Article Score : Relevant or Irrelevant?

by humagaia

Article Score shows quality, popularity & uniqueness of articles. Is this true? Does it have any effect on article earning potential? Does a low score matter?

Much of what would be written here about the relevance or irrelevance of "Article Score" (or "Page Score") has already been covered in "Author Score", so I suggest you read that first, if you have not already done so, as I do not want to fall foul of a 'duplicate content' tag.

This article will be much less involved (or long).

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This makes article score less likely to give you the same sort of boost in audience numbers, unless of course your writing skills, in writing articles that attract comments, 'likes', 'Editor's Choice' and visitor numbers are honed, in the first place.

Article Score and Author Score

Article score is likewise a method by which article writing sites present their quality to the outside world. The likelihood is that there will be many more articles, reaching the 100 accolade, than author's. One assumes that an author with a 100 score will have a number of pages with a score of 100.

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That said, getting boosted to that exalted position, will benefit, rather than be a negative influence.

Ieper - up arrow

Article Score - How easy is it to rank?

One saving grace is that it is much easier and quicker to achieve a page score of 100, than it is to achieve a personal score of 100. I have been at Wizzley for 20 days and I currently have an author score of 78. 

However, I achieved an article score of 100 for 'Why Tweet?' after 18 days, and I expect to eclipse that performance with 'Target Audience : Are You Writing For The Right Market?' (at the time of writing number 3 in the 'buzzing' list, see screenshot below) which I wrote a day ago. I have seen page scores of 100 achieved within 6 days (see screenshot below).

It is also much easier to obtain a low page score than it is to have a low author score, that is if you have written a good number of articles. Author score is a function of productivity over time (rough estimation), whereas article score is a function of .... (see one of my next two articles).

Be aware that having an article with a high score will not influence your earnings capacity in the same way that a high author score might.

Authors gain across the board from their personal score, but only (a bit more than only, really) for the one article with the high page score.

Articles - Popular

Article Score - Popular Pages
Article Score - Popular Pages

Article Score - position of articles in article lists

Articles on the 'Popular' list, are the ones shown when you follow the 'Explore', 'Pages' route. They are ordered high score to low score. In reality, only those with a score of 100 will ever be viewed, to the extent that they will receive a significant number of visits, as a result of appearing on this list.

There are redeeming features on Wizzley for articles to be seen at the top of a list. These are:

Articles - Buzzing

  • Buzzing
    These are articles that are currently receiving high levels of discussion, as measured by the number of comments that they have received.
    This shows the importance of receiving and replying to comments. If you are seen above the fold, you may receive more visitors as a result.
Article Score - Buzzing Articles
Article Score - Buzzing Articles

Note, in the screenshot, that 'Tips and Tricks After 50 Pages on Wizzley' is showing at the top with 29 comments; has an article score of 80; and was written 3 days ago by JoHarrington. Now that is significant, in that it demonstrates one of the effects 'Author score' has on popularity, as outlined in that article.

Jo, being at the premier position on the 'Best Authors' page, has received a generous boost to her visitor numbers, such that her recent article (together with her honed article writing skills) has received a good quantity of comment. I can assume that this article has received a commensurate number of 'likes' etc.

Equally the effect of reaching 100 recently, by Katiem2, has likely been an effect in her article showing at the top of 'Popular' and 2nd in 'Buzzing' lists.

That is an effect of becoming an author with a high score.

Articles - Editors Choice

  • Editor's choice
    These are articles that have been chosen by the editorial team as having additional or alternative merit. It is not apparent from the data one sees on the page, the criteria by which they rank within the page. 
Author Score Editors Choice
Author Score Editors Choice

On looking at the page source the following can be deducted: these articles are classified 'Excellent'. 

Other than that I have not the XML skills to determine the method of ordering the articles.

As you can see Jo appears at the top of this list with her article 'How Does Chitika Work?'.

Is this another benefit of being at number 1 in the 'Author Score' list?

Articles - New

  • New
    A fleeting chance to be at the top of a list. 

It may seem that I am promoting a particular author, at this point. I assure you it is not a coincidence that you see that author at the top of lists other than that for 'Best Authors'. This should give you further food for thought, considering the benefit of 'Author Score' on the kudos placed on an author. Author score, in conjunction with a personal score, accumulates that kudos, and multiplies the benefits.

                                                         Need I say any more?

Write at Wizzley

100 is attainable


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humagaia on 02/18/2012

@Meagan It now that I find out whether my theories are true.

Meagan on 02/18/2012

And he's shot straight to the top of the best authors page just a few days later! Well done you :)

humagaia on 02/17/2012

But you do get benefit even though you are not looking for it or chasing it. There is benefit. It is just that it is fruitless to worry about it.

lakeerieartists on 02/17/2012

I have to admit that I pay no attention to article or author score on any site if it is not directly linked to payout. I write my articles, then let the scores fall where they may.

humagaia on 02/14/2012

Brenda, I'm glad you found it informative and useful.

BrendaReeves on 02/14/2012

Thank you for this informative and useful article.

humagaia on 02/13/2012

All fixed. Just shook it upside down and the salty offender seeped out.
Just to let you know, your input is always appreciated.
Now let me get on with that article I have been trying to complete.

humagaia on 02/13/2012

Mentions are only ever given where they are deserved. I can't have my followers thinking that I link to dross. Don't worry, I will be a 100 by the end of the week. Perhaps not on the first page, as an Ed's choice accolade has not been forthcoming -just a moment, I've got to wipe a tear from my eye - oops it dropped on the keybzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

katiem2 on 02/13/2012

Another great article and one every wizz should read, I really must write an article advising all new wizzes to read your work, before beginning, how far better every wizz would be. Okay enough already, I know but truly this is very useful and I know you are a 100 rank author for sure, just glad to be in your company. I will be tweeting, facing and voting this up as well deserved. I'm always happy to learn something and that I do with your work. Much Gratitude Your Way! Katie oh and thanks for the mention :)

humagaia on 02/13/2012

Thanks Meagan for the confirmation. I did notice you there....often. But had dismissed it as being a quirk of fate, but now I realize my mistake and acknowledge that Ed Choice is a major boosting factor. Hey Ed., when you gonna' choose me? I jest (well I am just a little sad Ed has not deemed any of my offerings to be worthy. But then again I have not yet written anything vaguely entertaining. My articles are about making me money. And that does not necessarily mean being popular with the Ed. That's my excuse, and I am sticking with it!).
I am glad the articles are being of assistance. More to come, eventually. Now off to write an earning article.
Best H.

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