At Home Weather Station

by Digby_Adams

Weather stations for the home allow you to monitor cold spots in your pipes that often freeze and even to keep an eye on your garden plants from the comfort of your home!

I live in a very fickle weather environment along the Northern Maine Coast. We have a very short summer and long winter. That gives us very short gardening season, that I'm always trying to stretch a bit. Yes I start growing seeds indoors and then move the seedlings to a cold frame. But I'm always itching to get the real garden going. That means that I'm always a little early. So when you hear that Maine will be experiencing a late Spring frost (or even snow!) you can rest assured I'm fretting about my garden. I can't tell you how may nights I've been out at midnight putting garden quilting over my vegetables.

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My husband, Matt, just got tired of me running back and forth to the garden assessing the likelihood of frost or snow. So he bought me an at home weather station that would keep an eye on the garden - and let me monitor it from the living room or bedroom. Somehow having me look at the monitor every 15 minutes was just a little less frustrating than having me run back and forth. Although Matt thinks it's a whole lot less funny.

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Well, I'm not the only one in our little Maine town who got an at home weather station for Christmas one year. Of course we all got different ones, so you know that we are always on the telephone comparing what the various in home weather stations are predicting for our gardens and pipes. The weather forecast comparisons also extend to the local and national weather forecasts. I have to admit that it's fun to compare the weather forecast as a storm moves up the East Coast or blows in from Canada. If you love to know the real time, most weather stations for home come with an atomic clock. This isn't an issue for me. But some of my friends love to know when their house clocks are running late.

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If you are a wine collector, then I know that you know how important keeping wine at the right temperature is. We have good friends who have invested in a great deal of money in wine. Not just for impressing friends on New Year's Eve, but as an investment for the years to come. They actually have a generator to keep the climate just right in their wine cellar. If you're a wine collector and need to monitor your collection, then one of these at home weather stations would be perfect. The home weather station that we have lets us monitor three remote locations. So far we just have the garden and cold pipe spot. Most of the weather stations for home also include the time for sunrise and sunset. Useful if you like to go for an early morning walk and need to know how much reflective clothing to wear.

So join the fun and get an at home weather station. You can decide the best strategy for the family reunion. Have the best arguments for disagreeing with the Weather Channel. The coffee shop will be a lot more fun! Of course maybe your town is a lot more interesting than my small Maine town where we spend so much time arguing about the weather.

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Updated: 06/30/2013, Digby_Adams
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Mladen on 03/08/2012

I think we all spend some time arguing about weather. Predicting, watching forecasts...
This is great idea. And the part about you going to the garden and back at night, gave me nice laugh. :)
I enjoyed your article!

TerriRexson on 12/29/2011

A great gift for gardeners and anyone fascinated by the weather.

ethelsmith on 12/27/2011

Great idea. Could be useful for me in the UK

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