
Add timeless and elegant sophistication to your look with Petite Heart of Ocean Necklace

Inspired by Titanic ""Heart of the Ocean"" Earrings
Sparkling earrings feature 6 carat heart cut CZs in a rich sapphire blue hue.Hearts are bordered by round cut faux diamond CZs, which extend up to the post backing.

Other Heart of The Ocean Jewelry

Heart of The Ocean Rings and Earrings

There have been many replicas and reproductions of the famous pendant necklace but none of them are worth as much as the original Ceylon sapphire rendition.

You can find many “Heart of the Ocean” imitations being sold online. Aside from necklaces, there are also earrings and rings fashioned with the famous heart shaped blue diamond.

The real “Heart of the Ocean” now resides with a wealthy Asprey & Garrad client’s daughter.

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Great page Paul and beautiful necklace.

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The Heart of The Ocean Necklace is beautiful! And such a nice story too.

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Really beautiful blues in these. When did you say you were going to get me one? Just kidding. :)

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I love the story, Paul. Amazing how a good tale can make you lust after something, isn't it?

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these are s beautiful

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Some very nice sapphire jewelry here and I love the name 'The Heart of the Ocean.'

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