Art of Alfred Gockel

by jptanabe

Gockel's art features bright colors and designs influenced by such great artists as Picasso, Miro, Dali, and Chagall

Alfred Gockel is like a musician whose instrument is the paintbrush. He creates his pieces like a jazz musician, but he performs with paint on a canvas. His compositions are a unique combination of colors and forms, clearly influenced by such great artists as Miro and Picasso, but with a brightness and energy that is all Gockel's own.

Probably my favorites among his many works are those that actually involve music. Like this piece here, "Stroking the Keys."

Introduction to Gockel's art

My first encounter with Alfred Gockel's art was by chance. I was looking for a piece that showed a saxophone, but not just just a photograph or strictly realistic piece, something that captured more of the mood of the saxophone and its music.

That's when I found Gockel's "Sax Player". It wasn't what I had expected, I was thinking more of the darker, smoky atmosphere of a jazz club, but I fell in love with this piece right away. It's simple but so sophisticated, and you can see, feel, almost hear the music coming out of the instrument. The white background with flowing dark black lines that outline the bright primary colors create an amazing effect. Soon I was to find out that is Gockel's unique style.

Gockel's story

Having discovered the art I wanted to learn about the artist. First off, I was happy to find out that he's still alive! Alfred Alexander Gockel, who apparently is known as Alex by his friends, is German, born in 1952 (a good year I have to say!).

After early experiences in coal mining and the army, he returned to his boyhood love of art and began his study of art and design. Gockel then taught graphic design for a while before focusing on creating his own art. Later, he and his wife founded Avant Art, which has become a top ranked art publishing company.

Gockel has said that he uses experiences from his difficult early life in his art, but that his purpose is to express "joy in life." His art certainly brings me plenty of joy!

Amazing Musical Creations

Can't you just hear the music?
Alfred Gockel - Pick up the Beat Art Print NO LONGER IN PRINT - LAS...


Guitar Art Print Signed by Alfred Gockel
Guitar Art Print Signed by Alfred Gockel

And cuteness!

Puppy Love III
Puppy Love III

See more of his art

Here are some sites that have more information about Alfred Gockel, and show his works:


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MBC on 11/25/2014

I love his work! I see what you mean about the feel of the sax coming through in the art.

Jo_Murphy on 02/28/2014

They certainly exude rhythm and harmony. I would love to own some of this art. Thanks for the introduction, Jo

jptanabe on 02/19/2014

Yes, cool isn't it!

Tolovaj on 02/19/2014

You can listen to his pictures - I like that!

jptanabe on 12/01/2013

He does indeed!

WriterArtist on 12/01/2013

Wow these are beautiful paintings - Alfred Gockel creates music with his paint brush.

JohnnyKnox on 11/01/2013

Nice artwork indeed! Thanks for the introduction.

jptanabe on 11/01/2013

Yay indeed! Love his use of colors.

cmoneyspinner on 11/01/2013

YAY!! I found an Alfred Gockel fan. Is this guy's artwork cool or what?? I love the bold colors!!

jptanabe on 11/01/2013

Thanks! I agree. The Tuscan landscape is quite special in its colors and composition, although all his pieces are special in some way!

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