Associate Degree in Accounting, Miami Regional College Offerings

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Find out why Miami, Florida is a great place to receive competitive education, and build your networking relationships (as well as future job opportunities!)

What Does Miami Florida Have to Offer You?

Besides lots of sunshine and balmy days, Miami Florida is a good place to receive a fine education. Good colleges, excellent professors and professional guidance will provide you with a really great experience. Additionally, employment opportunities in this region make it a wonderful place to begin networking for your future. It has been reported that accounting clerks are in demand in the south Florida region. Choosing a school in Miami or the surrounding area will allow you to grow your list of important contacts. 

An associate degree in accounting in a Miami based college will provide you with the necessary tools to acquire a good job. It is important to note that an associate degree in accounting can later expand into a bachelor’s degree. Associate degrees allow for stages of learning and interim jobs that may be needed to finance further education.

What is Offered to Students in an Associate Degree in Accounting in a Miami Based Program?

  1. Classes that will prepare you for entry level positions in accounting and bookkeeping.
  2. Top-notch accreditation credentials for an associate degree in accounting in Miami, where regional standards are observed.
  3. State-of-the-art computer/IT labs.
  4. Excellent library facilities.
  5. A respected degree that both business and industry acknowledge.
  6. The opportunity for further education on the campus of your choice.
  7. Scholarships for qualified individuals.
  8. Highly qualified professors who are educated and have worked in the industry. These are professors who care about advancing their students.
  9. Vital counseling services for all student needs and issues.
  10. Career counseling.
  11. Seminars and workshops to help graduates advance in their jobs.

As you move through a carefully designed program, your comfort level and degree of expertise will grow. Fundamental learning leads students to thoughts of specialization. Miami colleges are noted for their approach to continuing education as they help you to catapult into a brighter tomorrow. A basic program naturally leads to a desire for more in-depth courses.

Important Courses an Associate Degree in Accounting in Miami Program would be:

  • Fundamentals and Principles in Accounting: After students develop a fundamental understanding of basic courses, more advanced accounting principles are then introduced.
  • Cost and Managerial Accounting Principles Applied: Computer applications and the use of spread-sheets are fully emphasized.
  •  Tax Accounting: Knowing what is important in the tax code and just how each type of tax is calculated are fundamental to this course.
  • Corporate Accounting: Corporations have special regulations that apply following the incorporation process. This content is covered.
  • Fundamentals of Payroll Accounting: Calculating payroll deductions and applying various tax codes require an individualized approach to this specialized field of accounting. 
  • Non-Profit Accounting: Non-profit corporations have certain regulations that apply only to them. It is vital to do an individual analysis of this industry.
  • Understanding Business Enterprise: A fundamental understanding of just ‘how companies do business’ is critical to every accounting student.
  • Necessary Accounting Procedures for Business and Industry: The many accounting processes are reviewed in reference to various business and industry.
  • Business Law: Every graduate in the field of accounting needs to have acquired a legal understanding of how the business world performs.

As you advance through your associate degree program, you will naturally begin to think about employment opportunities. Questions will ‘pop’ into your head. What accounting jobs are out there? How much money will I make? This is normal the closer you get to graduation. Excitement begins to prevail.

What Jobs are Available for the Graduate in Accounting?

  • Account Auditor: This job involves checking ledgers and financial statements of a business, a corporation or within the government. These are great jobs to see how business operates.
  • Tax Accountant: This specialized area of employment works with personal, business and corporate tax preparation.
  • Budget Analyst: You will work alongside a CPA to help propagate the information necessary for budget analysis.
  • Entrepreneurship within the Field: In today’s world, many graduates are looking to go into business for themselves. The accounting degree would allow you the option of being a consultant and/or tax specialist.

Accountants are hired every year with various beginning salaries. It is best to talk about hiring practices and income potentials with the Human Resource Department of any business in which you might have an interest. The guidance counselors of your Miami college of choice can provide you with extremely helpful pointers as you look to prepare for your future.

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