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The classic Chanel handbag is one of the best fashion investments that any woman can make for their wardrobe.

The classic Chanel handbag is one of the best fashion investments that any woman can make for their wardrobe. And since Chanel handbags never go out of style, you can buy vintage Chanel handbags for your wardrobe and save a lot of money. One of the best places to find an excellent selection of vintage Chanel purses is on Ebay.

The Chanel label has become one of the most recognized names in the luxury and haute couture fashion industry. Chanel is known for timeless style and fashion. What that means for savvy shoppers is that the perfect Chanel handbag will never go out of style, and will be a fashion investment that will pay off for years in beauty and style.

And if you are a Chanel purse fan, you can locate some incredible Chanel handbag bargains on Ebay. Ebay sellers have an incredible selection of authentic Chanel handbags, purses and totes in varying colors, and styles, both vintage and current styles.

Vintage Chanel Purses

Classic Chanel Style

Vintage Chanel Tote BagThe classic style of the Chanel look is evident in the vintage dark green Chanel handbag shown here to the left. The vintage Chanel purse has the Chanel CC logo on the bottom center of the purse. The simple style of the bold gold tone chain strap on the handbag shows off the classic style.

In addition this Chanel handbag has a tassel pull that adds to the style without making it fussy or too detailed. And you can also see the quilted area on the top of the purse, another signature Chanel feature.

Colors in Vintage Chanel Handbags

Vintage Chanel handbags come in several classic colors, but are most often seen in classic black with gold trim. Other colors that vintage Chanel handbags come in are tan, cream, dark green, blue, and every once in a while you can find an accent color like pumpkin or a print handbag or tote.

Most of the vintage Chanel handbags have gold colored trim to carry the Chanel classic look.

Vintage Chanel handbag with Flap

Vintage Chanel Handbag Clutch

Rare Vintage Chanel Handbags

Vintage Chanel Handbag Styles

Most vintage Chanel handbags come in simple basic shapes like a square, rectangular, or half circle shape. Vintage Chanel purses have either chain, leather, or fabric straps, most often chain or leather.

And the opening styles of the vintage Chanel handbags are also simple classic styles such as a fold over flap, zipper close, or a fold over tab close.

Vintage Chanel purses almost always have the CC logo somewhere on the outside of the bag, either as a design element in the leather, or part of the clasp.

Vintage Chanel Handbag Tote

Vintage Chanel Handbag Alligator

Signature Chanel Quilted Style

Many of the vintage Chanel handbags have a quilted style to the exterior of the bag. The quilted look is a signature style for Chanel, and appears in their clothing as well.

Some of the vintage Chanel handbags are completely quilted all over the entire outside of the purse, while other vintage Chanel handbags are just quilted on the flap or the bottom half of the purse or wallet.

However, not all of the vintage Chanel handbags are quilted, some have a smooth leather exterior while other Chanel bags have an alligator leather exterior.

Vintage Chanel Handbag Lamb

Vintage Chanel Handbags with Logo

Chanel Bags Have Timeless Appeal and Style

Vintage Chanel handbags never go out of style due to their classic look. Chanel purses can be worn with business suits to the office, casual slacks or skirts out to dinner, or your evening wear. You can never go stylistically wrong with a vintage Chanel handbag, because they really go with everything, even jeans.

And authentic vintage Chanel bags are made very well, so you do not ever have to worry about the quality of the manufacturing or that they will not last.

So why not start looking for your fashion investment online. Click on any of the Ebay links here to view that particular vintage Chanel purse or click through to view the entire selection of vintage Chanel handbags on Ebay.

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Michelle on 08/25/2012

Did Chanel ever have the logo on the bottom of the bag? I have seen some, but I'm not sure if they are real...

BrendaReeves on 03/23/2012

I love vintage, but the day I spend that much on a handbag is the day I have too much money. LOL I'm going to hop over to eBay and take a look at them though.

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